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March 2005

march 21, 2005

This morning I saw my first hooded oriole!  It means spring is here.  These birds are so beautiful!  I saw them for the first time eating from my humming bird feeder.  I stopped putting up the humming bird feeders a couple of years ago.  The humming birds were keeping me quite busy refilling daily!  I want to get some back up this year.  I need to see more of these pretty little things.  And they come by the dozen sometimes!

Yesterday I finally put fish in my new 10 gallon tank.  I set it up about 3 weeks ago, and let the water cycle properly. I got 3 Dalmatian mollies. These fish are so pretty.  I am going to try and get some photos of them. I also got 6 sunrise platys. These are really small; one of them is just a half inch long!  They will grow, and it will be fun to watch the colors change. Right now they are bright orange, as they get bigger their tummies go yellow, and there tails stay orange. I named the tiniest one “mini me”.   I also scrubbed some of the spot algae off my big tank and did a partial water change and filter change. 

march 19, 2005

I took the guest book down as of this entry.  The porn spam is just too much to keep up with.  I clean up the book, and the next day it is full again. So until I can find a way to keep the spam out, those who want to guest book, will nee to e-mail. Sorry. 

Anyhow we are headed out to the outlaws today.  A late birthday celebration for Andy and myself.  We have put it off several times for travel or illness. It is raining today so the drive will probably be quite long. 

I restarted my weight watchers again last week, so that makes to weeks as of this monday. The difference, and it is making a difference is that I meet with 4 girls at the office once a week. We are all on the plan, and the encouragement is super!  It sure is easier when you have some one to help. 

Diaryland has been off line, so I am having trouble reading folks!  Hopefully I can catch up by tomorrow.  I better go take a shower and get ready to go. 

Oh I am finally going to go get some fish for my new aquarium tomorrow.  I think I might go with some mollies.  The Dalmatian ones are really cool.  

march 17, 2005

random stuff

Happy Saint Patty’s day.  I am not quite sure that this holiday is really for anyone who isn’t Irish, it is just an excuse to drink green beer.   

This has been a hell of a week at work.  I am spinning.  Fortunately hubby and I too off last week and went skiing for 5 days, we got back Sunday.  This helped me deal with the hectic week, and is partly an excuse for my absence, not that anyone would really miss me.

We went to Mammoth.  I loved being back in the mountains.  I get melancholy as it really makes me miss my life in Tahoe.  The vistas, and laid back lifestyle, the quality of life ethic, I just want to go back and stay. I read almost two books, and skied 2 days, we drove to Convict Lake , it was carved out by a glacier and is quite beautiful.  And also drove to Mono Lake and I joined the save Mono Lake committee. We tried some new places for dinner, and were quite pleased.  I had smoked prime rib one night, and my favorite, lobster bisque!   

I missed my reads as I did not log onto the internet while gone, even though I schlepped my laptop with me!  I also thought I would write being inspired by the beauty of the area, but I was content to curl up on the couch and read.  I really missed the babies though, and could hardly wait to get back to them.  They missed me too.

I cleaned up my guestbook, if anyone knows how to get rid of the spamming that is increasing I would really like to know.  Chris explained the ides of March to me, Thanks Chris!!!  So if anyone is interested you can read it there.  

I have lots of good pictures, i need to resize and I will add an Owens Valley section to my photos area.

march 7, 2005

dear god

Thank you for my babies, sprocket and roscoe.  They are invaluable to me. They make me smile, and laugh.  They cuddle with me, and lick my nose! If I didn’t have dogs I would not be alive, I would not have the energy to “be”. Life is best because of them.  Sometimes when I am away from them, I am so depressed. Even if it is just for a few hours.  I miss my babies so much.

They are here now.  All around me. Roscoe is at my feet, Sprocket is sleeping soundly next to me. Homey is somewhere, about, hopefully happy. I worry about him.  He has kidney disease, he needs mediation and fluids.  Homey is old.  I worry he will not be here much longer.  I want his life to be perfect.  To be perfect.

march 5, 2005

the ides of march

I am not quite sure what ides are.  If you know I would appreciate an explanation. 

I have been sick. Hubby got back from India and immediately fell ill, I came down with the sore throat on Wednesday night. It is Saturday evening and I think I am turning the corner. This is good as we are supposed to go skiing next week.  I was promised for my birthday and no trip has yet been planned.  I think he is to preoccupied with his work.

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