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September 2004

september 29, 2004

A new Roof

Ok so we are having a roof put on our house this week.  Not just shingles, the whole roof torn off to the wood, and then a new roof. So we send Nat away because of the “dust potential”.  About 9:30 yesterday morning I get a call from C. OMG they have taken off the skylights and all sorts of stuff is falling into the house. Dirt everywhere, hysteria ensures. We have 4 skylights throughout the house, so you get the picture. She was awakened by a piece of tar paper falling on her bed.

I call hubby and ask him if the roofers told him to have us tarp and cover areas. He said no, I thought that maybe hubby just forgot to tell me, hubby’s tend to be forgetful sometimes.  I explain that the house is now a construction zone and everything is filthy!  Hysteria ensues, I panic, I explain it is not a good day for me to leave the office to take care of the problem, even though it seems to late anyway etc.  He quiets me down and calls the roofer.   Calls me back and says they will take care of it, tarp under the skylights and handle the mess. Crisis averted.

NOT.  I arrive home to a construction site. There must be at least an inch of dust almost everywhere. We have to change the beds to even sleep in them; bathroom if full of gravel, which is also in the toilet and the shower.  Hubby is calmly changing our bed trying to avert more hysteria, I go to pour myself a glass of wine and step on some debris in the kitchen. OUCH! Ok, so the roofers did not communicate that the inside of the house would also be a shambles. I would not have had my cleaning lady do a spic and span on the house Monday if I realized Tuesday it would be a war zone. HELLO!

Oldest daughter bails to go stay with Nat not wanting to start the cleaning process in her room. I shut the door.  If I can’t see it I won’t stress.  We sweep the kitchen and make some dinner; I drink a half bottle of wine; cob covers his stuff in his room, we settle in with the anticipation of a full weekend of cleaning, since the roofers won’t be done until Friday.  I decide to go to bed, as I did not sleep the night before, which is a whole different post.  I turn off the light and notice that there are beams of light shinning through areas in the ceiling. Full moon, light through ceiling, oh gee.

This morning hubby wakes me up when he leaves usual routine.  Roscoe immediately gets under the covers, as he is not allowed to sleep on the bed at night. He has his little basket. Sprocket came first and so he gets the bed.   I lay there it is about 6:00 am still dark, and suddenly I hear a noise. It sounds like something is dripping. Listen closely, is it rain? I get on the phone, and call hubby on the way to work.

“Is it raining out there?”
“Oh. Well it’s raining in here too.”

Fortunately it was a light drizzle that stopped once I got to work. But we still had a wet bed and dresser.  I toweled and covered anything I could find that had gotten wet. Oh gee.

september 27, 2004


Yesterday my husband was opening up a bottle of scotch, Balvenie (sp?).  It
was a brand that I used to buy him all the time, regardless of the fact that
it is very expensive, because the round container that it came in was big
enough for my Neo to use as a hidy place.  Hubby was always appreciative of the
good scotch, and when he thanked me I told him I bought it because Neo liked
the container.

I suppose this is funny to me because I really bought the scotch for the
container for the rat, not because my husband really liked it. 

25, 2004

Cars and consultants

Hubby has been out with Candice looking for cars all afternoon.  She is now 21, and still does not own a car.  We are going to help her, and so is her great uncle. But she really needs to get it together.

I have a cold, I think.  I took a nap this afternoon, slept for about 2 hours.  It felt good. We got up and went to the farmers market and bought some yummy stuff, to make salad with.  I have a favorite with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes kosher salt and pepper and lemon.  You can add onion and cilantro, which I often do.  Anyhow I will make that tomorrow as hubby will be smoking a brisket and it will go nice with bbq.

So I am sitting here with new reduced fat Pringles, and a vodka with diet tonic and lime.  I read all my regular reads, except Rosalie has not posted since Tuesday so I better e-mail her and make sure everything is ok.

We are having our roof redone next week. It is costing us a fortune. There go my floors!  Oh well, if we move to Arizona in a couple years it is not going to matter anyway..

Work was sucko last week.  The consultant came and went, and he basically conducted a witch hunt. Asking everyone he interviewed about mew, my skills etc.  I felt like I should have been wearing a scarlet letter all week. Fortunately my staff like me, and they were positive. I know that the only negative could have come from L&W.  I don’t want to even think about him.  The PD were positive, however told him it would be nice for me to have a mentor, since my boss is an as**ole.  But I really am just waiting, I am thinking of hireling a labor attorney, slander and hostile environment at work. Dept head saying I an inept and unengaged, my boss repeating it in front of my staff, the screaming my boss does at me in front of my staff etc.  It is a bad scene. And fortunately they are stupid and inexperienced at what they do, so I have a case.

So I wish you were all here, we are on the deck with your Pringle flavor of choice and drink of choice chatting!  

september 15, 2004

The rat with no name

I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I wrote an entry. A week. I have been busy at work.  The consultant who is supposed to be analyzing my IT operation is going to be here Monday. So I had a lot of material to put together.  You can re read that saga July 7, in case you missed it.

