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March 2004

March 29, 2004  
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Gee it seems as if I am only posting every 10 days!  I had better be more aware of my life!  Natalie came home form the hospital last Wednesday.  She will be readmitted beginning the 2nd of April for a few days during Spring Break.  I finally got back to yoga on Saturday by attending a 3 and a half hour workshop.  The hubby went out of town on Saturday and will be back on Wednesday. So no hassles from him. Thank God.  

I wrote the following post today after realizing what is important to me. It is called My Pack.

After reading “Wolves at our Door”, several months ago it made me very aware of my own little “pack” of animals at home. I find this fascinating on a daily basis.  It is amazing how they interact, respectful of each other, protective and kind.

I have 3 dogs and one cat.  For those of you who don’t read me on a regular basis (all 1 or 2 of you) I will out line who these wonderful creatures are, pets.

Kodiak is a female Akita, she is 14 and I have had her all 14 years. She is my dog, and usually will only move from her Alpha place if I am exerting my Alpha status. This includes with other family members. I am the only one who can pick up her food bowl or take a rawhide away from her without her showing any sign of unhappiness. She will always growl at the other humans, except with me, and she has attacked Homey and Sprocket for eating out of her bowl, not lethally, just a good scolding and pinning.  In the pack hierarchy she is the female alpha, who is the strongest in the pack.

Sprocket, is a male Cairn terrier about 18 pounds. We have had him for about 3 years and he is probably 5-7 years old. He would be considered the Alpha male in the pack, second only to the alpha female. This is an interesting dynamic.  He does not like the Homey or Roscoe to sit closest to me and will almost always put himself closest to me on the couch, or chair. He also will push Kodiak to a point, sometimes standing next to her while she is eating, or getting into her bowl if she seems disinterested in her food, and Kodiak will allow this to a point. Then go after him.

Roscoe is the newest member. He has only been in the house a few months, and is only about a year and half old.  He is the clown of the group, very timid and lets the other two dogs push him around. He however likes to play with Homey cat, and will often go up to the Cat and try to dominate him.  The cat hisses, but then Kodiak comes running if she is in ear or eye shot of it and will protect Homey by placing herself between the two, putting her head near Homey or chasing Roscoe away.

Homey is a large male cat that I have had for 10 years, and who is about 14 years old.  He clearly thinks of himself as a dog.  Completely forgetting that at one time he was a cat.  He does all things dog, comes when he is called, begs for food, asks for pats and scratches, and considers himself to be one of the pack. 

They truly are a pack, and consider me part of it. One very interesting example is Kodiak who will count noses.  If I let the 2 small dogs out at night then let one back in she will not settle down until the other one has been let back into the bedroom.  The other night I let one out and the other was buried in his basket under covers, Sprocket came in and jumped into bed and Kodiak wanted out, she came back in and began to look around the bedroom finally finding Roscoe in the basket by nosing her way in and under the blanket. Once she realized he was safe she settled down and went to sleep herself.

Kodiak will also wake up in the morning and go into each of the kid’s rooms to see who is around. She pushes the door open if it is not latched and counts noses. 

Even in her very senior years she continues this matronly Alpha behavior. I have every respect for her as she has cared for me for along time. Now in her age I also care for her.

March 19, 2004  
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Catch Up
Gosh, I had not idea it had been so long since I posted.  Opps. Life has been busy I guess. Lets see. Last Friday which was 3/12 Natalie went into the hospital.  The doctor thought see needed antibiotics and some intense chest physiotherapy. They are also giving her intravenous nutrition, it is called TPN. She is less than 80 pounds and the doctors are worried about her.  That same week I had to go to a City Council meeting and Take Natalie to the doctor and had a shrink appointment with hubby.  Every night was busy, and I got my period and felt like dodo. 

Sunday 3/14 hubby and I left for Mammoth to go skiing for a few days. I had alot of fun. I happen to be a better skier than he is which is always an ego boost for me since he is so much more athletic than I am. It is the one thing that I do well anymore. We had a ski in ski out condo, that required at least intermediate ability to get in and out of, and he decided after the first day he didn’t want to ski in or out anymore. He fell coming home and was not as charmed by the idea of it all. Oh well! Being in the mountains made me really miss living in Tahoe. alot.

