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July 2004

july 27, 2004

Candice came home on Sunday and Sunday is when I got sick.  I have been in bed since Sunday night fighting the cold everyone else has had.  Poor Nat, now I can’t go see her for 10 days.  She is so immune suppressed that it is very dangerous. 

I have to say at least everyone here is healing well, so I didn’t have to force myself out of bed to take care of people.  The donors are in the back bedroom watching the extended version of Lord of the rings. It is the first 2 movies directors cut, so lots of extra film.

My back is killing me from laying in bed for 2 days. I suppose I should get up and watch the news in the family room, maybe take a shower. 

july 23, 2004

Sigh.  Things are going well and I am finally winding down.  Scott’s wife left for Wisconsin this morning.  I hate to day it, but I am sorta glad as I was having to drive her back and forth and she got sick, and then she is a night owl so I was staying up at night with her etc.  She is a doll, but it is just so much with everything else going on.  

I have to catch up with my reads, I have been checking in at your sites but not doing real thorough read. So I will do that tonight and this weekend.

I have not been back to work, but have called in several times.  The political drama continues.  I think I might consult with a labor attorney to see if there is justification for a law suit.  I am so tired of the politics.  I just want to keep my job.  

So I have photos of the lobes and stuff.  If any of you would like to see the pic’s I can either set up a link or email them to you.  Some of the pics are a little gross.   But super interesting.  You can see Nat’s old lungs, compared to her new lobes, etc. 

Yesterday I washed Nat’s hair for her, then I went to the other hospital and gave her sister a sponge bath and washed her hair.  She is running a temperature at night so I am a little concerned and have been trying to get in touch with the doc’s as to why.  I hope she gets to come home soon.  She wants to be in her own bed. 

Hubby is feeling really lousy, but had to go to work today.  I suppose the second phase of this bug he has kicked in.  Or it just finally hit him.  So If the donors come home I will be dealing with a house full of sickies.  Sigh. 

july 20, 2004 

Nat will be moved to a regular room today.  It is just amazing how well she is doing! All the docs are very happy with her. I am so happy too. 

I am feeling bad for her sister now, as she may have to go back into surgery to fix a leak in her lymphatic system.  It was a “nick” that was done during surgery, a complication that can be fairly common.  It will increase her recovery time a few days, maybe a week.

Another drawback from yesterday is that hubby is sick.  This means he
cannot see her for 10 days, and I cannot see her for 3 days. They want to
make sure that I don't come down with symptoms too. We are all very bummed
about this, as she is not allowed any visitors because they are trying very
hard to limit her exposure to people. She is very immune suppressed, and it
could be very dangerous if she were to catch anything. I can't go back in to see her until Thursday. 

july 19, 2004

Following is a recap of the last few days.  I wrote part of it during the surgery, as we were getting updates. The later part are copies of e-mail updates that I had sent out.  Today is Monday and I have been forbidden to go into Nat’s room.  Hubby has come down with a sore throat, and everyone is concerned that she could get sick.  She is so immune suppressed that it is quite dangerous.  I have to stay away for 3 days.  Hopefully I wont come down with anything, otherwise it will be 10 days. Hubby has to stay away until he is symptom free, or 10 days.  It is a drag for Nat since we are the only 2 people that they will allow in the CTICU (Cardio-Thorasic Intensive Care Unit). 

July 15, 2004

We were just told Natalie is off the heart lung machine and things are going well.

7:30 am surgery started for Candice and Scott.  Candice’s nurse had a hard time getting her IV started and she had to be poked 3 times before the second nurse to try found a vein.  She was not happy about that!

She was only allowed to have one person with her during the prep period, and she asked for Andy.  He was delighted and feeling good about that.

Chris tina called us when the first lobe was being rushed out of the elevator to the awaiting ambulance.  The left, Candice’s, came first.  

Scott’s came shortly after.  We got the call, and s few minutes later Andy and I were going to go downstairs and walked out of the waiting room.  Through the hall came a gurney, I looked at it and noticed that it had a big gray ice chest on it. I stopped in my tracks, “Oh my god, I exclaimed, that’s Scott’s lung!”

