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September 2003

September 30, 2003
1:25 pm
Talk to me!

I had a horrible dream last night.  I dreamt that Sprockets original owner came to get him.  If you don’t know his story you can read it here.  Any way, for some reason he had a microchip (which he doesn’t) and his owners were found.  I took him there and dropped him off, and when I left the neighbor said to me that he was left alone all the time while they were on vacation.  I was so depressed.  When I got home I opened the door and sprocket came running into my arms. My husband said that he had just arrived, so he had run away from the owners again.  

Not sure what this was about.  I must be afraid of losing someone, maybe Natalie.  I flew her home yesterday morning from Monterey , she was sick.  I waited for her and almost started crying when they rolled the wheelchair over to me. She was so weak she could not walk from the gate.  I had to get the car and pick her up at the curb.  We went straight to the hospital; she was down to 77 pounds. Gaunt! So Oxygen, fluids, antibiotics intravenously and lots of chest physical therapy for a few days.  

I stayed with her until about 5:30 last night then stopped over at Fish King in Glendale and got some fresh fish for Andy to grille and some yummy salads for dinner.  

I spoke to her Docs today; from the preliminary blood work it seems as if the diabetes, not the CF is the problem this time. Apparently her lung function is low, but not as much the issue with this particular visit.  Her sugars are running very high which indicates she is either not taking her insulin shots or her insulin is bad.  I noticed she is not refrigerating it like she should. That might be the problem too.  

God give me so much to deal with sometimes. I had a hard time sleeping last night, and now I have a headache and my neck is very stiff. I wish I could just go home and crawl into bed.  

Mastiff update:  The home visit went well and the rescue people said they could have a dog for us soon.  I told Andy and he freaked out.  He was thought we had agreed that we would wait until Kodiak was at the Bridge, I suppose he did say that but I had thought since Jack died I could get one sooner. I have to call the Rescue people now and let them know we are going to wait. I hope they don’t think we are flakes.

September 25, 2003
10:49 am
Talk to me!

Let see it has been at least a week since I did an update.  Candice turned 20 on Sunday and we celebrated at the Ritz Carlton for Brunch ($$$). We think Oprah Winfry was there, but were to embarrassed to ask anyone.  The people at the table next to us were also saying they thought she was Oprah Winfry. So maybe. 

So lets start at the beginning of the weekend.  Friday Natalie came home for the weekend. She looked very skinny. I picked her up at LAX, Candice and James came along and we went over to Santa Monica to have a tour of the Paper Mate Pen factory and have lunch with Andy.  Lunch was at a really cool place called Typhoon at the Santa Monica Airport. It is a small airport and we could watch the little private jets take off and land.  The restaurant serves Asian food off all kinds. They even have an “insects” section on the menu, which included chicken stuffed water bugs.  Needless to say we stayed a little more main stream. 

When we got home I made Natalie get on the scale.  80 pounds, which meant she lost 13 pounds since she went away to school. She is 4’11”.  I was horrified.  

Saturday Andy and I attended a wedding. One of the guys he works with was getting married. It was on a Yacht in Marina Del Rey and the reception was t a yacht club.  It was a very eclectic crowd. They are both in there 50’s, she is black and he is white. However his first wife who he lost to cancer was also black, so the children are mixed.  It was fun, lots of dancing and such. I was able to squeeze into one of my little black dresses.   

Speaking of which I have not been able to lose any more weight. I have hit a plateau. I dropped 16 pounds and have 9 more to go, but have not lost any for at least a month. I know I need to start to exercise. There are a couple of other people at my office who are also on weight watchers, but they have a lot mire to lose than I do.   

Andy left on Tuesday for Chicago and Boston.  Jacob got sick. I took him to the doctors Tuesday. He has an ear infection, a sinus infection and bronchitis. Boy do I feel like a bad mother.  We just thought he had bad allergies, until he started to cough on the weekend. He is back at school today, feeling much better. I am taking him to his annual physical today. I am worried about his weight and his cholesterol.  His mother had very high cholesterol, and he is over weight. 190 pounds and is about 5’8”.  I thought I would let the doctor say something, so it didn’t seem like I was a nag.  

