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December 2003

december 22, 2003
10:55 am
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Winter Solstice
Today is the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year.  It is also a day of celebration for pagans (I think).  Happy Solstice!

Last night we celebrated the second night of Chanukah by making brisket and potato latkes, OMG was the food delicious!  All the kids were there and Sari came.  The girls boyfriends were over too. I t was really nice.  

Roscoe Blvd.
Guess what!  Friday I was out in the valley picking up Natalie from the Hospital. The “Valley” being Panorama City, which is NOT the garden spot of the world.

In any case we were turning right at a huge intersection, 4 lanes N/S 4 lanes E/W and this dog was ducking traffic. Natalie pointed him out, and I immediately stopped my car and got out to chase him, while stopping traffic in all directions. He was obviously terrified, and fortunately there was this Thug looking guy standing on the corner who didn’t speak English who was laughing at me. I yelled at him to shut up and help, and guess what? He did. He was calling the dog in Spanish.

Finally we cornered him after he ran under a big rig, that was stopped (thanks to me). I picked him up and Natalie held him on the way home. He was obviously a street dog, submissive dirty and un-neutered. But he has a very sweet disposition.

When we got home he got bathed 3 times. I was off to Pet smart on sat morning to get him a collar and name tag. I think we are going to call him Roscoe, as he was running in traffic on Roscoe Blvd.

Best Christmas present I could have.  Saving a baby!  I will get some pictures up soon. He is a corgi/ Chihuahua mix we think.  He is at the vet now getting a health check and his shots.

december 9, 2003
5:13 pm
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Today is my sister’s birthday.  If you don’t read my blog all the time you wouldn’t know that my sister died on Jan 2, 1996. She would have been 42 years old today.  One of the guys I work with, whose son died in a horrific car accident, has a birthday today also.  I always go to his birthday lunch, and he always thanks me because he knows that it is hard to celebrate his birthday when I am thinking of Barbara.

Today a young guy, about 25, came into City hall and asked for clean clothes.  He had got a job and had nothing to wear.  The receptionist sent out e-mail to city staff and within a couple of hours $150 was collected and 2 of my staff went to Ross (dress for less) and bought him shoes, pants shirts underwear and socks, a bag lunch and a belt.  He came back in about 4:30 and was overwhelmed with the generosity of us.  Maria, the receptionist told him to come back in the morning as there would probably be more, and wished him luck.  A mitzvah. Instead of turning him away she gave him hope, not just in himself but also in the people around him. It is so easy to look the other way when the homeless need help, but some of them just need a little hope.

I drank to much last night. I have probably been doing it a little more than I should.  I couldn’t sleep the night before last, and guess I figured it would help me sleep, and it did. I didn’t wake up until 4:20 this morning.  The night before I was up half the night.  I need a sleep aid. Right now it seems as if the booze is working as that.

december 2, 2003
12:52 pm
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I found a new journal that I have been reading, A breath of Life. It was a referral from C’s, who is a regular read, when I read regularly. Anyhow sounds like the two are friends, provide love and support through good and bad. It made me think of my friends, or what is left of them.  When I lived in Tahoe (pre-kids) I had friends, some were close. I always had “stuff” to do. There was A., A., K. ,K., L., A. J., thats not including the boys, they changed as people moved away but I always was doing things, and was active. Now I seem to have no one. I really mean NO ONE.  If I were to say let me pick up the phone and see who I could call to go shopping, have lunch, take a walk etc there would be maybe one or two people S or J, but I am not very close to either of them, and are lives are different enough that we probably will never be as close. My other 2 friends are A, who lives in No. CA, and A who lives 35 miles away but who is so tied up with her kid that she cannot deal with relationships, I guess. So I feel lonely. Yes, I know part of it is really my own fault. But part of it is also the circumstances that got me here. 

december 1, 2003
2:52 pm
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promote animal rescue

I read “The Man who Talks to Dogs” this weekend. It was a very heart-wrenching book about the man who started the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis. Randy Grimes would go about and pick up dogs living along the highway, in warehouses, on the street. Take care of them and place them into homes. The Web Site tells more, but the book tells all. Not to be read unless you are ready for some tears. 

Anyhow all this made me want to try and do something more significant and purposeful with it, promote animal rescue, was my thought. Did you know that our stray and homeless animal problem is the worst of any non third world country?  That really sickened me. Did you know that the AKC is really the strong voice that tends to stop most breeding legislation that could help reduce the puppy mill problems.  This is because it would create additional costs to getting breeder licenses create limits to number of breeding per year and age of dog being breed, it would also create a guardian role instead of an owner role for the Human. The AKC is very powerful and does not want anyone telling them anything! Breeders would be fined heavily for violation; this money can be used for rescue and placement.   I will get off my soapbox for a while. 

Hopefully everyone’s Thanksgiving was wonderful. Mine was nice I even got on-line and found Karma at her tag board! That was a pleasant surprise, to say hi on Thanksgiving Day.  It was just Andy and I and the kids. Andy and the kids played Doggie monopoly until past midnight .  I went to bed at 10:30 . I was an observer, not an active participant.

a hypocrite

I am starting to feel like a hypocrite. I am meeting my friend at the “big” Eukanuba dog show this week in Long Beach ; after all my preaching about the AKC and dog breeding..  I am meeting her to see her not to promote the cause. But it still doesn’t feel right.

I had an odd thing happen. I took Kodiak into see the vet and one of the girls who works in the front said she had found my blog. She had done a search with the Vet practices name and it came up.  It kind of got me paranoid. I suppose I should not use names in my posts.  Makes me wonder who else may have found the site who I may not want to be reading it.  Oh well

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