Monica, turned around and looked at us, waved and then they all rushed though the white doors into the white room beyond. It was surreal, yellow robes floating on the white background, a gray ice chest disappearing through 2 doors.


Nat is getting ready to be moved to ICU.  In a few minutes we will be able to see her be wheeled by on a gurney on her way to the ICU.  Then it will be about an hour before we can go in and visit. Not that she would know anyone was there.


We just saw Nat, she is really out of it and has a breathing tube, but the docs said everything went smoothly, not problems at all,  She looks small and helpless in the bed with all the tubes, but she is alive and starting her new life.

10:30 pm

Nat is communicating by writing on a piece of paper to us.  She wrote I forgot how to breathe just before Andy left to go home.  I am going to try and get some sleep now and catch up on today’s events tomorrow.

Following are e-mail updates that I sent to the family over the last few days.  They also give a perspective of what is happening.


Surgery for Natalie is still a go for Thursday. Scott is on a plane as I type this, and Candice is out and about. The 2 donors are actually not very nervous.  Natalie is also in excellent spirits. Tomorrow is pre-op appointments for the 2 donors. 

Tonight we will be going to the hospital to have dinner with Natalie in the cafeteria. She is allowed to go to the cafeteria, in full regalia, gown, gloves, mask etc. To have supper with her family and friends! Nat has been calling this event “The last Supper”, Dr. Woo said that wasn’t a very good name for it.  So we are trying to come up with a better name.


Everyone is doing GREAT!

The donors, Candice and Scott are both doing well, no complications.  Natalie is doing well also.  She is still intubated on a ventilator however is communicating with her hands and by writing.  All the signs are excellent and no complications.  The next 24-48 hours are the keyl, she should be off the ventilator by then.

I am going back to the hospital, so I will write more tomorrow.


Ok it is almost 1:00 am and I am working on about 10 hours of sleep in 3 days so if this is not quite right you will forgive me, right?

Natalie was extubated at 6:30 tonight. She is breathing with Candice and Scott’s lobes, her new lungs!!!!  Doing very well. She sat in a chair and watched MTV with Andy an I for an hour, then went back to bed. She is talking, but it is limited because she is so sore from the tube. So still writing notes.

She set me home at midnight; she is going to be fine.  It is just  a long road.

The donors, Scott and Candice are fine. Candice had a minor complication.  I will let you know.  They nicked a part of lymphatic system so she is leaking fat. (like that is not a good thing for us girls!) They will wait a few days, and MAY decide to go back in and fix it. But she is in good spirits.  Scott is fine.


Today Natalie got out of bed and walked 3 times.  She had 2 nurses and Andy and I assisting her, but she walked.  There is so much stuff to take along that it takes more time to prepare her for the walk than the time of the actual walk!  But she is doing so well!  She also had one of her chest tubes removed, 3 more to go!

Everyone is very pleased with her progress. She is talking very little still, as it hurts her throat, but did manage to call her 2 donors, Candice and Scott this morning.  She is having jello and Popsicles for dinner and can’t wait for the real food!

Thank you to everyone who has sent kind thought and prayers.  I don’t have time right now to respond individually, but I am thinking of all of you.

july 12, 2004

Today it is HOT!  The weather finally broke.  No air conditioning had been turned on at home until today.  And I have a bad feeling it will need to stay on at night to sleep. YUK. I hate sleeping with the air on.

I also feel gross, fat, and ugly. I started my “you know what”, and I am just feeling awful. 

In addition I have to go to the council meeting tonight, which means I won’t get home until 9 or so. YUK. Luckily today is my last day at the office for several weeks.

Nat’s surgery should go off as planned on Thursday. If it gets cancelled or rescheduled one more time I am gonna lose it.  I am emotionally on eggshells now, and don’t need them to all crack at once.

