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February 2003

February 19, 2003

Back from Breckenridge, had a wonderful time, even though I was so mad the day before we left I almost didn’t go. But it was also so good to get home and be with my animals.  I have a really hard time sleeping without Sprocket! 

It snowed while we were there, and it made the whole town look so beautiful!  We found some really good restaurants.  One night we went to the Brewery, one night we ate at a seafood place, and one night we ate at a place called “The Hearthstone”.  I had crab stuffed trout.  It was fab, and for dessert there was white chocolate raspberry bread pudding with a Meyers rum sauce. TO DIE FOR!

I am trying to convince Andy into letting me get two more rats.  There are a bunch of babies that were rescued, and I wanted to bring home two girls and have them spayed when they are old enough.  Then they can live with Jack and DunDun.  Jack will be 2 years old in April, and I worry that DunDun who is almost a year younger will be left with no buddies. 

Since Andy is still in his “I don’t love you” period, I almost don’t give a sh** if he lets me get the babies or not.  I have half a mind to just “bring ‘em home”.  Can’t make it much worse, could it?

I am starting to realize what a loner I am after all.  I planned this “Pampered Chef” party.  Kind of like “Tupperware” party, and invited some people from work, and will invite some neighbors, and now I  am panicking that no-one will come, no one will buy anything, people will notice the linoleum in the kitchen needs replacing, and the fact that my couch is 20 years old.  God, I just want to hide out sometimes.

The Turtle Dove nest that is in our entry way has a baby in it!  I noticed last night, there were baby bird poppies on the stairs, and you could see momma bird and little baby bird head of fluffy feathers next to her.  AWWWWW. That really made my day!

February 11, 2003

Last Friday we moved grandma to a hospice.  Actually it is a Retirement Community with a nursing facility that has hospice care.  It wasn’t an awful place like I originally thought it would be.  It didn’t smell bad, everyone seemed friendly, most of the patients we not completely bed ridden and were up and about in wheel chairs and walkers.  I was hopping that my 93 year old grandmother would never have to go to a place like this.  But she does, so I have accepted it.

 On Thursday Andy and I leave for Colorado , YEA.  A little ski holiday for us.  I really need to just get away from all the “stuff” going on around here.  My family is absolutely nuts.  Now that Grandma is in a home, mom calls me several times a day. 

I slept well last night for a change. I got home late, about 8:30 as I had to go to a city council meeting.  I ate watched TV had a couple of drinks and slept like a baby.

It is pouring rain outside.  I am thrilled. I hate California winters.  It has been like summer all of January, so we are finally getting some real winter weather, or real California winter weather.

I have been bad about posting and bad about reading blogs.  I promise when we get back from Colorado I will get with the program again! I think since my last post I have only read Karmas journal. :/ Sorry Friends!

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