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April 2004

April 15, 2204
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Catch up

It has been an absolutely insane week!  Nat spent 2 days in the ICU with a blood infection caused from the port-a-cath.  Of course when she was admitted we didn’t know this, and on Saturday night the doctor thought she might go into respiratory failure. Needless to say I was a basket case.  Well the good news is that she is doing much better; they found the source of the infection had surgery and removed her port-a-cath Saturday night and by Monday she was in a regular room. I don’t want to do a blow by on what happened; it was too scary.  I guess I finally realized how serious it was when the doctor asked us for and advanced directive. She is sick so much that even in the ICU I was not in panic mode; I was just thinking ok, this is worse than usual, and she will get better. 

So needless to say I have stayed home from work all week spending days at the hospital.  I usually try to work when she is in, but I guess this time it was to real.

Other News

I watched the first 4 episodes of this seasons Soprano’s this week.  Someone who works for me taped them.  It was nice now I don’t have to wait for them to some out on DVD.  I hope I can get them to tape the rest of the season, since we don’t have HBO. 

I actually went to yoga two times this week.  It was harder than normal; I think it had to do with how I am feeling emotionally. Also I had really cut back on booze and this week I have indulged a little more than I should. Today I actually feel awful, I think I might be getting sick. Jake was sick on Monday and stayed home with the stomach flu.  That’s kinda how I feel. Yucky.

April 9, 2204
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This must be a record for me for number of posts in a month!  But this morning I spent some time learning to use my new camera.  I wanted to post a few pictures.  I also realized I am going to need to put together a photo page thingy because if I keep putting up lots of pictures they will need to be organized in some way.  

I am going to link to the pictures: 
Roscoe sleeping in the sun
Walter’s Head
Sprocket’s messy Doo

April 8, 2204
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Yesterday hubby caught the Nat driving her car.  She had gone out and come home driving through a big puddle in the driveway there were tracks all the way up the driveway into the carport! When she was confronted she denied it, then she said she had moved the car because Kodiak the dog had gotten stuck (not) then when hubby said you had to move it 19 miles?  She finally fessed up. 

He had been suspicious and had set the odometer when she got back from the hospital.  I thought that she would honor the trust and not drive. She is not insured since the doctor told her not to drive.

I found out about this on my way to my yoga practice, well so much for yoga! I was stressed the whole time.  The girls were both out to dinner with their great uncle when I got home, hubby was home and we talked about it. We really can’t “punish” her she is 19, and it is not appropriate.  I think what we are going to do is tell her doctor, as he could be held responsible for her actions if something happens and he doesn’t report her to the DMV.  Then she can just live with the consequences of her actions, which will probably be having her driver’s licenses suspended for several months.  This is all related to her diabetes, she March’s archives.

Any how I am super stooked as one of the guys who works for me has TEVO, and he taped the first 4 episodes of the Soprano’s and put them on a DVD for me to watch this weekend!  YEA!  I have bought the 2-4 seasons on DVD, I still need to buy the first season.  I rented it and watched it and when I couldn’t find the second season to rent I just bought it. Of course by then I was hooked and bought the third season and preordered the fourth.  Now we are in the fifth season and we live in the dark ages and don’t have HBO.  So I have to either wait until the end to buy it when it comes out, or get someone to tape it for me.

So tomorrow I will go to yoga in the morning and I have a hair appointment in the afternoon.  Hubby is meeting up and going fishing with the boys who have been camping since Monday.  Jake and his buddy and his buddy’s dad, they should enjoy.  The weather has been temperate; bit overcast keeps the heat away.

I am also going to play with my new camera this weekend.  Soon you will be seeing lots of pics!!!  I bought Adobe Elements to tweak and work with the photos; it was not too expensive and not to complicated.  I downloaded a 30 day trial to see if it could do what I needed.  It sufficed.

Tonight we have a shrink appointment.  I really hate going, but she wanted us to have this joint appointment because the last one went so well.  Gee.  So off we go from 6:30-7:30.  There is a new ER on tonight, and I really like that and Will and Grace, so I am set for the evening.  Hopefully there will not be a lot of drama with Nat so I can just veg after this crummy week. 

April 6, 2204
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I thought I would put up a quick entry before I hit the sack.  Today was ok.  I slept in, had a phone conference with my boss and the city manager, then I went to get Nat from the hospital. I actually took a nap too.  I guess I am just tired, sick and tired of all the bs and politics.

I just finished Last Girls, I liked it.  I also started Memoirs of a Geisha.  I love to read. I remember when I was a little girl my mom would take me to the library and I would check out 7 books each time.  That was the most you could take out at once.  I would read them all, and two weeks later we would go back and I would get 7 more.  Of course it went in spurts, but I am reading alot again. 

I hope I can get to sleep tonight after all that napping and sleep. 

April 5, 2204
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Later that same evening
SO they pulled my item from the agenda, and discussed it in closed session, which means it has not been confirmed. Which means my boss is a lying SOB, and I trusted him.  I acted as Interim for a year now, for them to do this is bull sh**.  I am hurt, betrayed, and the City Managers last day is next week, so he who made the promises will be gone soon. Leaving me to fend for myself, leaving me to just figure it out. 

I brought home a bottle of vodka, grey goose. I have been really good about moderation, and not drinking too much. Well tonight screw it all.  I also will not go into the office tomorrow, I am going to pick up Nat at about 11, which will let me sleep i a bit. Besides I still have cramps. I also have brain cramps, and depression.  sigh

Well a quick update here.  I watched “Something’s Gotta Give” this weekend and enjoyed it immensely.  Made me laugh, I always have enjoyed both Nicholson and Keaton so it was an easy one.  I also watched “Legally Blonde Two”, last night when I could not sleep.  It was hockey, but I really liked it. The fact that the heroine’s dog had matching out fits to all of hers was what hooked me!  

I started my period at yoga class on Sat. YUK. So I fell lousy today and I have to say late for the council meeting.  I am staying because they are supposed to confirm my appointment from Interim Director to Permanent, but rumor has it that one of the council hags want to pull the item for a closed session. Which just means more bullshit. Gee Tonto I have only been doing the job for a whole f’**in year as Interim! I will stay hang out to see what is going on.  

I pick up nat’s from the hospital tomorrow.  She is coming home with night feeding via a TPN.  This is a nutritional supplement that goes in to the vein, versus one that goes into the stomach, via a g-tube.  The g-tube is preferable as it is easier to digest and they can put more calories into the stomach.  It is a little trickier putting this stuff into he veins.  Not only m I an expert on Cystic Fibrosis, but now on TPN too. *sigh* .

April 1, 2204
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This is to make you smile 🙂  It now works!

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