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February 2004

February 25, 2004  
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So today is ash Wednesday, and the big controversial movie The Passion of the Christ is premiering. I read a bunch about all the hoopla with it being anti-Semitic. I am not convinced that it is.  Although, I have not seen it yet, I read and researched the verse of Mark 25:27, and have an opinion. Since I am married to a Jew, and am Catholic, this whole thread has my interest.  Although I must admit being raised catholic and in catholic school I am not sure if I really want to see Jesus suffer anymore.  I have been hearing about it and seeing it since I was little.  And I heard the movie takes the cake for blood and gore.  I bet it is worse than Saving Private Ryan.  

I put my first guest post up at karma’s sight! She has lots of activity going on!

I also wanted to make sure everyone says prayers for cg, she lost her job and is busy looking for another.  She also has some friends who need mojo. We love ya C!

February 23, 2004  
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I am sooo excited, I have been asked to “guest post” at karma’s site while she is on vacay. She is going on a cruise. SO yippee!  I feel special!  Thanks sweetie! I will be looking for a Maine Coon for you! Smooch.

In other news I have been officially diagnosed with high blood pressure. No surprise there. I weigh 20 pounds more that I probably should, I eat too much salt and drink too much, and exercise? What’s that?  So I have been put on meds. I didn’t want to take them but the doctor insisted. So we made an agreement, I get my pressure down on meds, make some lifestyle changes and she will wean me off!  So I signed up for Yoga on Saturday, and went to my first class.  It has been 3 years since I did yoga, but it felt great!  The class was 90 minutes, and the teacher spotted me on some of the more difficult poses. It was not a beginner class. To night I am going to a beginner class, and Wednesday too.

So the plan is as follows: Yoga 3 times a week, get back on the diet, and cut back on the booze and salt.  I hope I can do it.  The doc also wants to wean me off the paxil.  I am happy about that, since I am sure that is where the weight gain came from! But she is waiting until my BP gets down. Oh, incase you were wondering it was 160/109.

February 16, 2004  
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Dead Presidents Day!  I am home, it is lovely. Did you know that George Washington actually died of syphilis?  Yep, my Jr. High Spanish teacher was history major and he gave us the dirt on the dead presidents!  So there!

Well Kodiak and Roscoe are true friends.  They actually love each other. Roscoe always wants to play with the Kodiak, and Kodiak plays with Roscoe until she is so out of breathe she can hardly breathe. It keeps her active. It is funny. Sometime Roscoe will even growl at Kodiak. 

Last night I got to meet the terrorists! The two Jack Russell Terriers that live down the way.  We had our neighbor’s dinner night. There are 5 couples, and every couple months we host dinners and take turns.  I remember my night, I was called at dessert time and my grandma was rushed to the hospital and died 3 day later. It was awful.  We started because one of the friends is battling cancer and we felt it was important to connect on a regular basis. So we are.  Jeannie, who is battling cancer has decided to stop Chemo therapy even though the docs don’t feel she is done. She has has colo-rectal cancer and liver cancer. Had a resection of her colon and had half her liver removed. She lost her hair from Chemo, and is wearing a cute Annie Hall hat. But I am worried.  

February 12, 2004  
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I was reading on of my regular reads and she did a whole dissertation about round worms. Actually it was interesting. Did you know that this parasite could grow up to 3 feet long, as it is living in your body?  YUK.  Read about it here.

On a less gross note…. I have a four-day weekend because of Dead Presidents Day on Monday.  As you probably know I work for a city that has a four-day workweek.  So we work four long days, and get Friday off. I usually don’t ha e to come into the office on Friday but will occasionally have workshops or work from home. I also have to go to night council meetings once or twice a month. But is all boils down to a nice 4 day weekend J

I looked at the Westminster Kennel Club website yesterday after I heard that “Josh” the Newfoundland had won best of show.  I found out my friend who was there with her dog got something called an award of merit.  It probably meant a lot to her, as it was her first invitation to this prestigious event. I called and left a congratulatory message even thought the whole dog show thing sickens me anymore, with the breeding and lack of support for breeding legislation by the AKC. Oh Well!

