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November 2002

November 29, 2002
9:14 am

I missed wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on the correct day, so I hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends and ate and drank in excess.  I did, in case you wanted to know. 

Today is the day (not the date but the day) that Andy found Sprocket.  he went for a bike ride the day after thanksgiving and came home with my friend.  When he left for his bike ride this morning I told him to make sure he brought home any stray dogs he found.  It may become an annual event. Adopting strays on the day after Thanksgiving.   

I was going to put up a long list of things I am thankful for.  I have a long list, but I seem to get depressed when I think about those that don’t have the same list.  That have nothing on their tables or no roof over their heads.  So I pray that next year these people can be thankful for some of the same things. 

November 26, 2002
9:08 am

The anniversary was relatively uneventful.  We exchanged gifts, had dinner etc. BLAH.  

We are hiding out this Thanksgiving.  I am actually kind of excited about it.  We had originally planned to go up north to visit some friends, but she is the friend who breeds Newfoundland’s (dogs) and she is now getting sued by one of the people that bought a puppy.  

Apparently the puppy had bad hips, and instead of dealing with the breeder (my friend) the puppy owner went ahead and had the surgery done on the hips. SO now my friend is getting sued for the cost of the puppy ($1,500) and the cost of the two hip surgeries. 
Apparently this should not have been done per the contract.  

So I decided I didn’t want to spend 4 days with my best friend hearing all about why she is getting sued, and why she shouldn’t be getting sued… well you get the jest of it.

I really don’t think she should continue to breed dogs.  I think that she should be doing Newfoundland Rescue work instead.

So back to Thanksgiving.  Since everyone thinks we are leaving, and we are now staying home, we have no commitment to make dinner and invite people over, or to go to the outlaws and have a no fat, no salt, no flavor turkey dinner! YEA! So hubby and I are going to try deep frying a turkey. We watched it on Emeril Live last night, and we think “cool”. 

November 21, 2002
11:25 am

Today is my 4th anniversary!  Andy forgot, but I reminded him so that I would not be mad or disappointed.  He had planned to do a bike rise tonight, and last night I reminded him that today was…yes our anniversary. Better than being mad for the whole weekend.  I am hoping that he will tell me he loves me again.  I am perhaps asking to much.  A diamond something would be ok too.

Natalie has been in the hospital.  She will be discharged today. It is really a drag that I cannot bring her home for the weekend and take care of her. She will be fine with uncle John, but I just want to cook for her, and  do her I.V.’s.  

November 15, 2002
8:32 am

I had to get up early on my day of for the carpet cleaners, now they are late! Figures. 

November 14, 2002
8:14 am

Thank God for my Blog Friends.  The 2 C’s, Cynthia and Catherine have been especially supportive. You all are kind 🙂

I have a busy weekend ahead.  My outlaws are coming for dinner on Saturday night along with my sister-in-law and her husband, and my husbands Uncle. I am not in the mood for them. Actually I am never in the mood for them.  I better have alot of Champagne on hand.  It helps ease the situation.

November 13, 2002
11:38 am

I am thinking about selling my car, and getting something more practical.  What does this mean? I think it means that I am emotionally preparing for the worst.

My shrink thinks I should start documenting all of my dreams, for later interpretation.  I think that if I do she will certify me crazy!  I have some very weird dreams. I always dream I am able to fly, or float, not walk.  I think this is because I was a bird in another life. 

November 8, 2002
3:05 pm

Marital Strife
So I am beginning to wonder about my marriage.  On November 21 we will have been married 4 years.  Yes, this is a first marriage for both of us, we just were older than most. There we a lot of stressful issues, I was living 500 miles from hubby while we dated, about 8 months into our relationship I inherited 3 children.  I do not expect perfection.

It is just that my husband has not told me he loves me for over a year.  I ask him about it, and he says it is because he is not in love with my any more. Ok, so now what?  He is “trying” to fall back in love with me, “but” he is having a hard time with some of the BIG problems we had in the past. The problems were mainly to do with the major adjustments I went through when my sister died. No I am not trying to make excuses, but it was a very hard time.

So now he has alienated both girls, they are not allowed in the house, they both had problems too.  I think not letting them back home until the issues are resolved is a little extreme. When I told him I was bringing Natalie home in the afternoons on Fridays, he got upset that I would bring her home without asking him knowing how he felt. For God sakes she is our niece/daughter, we have raised her for the last 6 years!

