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September 2002

September 30, 2002
12:30 pm


On Saturday I went to a pot luck sponsored by the Ferrets Anonymous group. It was fun, I met a ferret for the first time.  I met the lady who picked up the ferret I found at the SPCA.  So I got a full report how “Peaches” is doing.  I listened to Dr. Bronwyn Dawson speak on Ferret health.  The funny thing was I won the door prize!! I never win anything, so when my name was pulled I looked around for someone else with the same name as I had.  It was a basket of Ferret stuff!  No one would take any of it! They kept saying keep it and we will find a beginner ferret for you!  A beginner ferret?  SO the next beginner ferret that shows up in rescue will be mine.  I am not sure what the husband will say about that!

I have not been posting very regularly.  I have not been reading much either except for karma’s site. I am hooked on it as she posts all though the day, so you have to keep peeking in to see what’s up!  I will catch up todya on the rest of my regular reads.

September 27, 2002
8:19 pm

Ok, so the fires are not dangering Azusa anymore, and I am trying to catch up with my life. So if I have neglected you or not paid you enough attention.  Things will change (I hope).

September 25, 2002
4:19 pm

OMG. What a busy week! The concert, the fire, the EOC activated, now I have a cold and my period YUK!  The EOC, is the Emergency Operations Center, of which I need to respond to as the head of communications.  Means rounding up laptops, setting them up in the EOC, updating the Internet Site with accurate information of the Fire as it is released, and making sure that the cable TV station also has this updated information.  I get to delegate most of it to staff, but I still am begging for laptops from different departments. 😦

I got a call from one of my friends this morning.  Her favorite bunny died last night. She was sick, but had been getting better, I felt absolutely awful for her!  She is a veterinarian and had done everything possible!  I know how it feels when you think you have the power to fix things, then they fall through your fingers like sand. 

I am looking forward to tomorrows TV line up of debut shows.  Especially Will and Grace and ER. I also wanted to catch Presidio Med last night and tonight.  I was too tired last night, and am not sure if I can stay up tonight for it 😦

September 23, 2002
2:41 pm


There is a large out of control wildfire in the hills above Glendora, CA. We can see the flames on the hillside here at the office.  It is near Highway 39 and Camp Follows, and Camp Williams. Both these camps have been evacuated. It is supposedly about 2 miles from the homes in Glendora. 

I note all these things because we live, not near this fire, but up in the hills above Pasadena.  Our back yard is basically the Mt Wilson Trail.  Yes I suppose what I am saying is HIGH FIRE DANGER. I am not freaking out, I did 2 years ago when we watched a fire begin to burn over the ridge above our canyon.  We did not need to evacuate then, but both Andy and I stayed home from work as directed by the fire dept. They said if we left and they did evacuate the area we would not be able to return to get things, including pets.

I hope they get control of this blaze soon. 

On a lighter note..

Tonight Andy and I are going to the Greek Theater to see Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovitt. He went to Bristol Farms and called me with the Picnic Menu! Sounds delicious! 

September 21, 2002
6:37 pm

Candice’s Birthday

Ok, so today is the oldest’s birthday (19) and I have done nothing to acknowledge it.  She is at UCSC, and I can’t bring myself to call her.  I am still VERY ANGRY at the way she acted this summer, and the fact that she didn’t want to talk about the problems and work them out.  Her last words when she left the house were FUCK YOU! 

I will try and write her a card this week and let her know why I am so disappointed. I will also wish her a happy birthday, and if I am in a good mood send her a gift.  This gift thing is not likely as I am PMS this week.

On a lighter note..

Today was pretty mellow, AYSO photos for Jacob.  It is amazing how hundreds of kids and moms can converge into one place for team and individual soccer photos and actually have the time spent there not last more than 45 minutes from start to finish.  This does not include finding a parking spot. 

I also grocery shopped and cleaned Jack & Dun’s cage.  I actually got a nice nap in too.  Andy will be home tonight about 10:00.  Things will return to normal.  

I bought Monsters Inc.  at the store. I am going to go watch it now 🙂

September 20, 2002
5:12 pm

Thank You Becky!!

WOW! My ego is getting as big as me feet!  Another compliment, I hope I can live up to these expectations.

News from Shanghai

Andy made it safely to Shanghai from Hong Kong.  he has meetings today and then will be on his way home.  He arrives tomorrow late evening. I am looking forward to him being home.  Normally when he is out of town, I like having the space, this trip I have been concerned about world politics and what might happen with him gone. 

I spoke to Natalie last night.  I was a little disappointed, I was going to pick her up from school today and take her and Jacob to Johnny Rockets for Dinner. She was going to go over to a girlfriends house to work on a project. So the plans didn’t fit in. I haven’t spent much time with her these last couple of weeks, I sort of miss her but also feel some guilt. 

