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June 2003

June 25, 2003
5:34 pm
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I wanted to write a long post today, but I didn’t get around to it. To many meetings.  Andy left for Chicago this morning.  I got an e-mail from one of my blogging friends. I read her journal yesterday; I had to catch up on about 2 weeks of post. She has breast cancer. I was shocked.  She is having surgery today, fortunately it was caught early and she is only having a lumpectomy. She is in my prayers, please say some for her.  

I got to see pictures of the shindig! Such fun, if karma has one next year I am for sure going.  

The neighbor asked me to baby-sit their 3 year old tonight, I didn’t think I would be home in time so I told them that Jacob could for a couple hours then I could take over.  She was fine with it, but he called a couple hours later and said the other neighbor was going to do it.  I guess Jacob is out of a job.

June 24, 2003
12:49 pm
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I baked a cake for Andy’s mom’s birthday.  I hardly believed it myself!  Lena, the woman who has the little bakery that I would frequent went out of business. I was really sad for her, as she had such good things to eat, and tried so hard to make it work.  Here business really declined after 9-11.  She is Armenian, and I am wondering if it had to do with who she was, not just the economy.  Anyhow the cake I made was delicious, grand marnier yummy!

Andy leaves for Chicago tomorrow. He has been going out of town quite a bit. I really don’t mind I kinda like having some space. He will be back late Friday night. 

Sounds like the “Shindig” was a great success.  I can’t wait to hear all about it and see pictures! HURRY UP KARMA!

I have reconnected with the two  C’s , Cynthia and Chris.  I sent them my new url, and exchanged an e-mail or two. I have to get over to catch up on what’s going on with them.  I lose track of people and get very lonely.  After reading some of the posts from the shindig and the close friendship between bebby and karma, it really made me crave some closeness with a friend.

Well the scale did not budge on Monday’s weight in. So I was really depressed! 11-pounds and 14 more to go, and it is not budging!  I had a couple of bad days, eating lots of chips (I am a sucker for lays). So I have to be extra good this week, I have been unusually hungry lately, like now I would love to have a big something! Anything, that lean cuisine I wolfed down for lunch is not cutting it! 

June 19, 2003
4:49 pm
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I had a very bad dream last night. I was at my grandmother’s house and was getting ready to leave, and I had Sprocket in the car, but couldn’t find Bear.  I kept asking my grandmother where Bear was, and she would point to the house, but wouldn’t say anything. I woke myself up screaming, “where is Bear?”

I think that my grandmother was trying to tell me that Bear is with her in heaven.  Lately I only have dead people in my dreams.  My sister, my father, and my grandfather, or my animals’ that are gone.   I wonder if they are communicating a message to me.

The therapy session last night was stressful as usual.  I decided I needed a break next week.  Andy is going out of town again, so she wanted me to come in Thursday night, I said no I need a break form this!

I am going to go to Trader Joes and get some Grey Goose and something for din din for tonight. I had a big turkey sandwich for lunch, so I am not very hungry. I am down 11 pounds! Only about 15 more to go

June 18, 2003
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This weekend looks like it will be semi-relaxing.  Andy’s sister rescheduled the birthday event from last Saturday to this Sunday.  So we will go there for Sunday afternoon.   Friday was freed up, Natalie had a doctor’s appointment but rescheduled it for tomorrow, and Candice (who is back from college) will take her.  The only other thing going is we were asked by our neighbors to go see “The Producers” with Martin Short at the Pantages Theatre.  It should be fun.  We are going to drive to Universal City and eat there then take the metro to the theatre. I wonder if I should dress up?

So I can sleep in Friday. 

Yesterday we celebrated Jacobs 15th birthday.  I got lasagna fro Claros, and we had salad bread and pie.  He wanted sour cream lemon pie, and the girls wanted strawberry, so we had both!  He will have a few friends over next Saturday, so I don’t have to deal with it this weekend. YEA!

