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February 2005

february 27, 2005

a race for the cure

This morning I got my butt out of bed to walk in the Race for the Cure with an inspirational woman that I met who is surviving cancer.  I got my period yesterday, and tripped Friday and have a bruise the size of an eggplant on my ankle. And this morning when I woke up I thought, gee, these woman have cancer, have had chemo and radiation, and I am whining about a bruise?  Don’t be a whiner!  So I found the biggest tampon made, and put on the super thick pad, took some ibuprofen for cramps and the ankle and made my way to the rose bowl!

I have to say it was very emotional.  All the pink shirts and has of the survivors, all the woman and men walking either in memory of someone who had lost their battle, or in celebration of those who have survived.  Thousands of us all there for the same reason.  

Remember that next time you think, it won’t happen to you.  Look around and see that cancer affects all of us.  I was honored to walk with J a survivor, and while I was walking making new friends I was also thinking about Dori, Sandee, and everyone else that I know that has fought this monster.  You are all in my prayers!

february 19, 2005

It has been raining hard since last night.  All night long, you could hear it on the roof, and thunder an lighting too.  Quite a bit of weather for So Cal.  We usually don’t get this much rain.  It must be another El Nino, or perhaps La Nina. 

Jake has 2 friends here, I will be taking them to the movies. They want to see “Hitch”.  I kinda want to see it too, but I won’t but in on 3 16 years old movie fun. 

Natalie and I have been sparing again. She is so disrespectful.  I tried to get her to do the dishes, and she flatly refused saying it was her sisters turn.  Her sister is working 2 jobs and taking 16 units at school, Nat on the other hand is taking 7 units at school, period.  I told her she should be doing more.  Any how I ended up doing the dishes, and telling her that she needed to clean her room and the bathroom.  I tried to explain if she didn’t like the rules she needed to make a change, move somewhere else. Her grandparents, her great uncle. I was not going to argue with her, an adult about doing chores around the house.  I told her she needed to do more.  And then she told me I needed to do more, And told me I was a pity whore.  I am not quite sure what a pity whore is, but that’s me. She needs to leave for sure.

She just walked in and told me she got a call from the doctor and she needs to go to urgent care to get some glucose test. Figures. I am sure her diabetes is out of control, but the minute I say something the fighting start.  I have just been keeping the mouth shut. Maybe she will get a lecture for the docs this time. And maybe she will listen.

february 17, 2005

I never got to finish yesterday’s post.  This week has been hectic at work, and I also had my doctors appointment, and this morning a dentist appointment for Jake. No cavities!

The good thing is that this new blood pressure medicine is a diuretic of some type, I have lost 5 pounds in 2 days!  It is great, just what I needed to boost me into motivation for the diet.  Thank god.  

I have been really enjoying my fishes. Jacques, the big one, is not afraid of me anymore.  He used to hide when I got near the tank, or put my finger on the glass. Now he will eat bloodworms from my fingers!  He is really cute, and those lips!  I need to put up a fish page under my friends title with pictures and names and cute stuff!  Maybe I will work on that this weekend. 

Last night I had this crazy dream. I dreamt I had a pet Mallard, a male.  The ones with the pretty green heads. He showed up at the house I grew up in, I was there also.  He had a broken tail, or something wrong. But he was so cuddly!  He would sit next to me , and kind of kiss me with his bill. I was feeding him bread.  It was a nice dream.  This is good because I have been through a couple of weeks of nightmares. 

It looks like we are going to have to enter into a lawsuit with the roofer in order to get the money we need to put the house back together. This stresses me out ALOT. 

february 16, 2005

I first want to apologize for the quality of posts these last few days.  If I was getting graded, they would probably get an F.  I have dwelled on the “book” way to much.  It is just sad to see the abuse.

Ok on the bigger and better things.  First of all a belated happy valentines day. Hope you got roses, champagne and chocolate. I didn’t but I did receive a nice card and an interesting book.

february 15, 2005

olde news

Ok so It might not be that old. The spammers keep hitting my guest book. BAH!  Oh well, I suppose that is normal for someone who has been blogging since ’01.  That is quite a while, even if it is not ok with me!  

Ok so I am going to let go of that sh*t.  The spammers are more a nuisance right now than anything else.  I just get frustrated. 

So I am woman hear me ROAR!  HAHAHA That felt good!

I really am not ready to deal with stuff.  I went to the Docs,  my blood pressure is out a control. 169/99.  I am only 45 years old, and I am not really overweight. I am Ok according to all the scales. I can’t have an orgasm, yes you heard it here first!  Since I have been on the blood pressure meds.  F*ck!!!  So they switched me to something else. Big Wow! We will see stay tuned.