Now for the cool news! I filled out an application for a rescued Mastiff about a month ago.  Here is their web site if you want to check it out:  mastiffrescue.org.  After Andy and I talked at length about another dog we both agreed we anted to do rescue, and that we would like a large breed.  Mastiffs are love bugs, and my grandmother had them when she was young.  Any how I finally got a call from the rescue group and they are coming to do their “home” visit on Friday! (That’s tomorrow!) Andy is still saying we should not get another dog until Kodiak is gone, but I keep telling him Kodiak could be around for a couple more years, she is 13 and a half and has arthritis and Cushing’s, but has a good quality of life.  Another dog would be good for her, keep her young!  Anyhow he is not as vocal about that since Jack died.  I think he is just glad I am not insisting we get more rats. 

September 18, 2003
2:22 pm
Talk to me!

I lost Jack this past weekend.  It is the end of the rat era in our house for a while.  Their deaths are taking a toll on me and I agreed that I would not get any more for a while.  Andy is very allergic, and I am very depressed.  He promised I could get another dog instead since there lives are so much longer, and I don’t have to go through losing them so often. 

I have been feeling very lonely for some reason.  I realized yesterday I have very few girlfriends, and the one I have live far away. When I look at it really my closest friend Ann, is 500 miles away.  We don’t talk very often, but I know she would be there for me if I needed her. The others I either rarely see, or talk too. I have not spoken to Angel in probably 7 or 8 months. The close friends I had in Tahoe are all spread out now. We have all gone our separate ways, only Christmas cards and an occasionally phone call.

I am totally stressed out. I was checking my site statistics and I found a referral form newellco.com.  www.newellco.com is the parent company my husband works for. So he must have found my site somehow. I need someone to explain those urchin site statistics to me. So if you are reading this Andy.  It is pretty crummy of you because this is my diary, not meant to be read by you. 

Walter was missing last night and this morning. I hope he comes back, and is ok. 

September 10, 2003
1:03 pm
Talk to me!

I hope I didn’t get in over my head.  I volunteered to do a web site for Jacobs Arts program.  He is in an academy within his high school called VADA (Visual Arts and Design Academy ).  It is a 3-year program for sophomore thru senior year. He had to apply and present 5 pieces of Art or something of a creative medium.  He took a drawing, a game he invented, a Lego sculpture, a model he built and some cartooning.  We are so happy that he is part of this 130 kids, versus the 3,000+ rest of the student body.

In any case the High Schools web site has not been updated for 3 years, and I was appalled when I went to look for information on it.  I thought it might be cool for the VADA kids to have their own site. I envision a section for each class with weekly assignments and deadlines, teacher pages with contact information, information of special projects and some pages to “show off” the VADA talent, announcements etc. It would also be nice to let the students provide some of the content. I also have the selfish reason of being able to know what homework is due and when. Plus I wanted to get more involved with his school; this is the best type of volunteering for me.  I refuse to work in a classroom or go on a field trip with teenagers.

I will meet with the instructors on Friday afternoon, my day off, and see what flys.

I am hooked on “The Soprano’s”.  We rented the complete first season, 13 episodes, and watched all of them over the last couple of weeks.  I had to renew the DVD 3 times.  We completed the last episode Monday and I started to call around looking for the 2nd season.  I only found part of it at a video store across town, so I said screw it and went to Amazon and bought the complete second and third season and had them sent 1 day air. They are supposed to be here today, and we are having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  Perfect for watching those mobsters.

The weather finally cooled off a bit. It is only supposed to be 80 today, and we didn’t need to have the air on last night.  The weatherman says it will bet hot again by the weekend booo!

Well Natalie pulled a good one.  I got a bill from The Peninsula Hospital in Monterey yesterday.  Apparently less than 24 hours after we left Monterey she was taken to the Hospital for a low blood sugar.  Andy talked to her last night when she called, I was too mad to talk to her. It happened on 8/25 and she never told us anything about it.  I will call her tonight now that I am in a better place.

BTW check out Karma’s new layout. I like it!

September 4, 2003
3:57 pm
Talk to me!

I am so glad that fall is around the corner.  I really hate this summer weather, it sucks. Today was Jacob’s first day of school. He just called me and it went well. There were friends in his classes, and he and his best buddy both start the day at 7:00 am with a Spanish class. Which means I start the day earlier that I used to as we leave the house at 6:30 to pick up his buddy.  

I added a cast of characters to the site so that people would kind of know who was who. Maybe it isn’t needed, but it is there for all. Hopefully I included the right people.  

Like that little guy on the page.  He is just one of several friends that come and have both breakfast and dinner on my patio


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