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November 2003

november 24, 2003
2:14 pm
tell me something!

Been missing a lot of my reads lately. I went to one of my favorites and found out she had shut down! I hadn’t read her for a couple of weeks, but I always know there can be catch up time. Not any more., just a single post, no archives.  So I went to another of my favorites thank god she is still there. I have to keep up with karma because she stopped keeping archives too. I suppose if I am going to be a blogger I need to keep up with the whole program.

I am in a big funk at work. Lots of budget problems with some layoff potential that has me really freaked out. I suppose writing about it should help, but I haven’t written a word for days!  We are going through this process called “Results based budgeting”.  Well I could go into lots of boring detail, but bottom line is we don’t have enough money and Arnold repealed the VLF, just like he said he would; now we have even less!  Also last week one of the Manger here dies.  He was 53 years old.  Tomorrow is his funeral.  Stress. I was told that he killed himself. Stress.  

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I started panicking.  As Natalie’s caretaker after her transplant we are required to be within a hour of the hospital and in the same county for 3 months, which means being in San Diego until she is released.  We will get some type of stipend from the insurance to stay somewhere or we can stay at the Bannister House. Anyhow I was panicking because I wouldn’t be able to take Sprocket with me. I need that little guy! I started thinking of ways to bring him down with me. Therapy dog! Or perhaps he is my mental health agent. Maybe I can get my shrink to write him as a prescription!

november 10, 2003
3:29 pm
tell me something!

Hired Help  

Well this weekend all of Andy’s family is coming over for Barb’s 50th birthday.  I am a total stress ball and already having nightmares about his sister in law.  I am having the carpets cleaned, windows cleaned and the gardener planted a bunch of ferns and grasses around the entryway.  It looks nice, now I just have to worry about the painter finishing his repair work properly, and making sure he paints everything he is supposed to!  He painted a wall but not the door, so the door is a different color than the wall.  

I am also planning on firing my cleaning lady of 6 years, I have been very unhappy with her reliability and her quality for several months, but don’t have the nerve to say much.  I found someone else and they are starting on 11/24, which is a Monday.  I really prefer having my house cleaned on Thursday, but she didn’t have any time available on Thursdays. She also can only do it 3 times a month, but if she is a good as I think she is that won’t really matter too much.  


So Natalie is home and should have taken her written test today for her driver’s license. She has already failed 2 times, but I think that this is it , and 3 is a charm.  I hope so, she need to get her license she is almost 19!  I am also tired of driving her to all her doctors’ appointments.  We are looking for an old Volvo for her, should keep her protected they are built like tanks.  


The fires that we had here is Southern California have cast a real sadness over a lot of people.  It has been a catastrophe for so many people, losing everything.  It was difficult to focus during that time, every word you heard on the news was about some little town going up in smoke, someone dying or losing their home.  I am so sorry for all of the loss, but also glad that the fires are controlled and pretty much out and we don’t have to hear it on the news every minute.

 Life Goes On

 So now we have settled back in to being a family of 4 with one away at college.  My office room that I had just about put the finishing touches on was quickly made back into a bedroom for Natalie, so much for my own space.  My desk is now a box with all the papers that I need to look through and bills to pay.  Oh Well.

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