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December 2001

Tuesday, December 04, 2001 

I took Sprocket in today to get neutered. I think that I have a crush on my veterinarian. I had a dream about her two nights ago. She was talking to me about some of the different animal groups I could get involved in, over a glass of wine in her very large office. Kinda weird. I suppose I just have alot of respect and affection for someone who has devoted their life to helping all of Gods creatures. She does so much rescue work too. She is really one of my heroes.

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Monday, December 03, 2001 

Well they are are setting up tables with hot coffee and chocolate, setting up chairs and getting ready for the big Christmas Tree lighting here at City Hall. My office faces out the front (which is all windows), so I am keeping tabs on what is going on. I assume Santa will show up at some point, and there will be carolers and people singing (“how chippery”).

I did some shopping this weekend, mainly on-line. Then I get the dreaded e-mail that they are out of almost everything I bought! Now not only to I have to go to a store to shop, but I have to make sure that I cancel the things I bought on-line so I don’t get charged for them when they arrive sometime in January. BAH HUMBUG!

I used to really like this holiday, I think that I would like it alot more if I didn’t have to shop. I really hate shopping for other people under pressure to get them something that they will love, not take back, and spend the right amount. So you shop, wrap, save all those receipts so if someone doesn’t like something you can take it back, but then loose all the receipts, and no one likes any of the gifts.

I just want to bake cookies, make stockings for all my animals, drink egg-nog and hope for rain and cold weather (so it will feel like Christmas).

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