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August 2003

August 28, 2003
4:11 pm
Talk to me!

I decided to try and do a decent post today to catch up; there are many things to talk about.

First of all Natalie was finally accepted on a conditional admission to CSUMB at 5:30 on Friday.  When we had not heard anything by 2:30 that afternoon I decided to lay down, I was exhausted from waiting and running around buying last minute things and packing.  I fell sound asleep and at 4:30 Andy woke me up to ask if I want to call the school one more time. I was in a panic, never thinking that I would actually fall asleep, and the school closed at 5:00 .  I immediately got on the phone trying to determine WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON!  I finally got a person to speak with in the admissions office who promised to call me back.  Natalie’s application had been recommended for admission and the Director just had to sign off on it, however the Director of Admissions was off that day (WHAT!), but they would try and locate her. So I reluctantly hung up and prayed someone would actually phone me back.  Low and behold at 5:30 we got the call.  We packed the car the next morning and left home at about 8:30 am .   

We got her settled into her dorm room, which was a triple with NO roommates, yet.  She will probably end up with one eventually.  She has a microwave and fridge, I got her a very cute shower curtail with fish on it, so I had to get the soap dish and waste basket to match.  We unpacked clothes and set up her phone and computer.  We finally left her on Sunday afternoon with lots of microwavable snacks and a case of apple juice, her favorite.   

I suppose going a way to college and getting listed for a lung transplant in the same month is quite a fete. I was very tired when we arrived home.  Fortunately I had taken a couple of days vacation to regroup.  I got my period and felt yucky, so I could sleep. 

Fergie the cute little dog that I was going to bring home was adopted right out from under my noose!  This is good, because it would have just caused problems at home.  I was ready too, because on last Thursday (8/21) Andy went for a ride after work. When I got home there was a message from furry face (that girl!) that I thought was gone, she took a job at another company.  She couldn’t make the ride that night. I was very hurt. I am saving this one for a therapy session so I can really unload!  I was ready to go get the dog the minute we got back from Monterey and tell Andy that’s what he gets for sneaking around. Now mind you he isn’t having an affair, however he knows this bugs me and we discussed it ages ago and he agreed not to ride with her.  So I am not sure what happened, but I will find out in a couple of weeks when we have a joint session.  

I am looking forward to another long weekend with nothing important to take care of except me.  It has been hot and yucky here so all I want to do is stay inside and read or watch movies.  

Speaking of which!  While I was in Portland I bought several books, I read “The New Work of Dogs”, by Jon Katz. It was good.  It spoke about the much more emotional work that dogs take on in helping their owners deal with life circumstances.  The writer used several real life examples some of which were very touching.  He also wrote “A Dog Year”, which I read on the plane ride home from Portland , along with “Bea” which was a lovely story about a beagle who was rescued.  Animal lovers will like these; especially those who want to believe that dogs are much, more than pets.  You can find details at Amazon.com.  

I am currently reading, “Kate, Remembered”, its good. I expected more for some reason.  Too much detail about all the movies she made and not enough real life. I am almost finished, so that I can start my next doggy book.  

Andy fly’s solo at the shrink tonight. No Jacob, he has been camping all week with the Praters and promises to come home with lots of catfish. So I will make some pasta for dinner and watch “Best in Show”, which I bought because I loved it so much. I bet Sprocket will enjoy it too.  

A few last things. First of all ‘BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!” . That is for C who decided to “go for it”!  You are soo brave, I know I would be a complete mess if I had to go through chemo.  You are in my prayers. And Karma take care of your self, I know something is wrong, I can just tell by your posts and what is happening.  I am here!  

August 20, 2003
2:11 pm
Talk to me!

Oh God. The drama of my life is never ending. Once Natalie got her final transcripts into CSUMB (Monday!) she fell below the required GPA for admissions.  I tried to explain that it was because she was hospitalized about 8 times her senior year.  Admissions said they would take it under review and refer it to the SDR (student disability services) office. I have been on the phone with them every day and I got this email about an hour ago:

 CA State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) welcomes applicants with

disabilities.  To request accommodations in the Admissions process, please

download, read  and follow the attached Special Admissions Instructions.

