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January 2004

Monday January 26, 2004
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I took poor little Roscoe in to get neutered today.  I phoned over at 2:00 to make sure everything was ok. They said he was fine and they trimmed his toenails and   cleaned his teeth.  The tech is going to train me how to brush his and Sprockets teeth. Ok, I know it seems ridiculous, but I would rather brush their teeth once a week than have to have them sedated to clean their teeth. It was so difficult for Kodiak this last time we had to have her teeth cleaned.  It took several days before she was back to being herself.  And then with Bear, she would have seizures after she had to go under anesthesia, to much risk.

Work is sucking the big one these days. It looks like my reclassification is going to go to the other city, along with the city manager. He is just dragging his feet, and it has been almost a year of being “acting director”. He is just going to bide his time until April, then leave.  Oh well, so much for working my but off to get the promotion.

My birthday weekend was quiet.  Andy made some delicious steaks for dinner on Friday, we rented some movies, I read “the Day the world came to Town”, it was pretty good.

All the kids were home last night. So I cooked a chicken dish that I used to make all the time before I got married.  It uses a can of cream of mushroom soup, and Andy is lactose intolerant so now I only make it when he is out of town. 

january 18, 2004
4:23 pm
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Well we celebrated Natalie’s 19 birthday this weekend.  We took her and several of her friends to a teppan steak house.  It is like Benihanah, where they cook the food in front of you.  It was fun.  Afterwards we let her have some additional friends over and they played games until 2:00 am.  I put out wine, beer and sodas and made sure those who were drinking were either spending the night or being driven home. Since the crowd was not to big and there were alto of siblings it worked out with 3 people staying over.  I know some would not agree with this logic, but I would rather them do it in my house and stay safe, than sneak it somewhere and possibly drive or make a bad decision.  

I got a call Saturday morning from MG who works for me.  He wanted to know if I had read the paper. Apparently the City Manger has been offered a job at another City.  I work for him, and he had promised staff that he would stay at least 3 more years to get us through a budget crisis. So much for promises, although he has not officially accepted thee job. But I think it is pretty shifty of his staff to find out he is looking from the newspaper!! 

The kids have been non-stop on the computer. Natalie has 2 internet classes and Jacob is working on a report, so I may not post this post until tomorrow.

The photo that I used on my index page is the view from our living room on a hazy day.  A typical Southern California day actually.  When it is clear you can see forever!  All the way to Long Beach.  

january 15, 2004
11:18 am
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Eight more days until my 44th birthday, I always tend to get a bit reflective around my birthday. Looking back on the things that I have or have not accomplished.  I won’t bore you all with that since it just gets me depressed anyway.

I am happy to report that one of my reads CC (you know who you are) will finally be returning next month after a holiday hiatus.  Crossing my fingers.

I did a few updates to my links page.  If you want your page there let me know. 

I have been working my bum off at work this week. Lots of Budget crap to do. One late night, I didn’t get home until 10:00 because of a council meeting.  I am ready to go home now. Fortunately Monday is a holiday.  I was looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, but I remembered I have an 8:00 hair appointment, i can’t believe I actually did that! There is another night meeting next week that I have to attend. YUK!  Needless to say I am extremely unmotivated. 

Karma is sick, so everyone send here get well vibes so she can feel better. Are you getting those sweetie!

january 10, 2004
10:26 am
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Work has been incredibly stressful I have been given a project to take over and now I have to do a presentation in front of the City Council on Monday night. YUK! I hope things quiet down a bit after next week.  My back has been killing me from stress.

Well I have been doing well not drinking, but diet wise I have nor been good at all.  Hopefully starting on Monday I can get it together.  I have not started exercising and that is a big part of it, I am at a point where I think it will be difficult to lose weight without getting active. 

I am going to have lunch with one of the Ratchatters on Friday.  It is the only ratlist that I am active on any more since it is very off topic and I don’t have rats anymore :(.  We talk about rats and other stuff, and everyone is always concerned with everyone else. 

I turn 44 this month. My birthday is about 2 weeks away.  I feel much better this year than I did last year.  Life is much better.  Even with all the kids back at home things are more mellow, and my relationship with Andy is better, or at least I think so. 

I have a lot of errands to run today.  Andy and Natalie are going to go to Ralph’s’ and go grocery shopping.  We are all tired of the strike, and it is so hard to keep weight on Nat when she is having to eat weird off brand stuff from Trader Joes.  Ralph’s does not have a picket line, only Vons and Albertsons are still walking pickets, so it won’t be too bad.  I can’t do it.  I want to support the strike the best I ca.  Andy has not problem crossing the picket, he just hasn’t because of how I feel.

january 5, 2004
12:57 pm
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Happy New Year! Hope every one had a safe holiday.  Today is my official start of the New Year.  Always the Monday after the first, as I usually take off the time from Christmas until after the 1st. So here I am official diet start and New Years resolution day.  It is good because if I make obscenely difficult resolutions it gives me a few days to reconsider. I hate it when January 1 falls on a Sunday.  Screws up my plan.

This year I planned on getting back on my diet.  I had 5 pounds to lose; now I have 10 after a rather indulgent November and December.  I am not terribly worried, although I have only been on the diet about 12 hours.  Ask me again in a week.

I also want to cut back on my alcohol intake, blog more, and adopt the new slogan “me first”.  I suppose I am tired of always worrying about everyone else, well NO MORE!

I think the best present I got was Roscoe.  He is a darling little guy and is fitting into the pack nicely. Unfortunately he is the omega, but that is ok, he is also the youngest.  Read about Roscoe here.

Candice is moved home and both girls start back to school on next Monday.  I am not really enjoying all the hustle and bustle around the house with everyone home again. I was really enjoying the quiet of only Jacob, but so goes life

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