Work is the same. F**ked.  The nasty Director took my employee, and the CM did nothing about it! NOTHING! Today I asked about it, and he just basically said don’t worry about this stuff now, wait until you get back. Gee. It will be a bigger mess when I get back, and harder to undo, if I even can. Because It will have gone on for weeks instead of days.

Ok enough complaining.  I think I am going to go and get some frozen yougurt to eat before the council meeting. Maybe that will make me feel better.   

more july 7, 2004

Check out the new picture in my dog photo album.  It is of my babies being couch potatos!

july 7, 2004

Work is really getting bad I don’t want to bore you all with the details but suffice to say I have pissed off the right people by doing my job.  Now this department that I pissed off, will be providing the funding to bring in an outside consultant to examine if we are efficiently running with our resources and funding and if the manager (me) is efficiently running it.  The ultimate goal, I was told, is to consider outsourcing. Meaning no jobs for anyone in our department
My current goal is to stay employed until next June. And to realize the right thing is not always the best thing.  Some of these people I work with will do anything for power and money.  And hurt you badly if you challenge their authority, even if they were outside the realm of their authority.  I thought this shit only happened in the private sector. Government is just as corrupt, and maybe more so. 

So what does everyone think of my site layout?  Like this photos section?  Go ahead be honest, cuz it is the right thing to do 🙂

july 5, 2004
tell me!

Went to the parade in town today.  I just wish I had my camera. DUH!  I forgot it.  So much fun and funkyness.  Basically anyone who wants to be in this parade can be.  Our neighbor is in it every year.  He has some cars that are easily decorated. This year he decorated his 1960ish Metro as a boat, it was tooo cute. And I don’t have a picture. DAMIT.  Oh well. Last night we had some fun. Ended up walking down into town and having ice cream, then going to the brewery with 3 dogs!  We sat outside, and Roscoe got his own chair.  Everyone was a little hurt today 🙂

july 4, 2004
tell me!

Happy Birthday America.  

Nat’s surgery got rescheduled again.  My cousin has a cold, so it would be putting everyone at risk.  So now we expect to have the event on July 15.  God, this waiting is awful! know that I shouldn’t get so bent, but I am just a complete stress ball because of all this, the longer it gets delayed the more stressed I become.  

I also got very upset at Nat on Friday when I visited her in the hospital.  Of all things she had a hickey!  I told her that I hoped that she got that through a mask.  And she calmly told me that her and Matt kiss. I lost if completely. Why is everyone putting on masks, gloves and gowns to come in the room, an the docs have her visitor limit at 2 to reduce the incident of contamination. Why is everyone doing this if she is going to pay no attention to it and make out with her boy friend. It was not a good day for me.  I just left the hospital.  

The weather today is surprising pleasant for a July 4th. I actually can’t believe that the thermometer is not pushing 100, but I would be surprised if it hit 80 today.  I love this marine layer (of clouds) we have been getting in the morning.  It keeps the days from getting to hot and the nights are very pleasant.  I hope it lasts.  Once the heat starts, it doesn’t let up until late September early October. 

We are having a few people over for a BBQ.  Marinated tri-tip, scallops wrapped in proscuitto, potato salad, slaw and corn on the cob.  We do everything on the grill.  Yummy.

more july 1, 2004

Ok to I started to redo the site.  There may be broken links, and I haven’t converted all of the archives, but probably by the end of the weekend.  So let me finish it up a bit more before any critiquing starts! 

july 1, 2004

I think I am going to redo my blog site. It takes too much to navigate around now, and I want to update more things more easily.  But since I am using FrontPage, because it is easiest for me, and I am not an expert I am limited.

As I mentioned a few days ago I had been following Nat’s live journal.  Unfortunately I recently read something that has me a bit disturbed.  I may have mentioned post ago that there dad has no visitation rights and has basically been MIA since I got custody.  Well seems that he resurfaced a few years ago, living in Northern California .  Right about the time the oldest was up at UCSC.  So there had been some regular contact with the girls for a while. Apparently he has gone MIA again.  I guess even though I think I can, I can’t control everything.

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