September 19, 2002


A person is actually reading my blog, and likes it!! (Dances around with a smile on her face). She said nice things about me, wanna read them?  Click here. She is also a very cool person, and I am looking forward to following her story.

I have met some very cool people though blogging.  Since I am not a social butterfly, I really enjoy the veil of the internet.  You can get as close as you decide to be with others. Also since I really don’t like to talk on the phone, e-mail is my medium of choice. Makes it easy to make friends all over the place!

A Ferret for me…

Last week I found a ferret on the adoptions site at Pasadena SPCA.  She look like she was in awful shape.  I felt terrible.  Ferrets are illegal in California and I wasn’t sure what would happen to her.  SO.. I called my veterinarians office (they treat Ferrets) and told them if they could get Ferrets Anonymous to pick her up I would pay for the adoption fee and some money towards vet bill. Tuesday night I got the call!  She was safe and sound, hairless form some type of insulinoma (?), and enjoying life.  I am sending them a check, and asked if I could come visit 🙂

September 18, 2002

I really HATE the Pasadena Unified School District.  I had a nasty conversation with Jacobs PE teacher.  I am sure that he should have retired ages ago, from his lousy attitude. I had them in court once, so have many other Pasadena parents.  Poor kids. 

I suppose I should at least slightly explain my anger.  Jake had been sick and was coughing his PE  teacher had told him he needed a doctors excuse to not have to run laps.  It seemed a bit extreme, so I called to explain that perhaps he could walk the laps until his cough was better, say, next week. Well, he (the PE teacher) indicated that he did make exceptions for anyone with out a doctors excuse, then asked me if I was a Doctor. He continued to be unprofessional, badgering and rude, until I finally asked him how long he had been teaching!  He responded by asking me how long had I been parenting?

I promptly made phone calls to the Athletic Director, The Assistant Principal and the Principal to discuss how teacher should act with concerned parents.

And now on another note…..

Andy has not called since Monday, he left a message form Tokyo yesterday before he got on the plane for Hong Kong, and said he would call when he got to Hong Kong.  I haven’t heard from him.  

September 17, 2002

I am grumpy. I think it is because I am also PMS.  
September 16, 2002
1:04 pm

Today is not a good day at work. I have been unfairly saddled with another big project that is not in my work plan.  I don’t have the patience to deal with the group of non-technical people who will want to tell me how to do this project, because they have a better way! Sometimes I hate my job.

Jacob is home sick.  I have to take him to the doctors today at 4:15, so at least I will get out of here early! Hopefully There will be no more discussion on the Database Project today.  I may blow.

I can tell already its going to be a bad week.

September 15, 2002

Ahh, some breathing room.  Nothing to do today until 4:00.  Jacob has a soccer game, but he is sick.  He got up this morning and I put him back to bed with cough syrup and Advil.  He is sound asleep again. In a way I am glad I don’t have to go to the game.  It is HOT and Andy is gone and I really don’t feel like I fit in very well with the other soccer moms. 

So today I need to catch up on my blogging, grocery shop and clean Jack and DunDun’s cage. Maybe some laundry, but not vital. Oh, and I need to give Sprocket a bath.  Lets see how much I actually get done.

Yesterday I went to the LA County Fair with Sari. Since she is a veterinarian and I love animals we go to mainly check out all the animal exhibits.  Oh, and to eat Fair Food, BBQ, ice cream etc. 

So when we got to hot and sweaty to stay outside any longer we decided to hit the “Shopping” buildings.  I ended up with a new pair or Birkenstocks, mine had worn out at least a year ago.  They are great.  They are purple suede:) I got the clog version this time, instead of the sandal version. I also found a couple of very nice rat pieces, ( I collect rat things, crystal, glass, wood etc. ) these are from “Harmony Kingdom”

September 13, 2002

Ok so who is this Dr. Phil?  

Andy left for Asia.  I am stressed, but not as badly as I was earlier in the week.  I am just going to think positive, that Mr. Bush will not start a war while my husband is out of the country. That would be a drag!

I got my hair done late this afternoon.  My hairdresser is ghastly!  She has the greatest stories about her family etc.  Really keeps you entertained. 🙂 She gets you going then brings you a glass of wine. You are always in a good mood when you leave. 

The weather here is HOT again. YUK!  I really wish it would cool off.  I want my fall weather back. The way it was in Lake Tahoe.  By this time of year the evenings required a jacket. GOD I miss my mountains. 

September 11, 2002

I don’t know what to say today.  It is a day of many emotions. Maybe that’s all I need to say.