My shrink says I need to coast until I am ready to deal with change again.  Things aren’t horrible at home, they are just, “there”.  I don’t want a divorce, I want my husband to love me.  I think.

November 6, 2002
9:43 am

Hope you all voted yesterday. If you didn’t NO COMPLAINING about the winners!

November 5, 2002
2:15 pm

A Sad Day
Late this morning my friend who is also a vet called me.  She had been out of town for 8 days. She was the first one to treat BOO, and now she was back, and seeing BOO after 12 days of treatments; she was not optimistic. She felt that there was really not a lot of improvement, in fact he had gained no weight, and he face still looked pretty bad. She thought that a bone/tissue biopsy would be able to tell if indeed it was cancer, but he was so thin and weak he may not be able to survive it. 

She thought that the kindest thing at this time would be euthanasia. I thought there might be more we could do. We had been doing almost everything. I agreed.  She left a message on my phone when it was done. They will be doing an autopsy to check for cancer.  I really wish I could save them all. 

8:45 am
That yellow color I had on this page was NASTY! so I changed it to poopy brown, much nicer.

I Spoke to Soon!
She is back!  I was hoping that she wasn’t offline forever.  I get out of sorts when my regular reads go on hiatus.  One of them is doing the November novel thing and is gone until December 1. Fortunately Cynthia is a regular poster and e-mailer. Someone has to keep me going!

Magic Castle
Ok, so the whole thing was very cool.  A huge castle where the doors open when you say “Open Sesame”, halls that talk, magicians lurking, everyone dressed to kill. The food was ok, the entertainment fun, the company BORING.  They all talked shop. I drank my martini and enjoyed the ambiance. 

November 4, 2002
2:55 pm

Out on a school night!
Tonight hubby and I got invited to go here. One of the big vendors that he works with invited several of the managers and their wives for dinner. Since it is a private club, you  have to be a member.  I have never been and it is supposed to be very cool. I will let you know how it was tomorrow. 

I am finally beginning to feel better after being sick.  I stayed home today because I knew  if I went to work I would not be able to go tonight! And I really wanted to go.  (bad girl)

November 3, 2002
12:23 pm

Ok so I have been neglecting my blog again!  I was out of town on business, then when I returned I got sick.  However between business trips I found BOO.  

Friday 10/25 I took Natalie to the eye Doctor, we thought she might need a new prescription for her glasses.  Good thing it was so slight that there was no need to get new glasses.  As we were pulling out of the parking lot I noticed a black cat in the gutter.  I always notice any animal anywhere.  As I got closer it was evident that this cat was in great distress. I pulled over to see if I could get close to him and help and low and behold he let me come right up to him and pick him up. 

I assessed the situation, he was bone thin, his mouth would not close and his tongue was hanging out,  his lower jaw was huge from swelling or?  I wrapped him in a T- Shirt put him in Natalie’s lap and headed for the veterinarians. 

He was a mess, we thought an x-ray would give a better clue what was going on with his jaw.  If it was a boney tumor, cancer.  The best thing would be to help him to the rainbow bridge.  But the x-ray did not show any type of mass. So antibiotics, fluids, food, was the first course of treatment.

I visited him yesterday.  His jaw has stopped oozing puss, and the infection is beginning to be under control.  Some blood work indicated that his white count was high (infection), some other items pointed to chronic malnutrition, no kidding he is 7 pounds! Also that his red blood count was low. The doctor is giving him something to boost his red count.  The only problem is now that he is not gaining weight, and has diarrhea. 

He is happy to be alive, purrs in your lap, lets you pet him and likes to snuggle, while he is drooling all over you 🙂  The next step is to get him where he can come home and rehab.  Once he is home and on all oral meds I will take him to the homeopath to see if she has any suggestions on his weight. The Doc said the infection could take weeks to really be eradicated, as it has been in his jaw for a long time.  I hope he makes it, he is such a sweetie. 

Other things
I was in both San Francisco and San Diego, and did not keep up with my reads or writes.  One of my favorite daily’s took her site down and just stopped!  I am going to miss her  read.  I hope she is OK, there were so many difficult issues in her life. 

I got sick the day after I returned from San Diego and basically have slept for the last 3 days.  It is nice to write again, I feel as if i have been completely disconnected with the world.

Some heavy stuff is going on at work, so I haven’t had as much time to post during the day.  I will have to make an effort to at least get my thoughts up once, as it keeps my sanity in check.

I have also neglected Friday Five and Two for Tuesday, not sure if I am going to keep up with them.  Maybe when they appeal to me 🙂

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