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October 2003

October 24, 2003
11:02 am
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Well I have not been posting as much as I want.  Lets play catch up again. Last weekend we drove to Monterey so that we could bring home all the “stuff” from Natalie’s dorm. She is all moved out we just have to settle her into her new room.

Since we are all displaced until Saturday night I have been a bit unsettled.  The house is being tented for termites.  So we spent the better part of the week moving out everything that could be affected by the gas. All of our medicine cabinet and bathroom stuff, some linens, all of the food including the fridge. What a mess.  We had to put Natalie in the hospital while it is being done.  Her Doctor insisted. We are staying with some friends who have a studio apartment under their house that is not rented. All the animals are at the vets, I even caught Walter and he is safe too.  I fed all the squirrels down at the bottom of the property as to lure them away from the house so no one would get stuck under the tent. I hope their are no wildlife fatalities.  I would definitely feel blame as I feed all the friends so they are comfortable near the house. 

I came into work today just to catch up, but I haven’t really done much actual work yet. 

Halloween is coming up. We never get trick-or-treaters since we live in the canyon and it is basically dangerous to walk around there at night because it is dark and the cars don’t see you. Our neighbors little on will probably come over, she usually does so I have to have some candy on hand for her. 

So I created a page for Walter. And I added some text to Homeys page, since I had not gotten around to telling his story.  So check them out. 

October 16, 2003
9:50 pm in chicago
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So I am sitting here in a hotel in Chicago .  I need to catch up with my life.

Natalie is home.  She is too sick to go back to school.  I took her down to UCSD for her Transplant evaluation; the doctor said she was in the window, which means she needs a transplant now.  Unfortunately the list is at least 2 years long.  He said that sometimes he can push people ahead of those at the top of the list if they are not as sick.  

He also asked why we didn’t start this process 3 years ago.  I told him we did.

Natalie is now on oxygen full time, so whenever she goes out she needs a tank.  The service brought us some liquid oxygen, so she can fill a little backpack that will last 4-5 hours so she can go out, take a class or whatever. 

I have never seen her so resigned to her illness.  Accepting what is going on, wanting to come home and be there; instead of running around with her friends.

So Saturday morning we will drive her up to Monterey to move all her things home.  The dream she had to live away at college, in a dorm like a normal teenager is over.  She decided it.  She finally realized she is not a normal teenager. 

I just pray that she won’t die before she gets another chance at life, before the gift of lungs from some poor soul can perhaps help her, since I have done everything I can to help her.

I miss my dogs.  I miss sleeping with Sprocket, and old Kodiak.

October 1, 2003
1:00 pm
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I am ready for fall!  I love this season.  I can wait until the time changes and we are driving home in the dark.  I got a call a few days ago from the veterinarians office. Jack’s ashes had arrived.  I think I will pick them up today.  That is him up in the corner. I did a little photo shoot with him last Halloween with pumpkins and a witches hat. I made card and sent them to some of my ratty friends. I miss my Jack.

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