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August 2004

august 28, 2004
tell me!I was grouchy yesterday.  I had my day planned and Candice backed out of taking Nat to an appointment so I got to spend another afternoon sitting around doctors offices.  I came home and crashed for 2 hours, I felt better after my nap. 


I found a place to take golf lessons.  Yep, I know, I am gonna do it.  Why not?  It is a small par 3 course deigned for beginners, and they have all sorts of good beginner programs there. All the other courses I called just offer private lessons, which is fine but I think I better hang out with people at my level before going to a “real” golf course. 

Today it is supposed to get HOT again.  We have been really spoiled with some unusually cool weather. No air conditioner for about 10 days now. Well today will be summer once again.  I guess scooting into fall with this weather was not the plan.  Oh well. It is always hotter than hadies in September in So. Cal, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Especially since Phoenix is a lot worse.

Thanks for the hugs girls!  ((hugs)) back at ya!

august 26, 2004
tell me!Today was a good day.  I took Nat to her weekly visit at CHLA, and her Doc’s were happy, her PFT’s (pulmonary function test) for those of you who are not familiar with lung transplant lingo, were very good, her mood was good, and so was her Dr’s.  Who has a propensity to be moody! I would love to name her here, but GOD forbid she find this or someone else does when they google her!


Afterward we hooked up with a long lost relative who is visiting her son, wife and grandson here in LA.  Considering the son and his wife live so close to us we shouldn’t be strangers.  Life is like that.  2nd or 3rd cousins.  Your life my life, too little time for family. Anyhow.  It was nice, not something I would do daily, but “nice”.  Notice those quotes.

I figured out my problem.  Not that I need to have another problem, but I do.  I have NO FRIENDS.  Yep, I left all my really good friends when I took over raising 3 kids, and moved back to never never land.  SO now I have none.  Well a few. Most of them are hundreds of miles away.  I noticed I enjoy reading my “regular reads”, more than trying to socialize.  I wish they were all close so we could just have a weekly get together, a little wine, some poo poo’s (appetizers) and some friendship.  Except baby Eric.  No wine for him!

The kids are grown.  I took care of that. Now I am alone, well my husband is here, but it is not the same as doing stuff with your best girl friend. I used to go over to my best friends house, mind you we were at least 32 by now, oh gee, maybe older, and having some wine then going horseback riding until dark. Now that was fun. 

OK so anyone…. ANYONE who reads me.  I need a cyber hug. Yea , you know a sappy, squishy, hug. And Karma, feel better girl.   Love ya!

august 23, 2004
tell me!

I haven’t posted for a while.  Things are just plugging along, and I have been ignoring my blog.  Not for any good reason.  Rosalie is back! But only for passworded users, like me. I am glad.  I am also reading this story about a micropremie. I seem to be enjoying others, rather than posting myself.

I came back to work full time last week, Monday.  Same shit different day.  It really doesn’t feel any different, other than I am in a much better mood.  I am not so worried about death.   

It looks like hubby’s plant that he manages will be relocated to Goodyear , Arizona within a couple years.  It will be that long, because he said he would not go until youngest boy is finished with high school.  About 2 years away. I have been searching for a cool spot near this part or Arizona , and it looks like it is about 2 hours away.  Not a commutable distance. So I guess 4 months of not going outside in the heat is option 2. Although, we will be able to “cash out” the equity on our home, get a real nice place and maybe some land with money left over. I am worried about finding work.  Even though what I do is pretty marketable, high end Manager and Director Positions don’t open up that frequently.  I could also down grade for less stress, and try working from home doing consulting or something. We will see. 

So with the idea that we might relocate to Arizona , I decided to take up Golf.  Yes, chasing after those little white balls.  I went with hubby to hit balls at the driving range yesterday. I also bought a golf bag, for the clubs that I acquired through the no purchase plan.  Old boyfriend moves out, leaves golf clubs, and just happen to be my size situation. I had been lugging them around for years wondering if I should give them away.  I actually used them a few times while in Tahoe.  I thought I would chase the little white ball for a couple summers, and did just that.  I have not picked them up since, except to move them.

Any readers in the Phoenix area,  perhaps you could let me know of some nice areas in which to live . Scottsdale , Cave Creek and Carefree all sound nice from their websites, but that is what websites are supposed to do, make things sound nice. I guess I should do a search on crime in these areas to get the bad stuff.

august 10, 2004
tell me!

Nat came home yesterday.  It was nice. Matt came over, and I made Chicken Paprika, Nat’s favorite.  Everyone was in a good mood.  After dinner Nat and Matt went for a walk. Because she can.

I am amazed. Sometimes I just want to look at her breathe.  Watch her do things like run to get the phone, that she could never do before. I am just in awe of this all.  

I guess it sounds so hokey. But imagine a cripple walking or a blind person seeing. It is the same, Nat could barely breathe and definitely couldn’t even walk down the driveway. Now she is going for walks, and laughing without coughing. 

It has been terribly hot the last couple days. Today is unbearable.  I have the air on, and am just vegetating in the house. I decide to not go to work this week.  Next week I will probably go back part time. 

This morning Candice went to the docs and got her clean bill of health. She can drive again. And looks good.  The Doc gave her, her x-ray. It shows where they actually snipped out a piece of one rib, in order to get the lobe out.  Anyhow you can see the little Gap in the rib.  Kinda cool.  

august 6, 2004
tell me!
Looks as if Natalie will be coming home on Monday, we are all thrilled, especially Nat. She has not been home for over 3 months. She is doing very well, and now is in the training, transition stage of her care. Learning all her new medicines and how she needs to be careful over the next several months, as she is so immune suppressed.


Scott was able to fly home yesterday morning, one of the wonderful people at Kaiser he was dealing with loved the cheese he brought her from Wisconsin so much, that she was able to pull some strings and use her husbands frequent flyer miles to get him an upgrade to first class! I personally don’t think it was the cheese, I think it was Scott’s charming and kind personality!

Candice took a little trip to spend a couple nights with her best friend’s family, so she could have some girl time with Christina. She will be back today. She is doing well, and will be going back to school on August 16. Taking 20 units!  When she transfers over, she will be able to graduate in maybe less than a year, and some of her courses that she took at UCSC will be transferable into the Masters in Education Program that she is going to apply to. I am really proud of her. 

I went into the office a bit this week, someone stopped into say hello and said to me, the sparkle is back in your eyes. I realized that a huge weight has been lifted from our lives now that Natalie has had her transplant. And I owe such love and gratitude to everyone who has been there for us.

august 1, 2004
tell me!
I put up a new photo on my first page. Tell me if you like it.  I took it at the farmers market and then did some stuff with Photoshop Elements. I thought is came out cool.


Everything is fine here.  Looks like Scott will be going home sometime next week.  I hate to say it, but I am ready to have my house, and my life back to some type of normal. Nat is probably gonna come home on the 9th. So I will go back to work the following week, maybe full time, maybe not. With all the shit going on there I am thinking of going back part time.    

I have been following this blog, of a guy who’s baby was born very prematurely!  I find it well written and heartwarming.  Go read it, then send Eric a post card!

I need to play catch up with a few of my reads.  SO if you haven’t heard from me, be prepared, I am about to “catch up”.

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