I have a new reader YEA!!!!! Check my friends. She is called treedreams.

february 11, 2005

I spent the last several hours getting my guest book back up correctly.  I am not very good with html, I user front page for my web site, however I had to deal with e@rthlinks guestbook thing.  It was not easy.  But it is back so please take the time to comment.  If I get hit with bots again, I may take it down for good.

It is pouring rain outside today. I am lad I am inside with the heat on, snuggled on the couch with my laptop and two dogs.  I have to go out later, but that’s ok. Just some grocery shopping and to take Nat to get new glasses. I sent her to her appointment by herself.  

I got on the scale this morning. The pound and a half I lost last week came back.  I am getting very discouraged about trying to lose the weight.  

Looks like we are going to have one more go with the roofer, the insurance guy and out contractor to try and settle on an amount for repairs for damages from roofer incompetence. If that doesn’t work we are hiring an attorney. 

I have not put up much in terms of entries for a wile.  My promotion finally was approved by the C1ty C0uncil.  I was interim director for almost 2 years.  It was not fun.  Now I have the title, they did not give me a raise, and probably higher expectations. I think I am going to go lay down for a bit. *yawn*

february 10, 2005

Ok, so I deleted my old guest book and put up a new one.  Lets see what happens. 

february 9, 2005

If anyone knows how to deal with the guestbook bots/spammers, I could use your help. I deleted the old one, and renamed the backup.  I hope that keeps them out!

february 7, 2005

Some how some kind of Spam guest bookers got me.  How Sad!  I finally put up some type of human interaction, because I need it and the bots get the best of it, oh fuck.  What to do!

february 5, 2005

black skirted tetra

I am at the office today running some database utilities that can’t be done while people are on the system and working.  I brought Sprocket with me.  He is a good office dog.  He will either lay under my desk or share my chair.  He however if interested in the floor in the finance department. They had a super bowl party in there yesterday, and I am sure he is finding bits of chips and stuff on the floor. 

We went to sushi last night. It was very busy, and it seemed to take forever to get our food, I ordered a second saki, which was not a goof idea because today i have a saki headache.  I only like cold saki, it is very dry and a bit like wine.  Good thing the kids drove us home. 

I put up a link under my photos area for the fish photos I took. I have been monitoring my tank closely since my Nitrite incident. Which I don’t remember if I wrote about or not. Any how all levels are really  good now and I am starting to get some green algae, so I am going to go get a plecostumus today!  I have already decided to name him Elvis.  

This morning Oprah was laying eggs. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Oprah and Stedman were swimming so close to each other they were practically on top of each other, and staying in the greenery. Then all of a sudden there were these little things that looked like bubbles, but all the other fish were eating them! Duh!  I figured it out. Stedman was trying to be close so he could fertilize the eggs, but the other fish were eating them!  Kinda gross. I wish I could get a picture of them, I think they are the prettiest fish in the tank. But they move too fast.  I tried to find a picture on the web, but couldn’t 

found one!  here it is:

february 4, 2005

hogs and kittens

Today is the hubby’s birthday.  We are going out to sushi with some of the kids tonight.  I will bake him a cake for Sunday night when everyone will be home, and we can celebrate.  I have no clue what to buy him for his birthday.  I was going to go get him a new ski jacket, because the one he has is out dated style wise. But I was able to get someone to come an fix the refrigerator, of course they will be here between 12- 5. They arrived at 3, left at 4. Too late to go shopping so I am writing this post. Besides, I will take him shopping for one, more fun.

Is that not the cutest thing that you have ever seen!  OMG. It was the birthday card my husband gave me. I had to memorialize it because it was so darling. I am sure there is a copyright violation somewhere. Shhh. Don’t tell ok. 

I drank to much wine and fell asleep on the couch last night trying to stay up to watch ER.  My neck is so stiff!  It hurts like hell. 

I did my treadmill today, 2.25 miles and got on the scale. I am down 1 pound since Monday. Thank god.  I am sick and tired of lugging around these 20 pounds. I am going to have them off in 4 months or less if it kills me! I am tired of my clothes being tight, and my bras being tight. I refuse to buy any more anything until I slim down.  So there!

february 2, 2005

Groundhogs day; what is that about anyway.  A rodent called Punxsutawney Phil, King of the Groundhogs, gets rousted out of his nice warm burrow, by a bunch of nutty humans, who need to interact with rodents, (yea I know I like rodents too).  Shoo him into the bright daylight to see if he casts a shadow, if he does there is 6 more weeks of winter!  Who cares, six more weeks of 70 degree southern California winter, is fine by me.

 That is what it is.  Oh and by the way here is the cute little guy.  He even has his own website!  



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