Then, please contact Admissions and Records and our office as needed.  

I received your completed Needs Assessment and medical verification.

However, you need to explain in your petition letter to Dr. Valarie Brown

why you think you will be successful at CSUMB, given your high school

standardized test scores and grade point average.

Our office will review your high school transcript and Special Admissions

petition/appeal letter.  Then, we make a recommendation to Admissions.

The Director of Admissions, Valarie Brown, makes the final decision

regarding Special Admission appeals.  I need to be honest with you that

based on the information I have received so far I think it is in your best

interest to attend your local community college in Fall 2003.  There, you

could take certified transferable math and English courses while making

full use of all appropriate services and courses from the Disabled Student

Program and Services. 

In my opinion, the purpose of this approach is to learn more ways to

compensate for your difficulties with standardized tests and to

demonstrate to Admissions and Records that you can bring up your GPA to

3.0 in the transferable courses. 

To expedite review of your Special Admissions request, it is acceptable to

send your petition letter via email instead of US Mail to:

I now have a phone appointment with the Director of the SDR office at 3:00 .   Natalie is writing a letter and I guess I will just beg at this point.  My main plea is that she may not live long enough to transfer her junior year, and even if she does by that time she will be ready for transplant.  Also I want her to be able to have the college experience.  This may be the only opportunity. It’s not like she is in a wheelchair, she is dying of a lung disease cystic fibrosis!  Did that sound convincing?  

On another note I found this little cutie at a rescue and I am trying to figure out how to get her home without freaking out my husband. I think she would be a great friend for Sprocket. Kodiak is getting so frail in her age that I suppose I am trying to ignore the fact that she probably won’t be around very much longer.  Her arthritis is very bad.  I took her for a very short walk around the block Monday evening and she collapsed 2 times.  The vet said short walks were ok, and she gets so upset if you leave her behind, but maybe it was too much for her. Also Jack is not well.  He has been on antibiotics for literally months and in the last few days his appetite has failed, I have not been able to tempt him with treats.  He only wants to eat yogurt.  He has reached the ripe old age of 2 years and 4 months. 

August 14, 2003
4:31 pm
Talk to me!

I finally got my friends pages up!  Not complete, but there with pictures.  Go check them out and let me know what you think about them!  I had wanted to do this for a while. I also want to put up a cast of characters in the about me section.  But have not gotten around to that either.

Well it is the end of the week for me. Tomorrow I take Natalie to the Doctors office. We are trying to get everything done before she leaves for school. We need to fill 3 months worth of prescriptions, and get her packed this weekend. We will be driving her up and moving her into school next Friday. 

She is going to CSUMB.  Not sure if had written about that whole tangent of my life yet. I am worried that she will get sick, or not take care of herself.  She will be back the week of October 6 for break.  I just pray she stays well until then.  She will be seeing doctors regarding her transplant evaluation that week, and will be able to get into see Dr. L.

I am very disillusioned about work. So many politics going on, problems with Council abusing City resources and funds and the City Manager turning a blind eye.  My staff supports all the Councils computer equipment and has complained about porno on two individuals computers.  I told them, buck up, you have to continue to do your job.  I am wrong. I am soo very wrong. 

August 5, 2003
5:46 pm
Talk to me!

OK, so I have been quite busy these last few days here at the office. Yes, I am still here!  I meant to put up a new read over the weekend but didn’t get a chance to.  So here it is, and it is also on my links page.  She lost her husband very young. I suppose sometimes it helps to read about another’s pain, it puts yours in perspective.  She is a great lady.

Jacob went camping with Jaime’s family this week. So it is just Andy and I all week.  I was kind of hoping Andy would have to go out of town, as he indicated he might need to last week.  But, the project is stalled so maybe next week.  I thought a week all to myself would be great.

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