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July 2005

July 26, 2005
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It has been a hectic week and a half.  To many things going on!  We finally went a bought all the fixtures, sinks, toilet and stuff for the bathroom remodel.  It is going to look really nice, just taking out the old dark tile and cedar walls brightens the place up considerably!  I need to put up some before and after photos.  

Nat has stayed clean, however she spent a few days in the hospital with an infection of some sort.  They at first thought it was pnumonia

July 19, 2005
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A couple of cool things.  My cousin was here over the weekend to celebrate the one year anniversary of Nat’s transplant.  He was one of the donors and just happened to have a business trip to California planned so he cam a bit early to visit.

We had fun. Went to a dodger game Saturday and watched them break a 6 game losing streak. That night had a nice dinner with all the family.  Sunday we saw Willy Wonka, and hubby and him did some work on hubbys new truck. 

I decided the only way to get back into shape was to hire a personal trainer. I started today, 3 times a week for one hour for the next 3 months. That should get my booty back into shape!

So the long awaited pictures of the kittens.

July 7, 2005
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another rescue

Yesterday when I got back from lunch and pulled into the parking lot I spied a little tail dangling from a wheel of the car next to me.  There was a kitten hiding in the wheel well.  I got out of the car and instructed my passenger to not make a move.  I was able to sneak up and grab the little thing before it bolted.  I got 2 small scratches, but nothing major.

She was a mess!  Probably from a feral or close to feral mom. There is a boarded up house right next to the parking lot and I bet there is a mom with a litter there.  She was skin and bones, dirty and had several bald spots on her.  I took he into my office, and before long she was purring in my lap. I had some leftover chicken breast from lunch which we feed her in tiny peices.  I finished up some things at my desk and whisked her off to the vet to have her checked out.

She is 1.4 lbs, probably about 5 weeks old, feline virus negative, probably has ringworm or some other skin problem, so we are treating her for ringworm until the cultures come back.

Needless to say, hubby was not a happy camper. At first he understood that I couldn’t have left her, and then when I promised not to bring anymore cats home, and I would take them to the SPCA, he told me to take her there.  Then he went to the gym, and when he came back hegave me another earful about how I never consider his feelings, or needs.  

I am in love with the little thing after this and will be to attached to let her go once she is socialized and well.  I know that she will find a special place in my heart.  

I need to get pictures of her and Mitzvah on the site. Mitzvah is really getting cute, she has grown in just the 10 days we have had her, and now loves to chase Roscoe’s tail which has a white tip. I need a name for the other little cat now, any suggestions?

July 5, 2005
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Last night hubby got up to pee.  A normal thing these days,  however when he came running out of the bathroom hollering “where’s the fishnet! There’s a mouse in the toilet!” 

I jumped out of bed from a sound sleep to help rescue the poor thing!

Well the mouse was a rat, and squeaked loudly as Andy fished him out of the bowl and put him outside. I couldn’t get back to sleep, as the sight of the poor little thing bothered me.

This morning, hubby came in the bedroom announcing he was going to regret this… because I will adopt and take in any living creature. But apparently the little rat was not doing so well.  I got up and put him in a box, and tried to get him to eat and drink water.  He wanted to drink but was shaking so much he fell face first into the water dish and got water in his nose! 

I realized he there was something more than falling in a toilet bowl wrong with him.  He had probably got into poison and that is why he needed to drink.  I picked him up with a glove and tried to syringe feed him some milk.  He couldn’t swallow.  

So I made him comfortable in my spare travel cage (an old bird cage) and got ready for work.  I took him to the vets office on the way in so he could be humanely euthanised.  It was sad and cost me $30, but at least the little guy didn’t have to suffer any more. 

It was a bit of a sad way to start the morning.  He was awful cute, with really big ears.  I think he was a roof rat. 

July 4, 2005
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Happy 4th of July to all those Americans!! 

Ours is quiet.  Hubby is BBQing baby back ribs!  Yum.  Little kitty is coming out of her shyness.  I have her hanging out with the family now, she sleeps in the bedroom for at least another week.

Nat is in rehab out-patient and a sober living.  Thank God.  It looks ok for now.

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