February 11, 2004  
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I joined this web groups at backwash.com, but it is the slowest web site in the world! It is kind of cool place, but it must be too graphic intensive to load quickly. I was going to pay for the annual premiere fee, but the whole site is just too slow.

On another note, one of my co-workers who is the Finance Director is going to work for the Government of American Samoa as their Controller!  How cool is that! Aloha!

Things are getting very weird here at the City.  I just had to cut over a quarter of a million dollars about of my 1.2 million dollar budget.  I am also laying off 2 people. Well not exactly. One of the positions I never filled in anticipation of this, so only 1 person is actually going to lose their job. Talk about stress.

February 8, 2004  
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I just finished eating my healthy choice 280-calorie lunch and I am still very hungry.  I noticed that I am very PMS this month, which also usually translates into I want to at everything in site!

I am going to go home after a 2:30 telephone meeting I am having. I was up late last night.  When I got home from Work, Andy was running into the house, Natalie was in Diabetic shock (again).  SO we had the whole thing 911, ambulance, sirens, several hours in the ER. I am wiped. So is he and he had to leave for Chicago this morning.

I have to go back to the shrink on Thursday. I hate going now. I just want to be  left alone.  Not only is it very expensive, I just keep doing the same stuff. Using her as an expensive sounding board.

On the wind in February
Snowflakes float still
Half inclined to turn to rain,
Nipping, dripping, chill.

— Christina G. Rossetti (1830 – 1894)

February 8, 2004  
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I am very grouchy.  I have been this way for several days now. I think having 3 kids back in the house is taking its toll on me.  I don’t really like it.  I buy orange juice and chocolate milk, by the time I go to have some it is all gone.  I feel like I have been doing dishes non-stop for the last few days.  My husband is telling me he thinks it is unethical of me to serve a pork pot roast to Nat and tell her it is a pot roast so she will eat it.  If she thinks its pork she wont eat it.  I tell him I don’t care, she needs to gain weight, she is sick and they will put in a g-tube if she drops below 80 Lbs. He tells me he wouldn’t do it. So I tell him I don’t care. 

Last night at dinner I tell her its pork, and she suddenly feels nauseous.  My husbands tells me I should just leave the room. I am drunk form the martini that I had before dinner, and tired of everything. 

This morning I am going to lay down the rules. I want those girls to help out around the house.  Andy was traveling all week last week and I was exhausted by the end of the week.  I get home from work at 6:30 and start dinner. Geeze. 

Friday we celebrate Andy’s birthday. He wants swordfish, from Fish King, a fish market that we frequent that is about 30 minutes away.  I go to our new market How’s, that I have been shopping at since the strike, and they have some beautiful sword fish for 7.99 lb, instead of 17.99 and lb. So I buy it.  Of course it wasn’t good enough.  He never even said thank you. I felt as if I had to make it up to him.  So I told him I would go to Fish King over the weekend and buy him his swordfish. WTF. What the hell am I doing! 

I work at least 40-50 hours a week. Why am I acting like I have all the time in the world. I don’t. When i suggest soup and sandwiches for dinner, my husbands balks.  Well then he can make dinner too. He does, but somehow when it’s my turn I have to make the same kind of meals that he does. 

I think I am PMS.

February 3, 2004  
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Tomorrow is Andy’s birthday.  He is in Tennessee and will be there until Thursday night so I don’t have to bust my butt to make a special dinner until Friday.  Which is good because I want to spend time tonight working on getting my wireless network setup at home. 

I had it all set up here at work, everything was working fine and when I took it joke to connect through Earthlink DSL it would not work at all!! After hours of futzing with it I gave up.  SO this morning I got some additional information so I will make another attempt at it tonight.

Because of this I really had no consistent Internet access since last Thursday.  SO I have not been posting as much. 

I have been doing better on my daily reads.  So if you are one of my reads I know what is going on!  Except Karma, cuz she doesn’t archive any more!  I missed your whole weekend sweetie!  I just know you were cat sitting last night.

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