So the week before we left for skiing we had a fight about me drinking, and he said he would leave me if I didn’t cut back. So we decided not to drink anything for the week before we left. Which I did with no trouble at all. Is suppose if I had a problem I would not have been able to do that as easily. Anyhow, when we were in mammoth we partied alot and one night I drank a little to much and said some dumb things at dinner, like he was in love with the waitress, cuz he was gawking at her so much. And when we got home he threw it in my face, on Wednesday night when I was pouring a glass of wine. He said you are not going to drink again! 

So I drank one glass of wine with dinner and told him I wanted to watch American Idol, which he hates. He just seems to be so angry about everything any more. Last night Kodiak pooped while she was eating and he just hollered and scared her half to death.  Kodiak has been fecally incontinent for several months now. Her quality of life is still good and I am not putting her down cuz she poops once and a while. She is on arthritis medication and is enjoying life, especially now that Roscoe is here. They are buddies, and even play together.  He has wanted me to put her down for a while, he thinks I am not being fair. Well hell people shit in there pants and they don’t get tossed because of that!

I had the whole week off. So yesterday I had the carpets cleaned then went to visit Natalie in the hospital. I rented her a bunch of movies and took her sushi.  I brought home Mona Lisa Smile and watched it last night. I wanted it to be better, it had a nice story but the characters were not developed enough.  I stayed up until 12:30 IMing with UC. Then slept in this morning, after I got up to take Jacob to school at 6:30 I went back to bed until 11:00.  It felt good.  I wanted to get up early and go to yoga, but was too lazy. I will go tomorrow morning. 

So that is the last 10 days in a nutshell.  Today I have an acupressure appointment ant 2:15.  I am doing all this stuff, yoga, massage, acupressure because of my blood pressure, and so hubby will get off my back for not taking care of myself. The thing is that there is so much to do, and he will only do so much. 

Oh I forgot, we bought Natalie a car three weeks ago, and last week when were were at her doctors he took her license taken away because of her diabetes being out of control. So now guess who gets to be her chauffer again? Me. I tried to get Hubby to insure Candice so she could help with the driving, but he won’t do it as long as she does not have a financial stake in the process, which means she needs to get a job. She is taking 19 units at school, so a job is going to be difficult, plus she really doesn’t want to work until summer. 

Ok, enough whinning.  I hope this post wasn’t to random. I kinda jumped around. I missed being here and missed whoever reads this damn thing too.  

March 8, 2004  
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I have not posted for a while. I was a guest poster over at Karma’s site, and neglected my readers here. if there are any. It was fun. She didn’t leave the posts up, and does not archive. So you will never know what I wrote!  Just kidding. Nothing bad. 

So I have basically committed to attend the Rat groups Vegas Trip, and have been made Activities Director.  So I am trying hard to create a 2 night 3 day itinerary that everyone will enjoy, even though I have not been to Vegas in years. So far I think it is going OK. I have some good suggestions from those who will be attending. And we are definitely doing the Tournament of Kings show. So one night is handled.

This morning someone alerted me to a “bird down”.  Since I am the animal person here at the office I often give out advice on training and rescue etc. people automatically migrate to me when there is an issue involving animals.  The bird had hit a window in front of City Hall. I went to investigate and sure enough the poor thing was there, a bit of blood coming out of his beak but still alive. 

I put him in a box in my office mostly covered to see if he would come out of shock. No water or food just a dark place.  And went off to a meeting. When I returned he had perked up considerably. His head was off the ground, and when I placed my fingers lightly on him he chirped a bit.  I recovered the box to give him a little more time, I was hopeful this one would recover. 

A bit later, one of the people that work for me came into my office to do some filing and “plunked” some big files on top of the box, making a loud noise  “OH no”, I told them you are scaring my birdie.  She looked at me, not understanding, and I opened the box and he flew out. I shut my office door quickly, so we could catch him. She was waving her arms around scaring him half to death. I told her to stop and be calm, and put my hand out. About a minute later he flew right into my hand, and let me pet him.  I could not believe it. And she looked at me and said, “that is just weird, and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it my self.”

I put him back in the box and took him out side picked him up at held him next to a tree. He was not going anywhere.  He let me pet him and talk to him. I tried a different tree, more shaded. Nope, he was not ready. I thought I would put him back into the box take him back into my office to recover for a bit longer. When I placed him back in to box, he flew off into the tree.  I checked on him a couple times, he was still there. He is now gone. Hopefully back to where he was going when he hit the window.

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