So I think my plan to relocate the rat cage to the extra room, aka my new office, can happen this weekend since it will not be so busy.  My office has turned into the room for all the furniture that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the house, all my antiques. Figures.  But it is still comfy, has 2 rocking chairs and a TV, desk and bookshelf, armoire and table.  I am going to get some big pillows for the floor to hang out on and watch TV. 

We have a joint therapy appointment tonight.  Last week at my solo appointment I was complaining about Andy not letting me get any more rats. She seemed to be on his side with this one, since he is actually allergic to them. I just hate going anymore.  It is such an emotional effort.  I don’t like to bring up “stuff” because it just adds to the stress.

I have not spoke to Ann B since she called me to meet her down in San Diego for the Rat show.  I think she is mad because I just wouldn’t drop everything to see her. HELLO I HAVE A LIFE (sorta).

June 4, 2003
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Doesn’t look like the shindig is going to happen.  I am going to give it one more try tonight, then not push it.  Things are getting tense because of the difference of opinion that we have with Jacobs’s discipline regarding his grades. I am letting Andy handle it, but I still want to have a say.   I dealt with the girls, and we almost got divorced over that one.   

I had a dream night before last about P.  We were at school together, and C.M.  who was this petite blonde cam to school drunk wearing teeny bikini undies and a tank top.  She got in trouble and her older sister Sally came to school to talk to P and I.  It was a weird dream.  I was never very close to C.M., so am not sure why she was in the dream.   

Work is so crazy, I feel like I am going to blow a gasket.  I was suppose to terminate someone tomorrow, and the Chief (of Police) decided he wanted to get involved since the person works in the PD area, but for me. He thought I was going to reallocate the position somewhere else, PARANOID!  I also had to have a Human Resource mediated counseling with one employee that is having communication problems with me (or so he says).  He just doesn’t like the fact that I will not act on his recommendations, 

June 3, 2003
4:49 pm
tell me!

I have been meaning to write a bit more this week.  I have a 2:30 meeting with personnel, we have to axe someone and need a little advice on the “courteous” way to do so.  SO I thought I would take this time to catch up.

 I have been seriously thinking about going to the shindig in New Jersey on a whim.  This is a weekend party for the “friends” that karma met via her journal.  People are coming from different areas of the country.  I really want to just “GO”.  But, trying to explain it to Andy would be a little difficult; he might think I am a little weird flying across the country to party for a whole weekend with people I have never met.  Sounds like fun.  The other drawback is that I am sure that I am the oldest person that would attend, being a very young 43, and actually having gray hair (that is not detectable thanks to Sulema, my hairstylist).  I am going to mention it tonight to Andy and see if he thinks it might be fun.  He has been so negative about me leaving town (because of the animals) it will be hard to tell his reaction, with out just asking.  I found a plane ticket for about $400. I can afford it. It might be a bad time though, Natalie Graduates, then the following weekend Grandmas service and the mother in laws birthday, then at some point I have to take Natalie to visit Cal State Monterey Bay.  She is attending it, and has not been there yet!  Perhaps I should call them too.  Gosh, am I rambling or what.?

I went to lunch today with T.  She is the assistant to the City Manager; it is fun because I always get the scoop.  I was so good; I have lost 7 pounds, and don’t want to screw it up.  I have about 15 more to go.

New Scoop.. I found an even cheaper flight thanks to jzzy-girl.  I guess I will talk to Andy tonight.   

June 2, 2003
12:20 pm
tell me!

Ok… so the new site is sorta up.  I am only putting in this entry so you guys know I am still here! Thank you to those who sent condolences for my grandma.  I appreciate them.  I am going to try and write a bit about her, perhaps for her birthday in July 🙂

So let ms know what you guys think about the site so far. The ratty thing is temporary and as soon as I figure how to get it out there without a link I will, I think I can do an invisible one.  I haven’t had time to put it up.

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