I got a lot of nice comments about my last post. Thanks everyone.  I even got an e-mail from an old high school friend, who somehow pulled me out of the wood work almost 6 years ago and e-mailed me. We have been in touch since, and she has been so supportive of all that has been happening.  (((hugs)))

The blahs have taken over my existence. Hub’s and I are trying to work through some stuff with out counseling, and I am not quite sure about it all. It has to do with sex, his drive, my lack of.  The blood pressure meds I am on completely kills my sex drive, not to mention my enjoyment. We both want me to get off the meds, but it is going to require lots of effort. Exercise, lose weight, no salt, little booze, etc., I am not very motivated right now.  I need a kick start. I just want to sleep.  I get home from work and I pour a glass of wine, and start dinner, but really want to veg with it in front of the TV or with my feet up in the living room with my laptop for company. I am not sure why. Maybe it is really just exhaustion from the ordeal of Nat’s surgery. Or maybe I am getting old.

I have been feeding an old rat on the patio every evening at sundown.  He looks old and possibly hurt, and has a hard time chewing. So I have been putting out some very soft bread for him.  He seems to appreciate it. He is not very afraid, and does not run away when I go outside, he moves behind a flower pot, and as long as I don’t make any sudden move, he watches me.  I worry about him.  He probably won’t last very long on his own.  I am going to try and photograph him tonight. I want to name him. 

Tomorrow night we are going to a concert here, Crosby , Still and Nash, at a venue that I really like. The only problem is the stacked parking. Which means you can’t get out, unless the person in front of you leaves.  It makes it hard if you want to get home quick.  They have valet parking for $40, but it is sold out I used to go see them back when they were doing concerts for political reasons, I was at the Diablo Canyon No Nukes concert in the late 70’s.  I am dating myself. But you all know how old I am.  I wonder if I still have the T shirt I bought at that concert. 

september 8, 2004


“The stranger has been a fundamental touchstone of cultures at least since Abraham and Sarah invited weary road travelers into their tent only to find out that they were angels in disguise.

The Odyssey, too, is a meditation on strangers and hospitality: Odysseus experiences different ways of being a stranger on his way home while the suitors abuse every rule of hospitality in his own house.

It’s easy to see why strangers are so important: a culture’s attitude towards them expresses its understanding of its position in the world of social groups. In our culture, we’re suspicious of strangers. They’re a threat. They lurk in shadows.

On the Web, however, strangers are the source of everything worthwhile. Strangers and their utterances are the stuff of the Web.”

Borrowed from the hyper linked metaphysics of the web, found here.

I have realized that most of the people I relate to on a daily basis are strangers.  Well, maybe not complete strangers any more, because I have been reading about them, their fears, their happiness, their jokes and about their families daily for years now.  But I have never met any of them!  Well I have met some of the people on some of the Yahoo groups I belong too, but never anyone who’s Blog I follow. At least not yet!

Notice I said relate too.  I don’t relate to most of the people I work with, I work with them.  I relate to my family but in a different way.  I am talking about relating to someone, with understanding, compassion and friendship.

I wonder if my lack of relationships with people makes me especially odd, or unsocial.  It is not that I don’t have friends, I just have a few and most of them are not close by, so less opportunity to get together.

I am a 44 year old aunt/mother of 3.  Have a very full time job and life.  How do you go about making friends?  Someone should create a site that pairs you up with potential friends, based on your personality profile. Like e-harmony.com!  Why don’t they have a section for platonic friendships?  You know, meet people who would be a good friend “match” with out having to got through the years of wondering if you can “trust” them, because you don’t really know them.  According to e-harmony they have the recipe for love, why not for friendships! Am I sounding desperate?

I just want someone to pop over on a Friday afternoon, we can sit on the patio and sip some wine, and BS about what ever. Where you don’t have to pick up the house, and don’t care if your hair isn’t perfect or you are having a fat day. You know easy to be around.  Who understands how much you love your animals, and that it is not abnormal, even thought your husband thinks so. Someone who you can tell your deepest darkest secrets to, and KNOW that they would never repeat them, not even to your husband.

september 2, 2004

Blank Pants

I thought I would whip out a bit of a post during my last 15 minutes at the office, before my 4 day weekend! YEA!  This week has been drama with Candice, which has put me in a crummy mood all around. Fortunately she went out last night and works tonight so I don’t have to deal with it. 

This morning I put on a dress I hadn’t worn for quite a while, I thought it looked ok  A bit clingy, but not obnoxious.  I asked Andy how it looked , he told me it make me look WIDE.  I wanted to kill I, but I took it off and put on black pants and a shirt..  I have more pairs of black pants than you can imagine. And I am not that fat. I am 5’10” and wear a size 10.  I won’t tell you my weight, but it is 15 pounds more than it should be.

Oh well, I need to go buy some clothes.  WIDE is not an acceptable description of me, and I am sick of the stuff I have in my closet, I will just have to refrain from buying more black pants.

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