September 10, 2002
4:35 pm

I bought tickets for Bonnie Raitt yesterday.  She is playing at the Greek Theatre on 9/21, one of my favorite venues!  Am I dating myself? Andy will be back from Asia the day before.  I told him that he better not get stuck out of this country again! I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE SOMEONE ELSE!

 Last year he was in Shanghai on business on 9/11.  He couldn’t get home for days. This year he is leaving for China, Japan and Taiwan the same week, also on business.  I worry sometimes about all this travel.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the attack at the world trade center. I feel as if I should be doing something to acknowledge this.  I told my staff they could have any time off they needed to go to services or vigils, or if they needed they day off for reflection that was fine too.  I suppose I should take my own advice. I think I need to be normal, watch what’s happening on TV, and say a prayer.  

Is this font to small? Should I start posting in a larger size font?  This is 8 point.  Or is it just my eyes that are getting bad? Tell me please…

September 9, 2002
2:03 pm

I am home from the office today. Pounding headache, stomach flu, feeling yucky.  I actually just got out of bed. I am not sure why I am feeling so bad.  

I was one year ago today that I had to put Bear to sleep.  I remember the day vividly. It was a Sunday, Andy was in China on business, she had been deteriorating and I knew it would be soon.  I had not been able to get her to eat for 2 days and she had decided to stop drinking water.  She was telling me something.  I knew my favorite vet, Br*nwyn D@ws*n, was at the emergency clinic that day.  She had been giving her daily shots of something to stimulate her appetite.  I was supposed to take her in for that medication, but I knew that when I took her in I would not be bringing her back. She was to miserable. I would have not been kind to keep her alive any longer. 

She was diagnosed with a very aggressive oral cancer during a routine teeth cleaning that we had put off until it was very necessary because Bear had a tendency to have seizures, and we knew that being put under for the surgery would aggravate it, which it did. A mass/abscess was found in her mouth and the Doctor decided to have it checked, just in case.  Well the news couldn’t have been worse. Spindle Cell Sarcoma. It had already metastasized in her lymph glands.  She was 13 and a half, and there really was nothing we could do.  I took her to an oncologist, a homeopath and an acupuncturist. She lasted only a  few weeks.  She was my best friend.  Still is.

September 8, 2002
10:42 am

I ran out of bird and squirrel food to feed my friends. I feel guilty! There is no wildlife on the patio this morning:( They are all probably at the neighbors. 

Jacob has another Soccer game today at 1:00.  I think I will take Sprocket along, I enjoy it and so does he, he is such a mommas boy ( the dog not Jacob).

The weather here finally cooled down. Yesterday we didn’t have to put the air on at all. Thank God!  I was miserable with the heat, I just hate it. I am no longer the beach baby I was when I was younger, I try to stay out of the sun, and wear hats and sun block when I am in it. I hope that fall is here and we have no more heat waves.   

September 7, 2002
4:01 pm

Andy and I are going to go out to dinner tonight.  One of our old standby favorites.  Sunny Italy.  It has a really nice menu, and a decent martini.  The big plus is on Friday and Saturday nights “Travis Warren on the Piano”.  Its very retro. It makes me feel like I am back in the forties, with out all the smoke in the bar. 

Andy and Jacob went to a Dodger game this afternoon,  I fell asleep when they left and woke up 3 hours later.  I must have really needed that nap.  Sprocket always curls up next to me and keeps me company. 

September 6, 2002
9:19 am

The PEOPLE have spoken!  All two of them 🙂  So an UPDATES page has been prepared! I am actually quite excited about it.

I dropped Jacob off this morning for school, and was promptly bitched out by a Pasadena Police officer, whom I later found out is a School District Police officer.  Yes, I was in the red zone, but why is the district so screwed up that the bus passes for these kids will not be available or 6 weeks! So hundreds of parents are trying to drop off kids in an area that parks about 6 cars! I just barely avoided getting a ticket. I have a big opinionated mouth. 

The student body of this high school is close to 2,500!  So where are we supposed to park!  Yesterday when I picked him up from school, the first day, I made the mistake of going into the parking lot.  It took over 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot. 

On a lighter note…. 
I don’t have to go into the office today.  Or at least I will try to avoid it at all costs. Also at the end of this month I will have been blogging for a whole year!  Something to be proud of?

September 3, 2002
12:26 pm

Back to school week.  Jacob and Natalie both start on Thursday.  What a weird day to start school! Of course the weather is hotter than t has been all summer and MISERABLE!  I feel bad for those kids in the classrooms, most don’t have any air conditioning. 

I am trying to decide if I should do an updates page.  I don’t post every day but I do update different areas frequently. Or perhaps I should do an updates e-mail….. Do you have an opinion?  Or maybe no one really cares or even reads this journal 😦 If you have an opinion on this send it to me!

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