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August 2005


August 26, 2005
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I want to thank everyone who sent condolences and hugs to me about Homey.  It means more to me than you can imagine!!! You know who you are.  Big hugs and kisses back at you.  

August 24, 2005
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On Monday I helped Homey to the Rainbow Bridge.  It was such a hard decision, but in the last few days prior it became evident that things were worse.  Homey was struggling to eat, he did not want me to give him his fluids,  I think he was telling me that it was time. 

August 17, 2005
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The metacam seems to have helped his pain. He is eating again, however his last blood work showed his creatinine level elevated even more. In just one week. I had an appointment today, it was going to be the day. But I cancelled it.  I couldn’t do it.  I now have a vet tech appointment for Friday to do blood work.  So we can see how that goes.  

August 10, 2005
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It seems as if Homey has stopped eating. I think he is uncomfortable from his arthritis, which is quite severe.  He can’t seem to get in a comfortable position, and crawls under the bed and stays there. I called the vet and am picking up some metacam to try on him.  If it doesn’t work we have an appointment for Saturday to reevaluate again. 

August 9, 2005
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I got a nice long e-mail from one of my best blogger friends today!  Thanks Yvonne!!  The friendships we make on-line are so cool.  It seems that through writing and journaling you tend to reach deeper into a persons heart and soul, and connect at a deeper level than in person, at least right away. 

This week is dragging.  I think it has a lot to do with the anticipation of my new boss.  I am not looking forward to it, and that’s that.  So my focus here is distracted, and my productivity is not so high.

Homeys kidney enzymes did not get any worse this last month. The vet called me last night and gave me the word. So we just need to see if he continues to eat and drink, and keeps from throwing up.  His appetite was poor yesterday, I just wish I didn’t have to be making a decision on him.  It is too difficult.

I realized in October I will have been blogging for 4 years. That is quite a long time.  I suppose I should make a decision about the possibility of changing over to a new a different format.  The formats I have had over the years are cumbersome to maintain, and I always end up with broken links and stuff.

August 8, 2005
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It has been a bit hectic of late.  The kittens are taking up some of my time, and Homey is as well.  He is on daily IV fluids and a couple other meds which are injectable.  He is not getting any worse and has even gained half a pound. He was at the vet this weekend and more blood work was done, so we will be able to see what his kidneys are doing.

Nat celebrated one month off drugs last Friday, and even though she stays clean the drama continues.  She got in trouble where she is living and they wanted to kick her out.  She still has attitude, and is rebellious of everything. Fortunately this did not happen but her case worker at the drug rehab wants her to be closer to the program she is in, so she will be moving at the end of the month.  Her new place is only 2 blocks from the program, so she can walk and has no excuse for missing meetings and therapies!

Not only have I not been writing, but I have not been reading much either.  So I need to catch up. 

Lots of drama at work too. I apparently have a new boss, who will be starting next week.  The C1ty M@nager, neglected to tell me until after it was announced at the C1ty C0uncil meeting last Monday.  I thought it was real shitty he said he thought he told me.  Anyhow,  the new Administrat1ve Serv1ces Direct0r/CFO, will be over HR, IT and Finance.  It seems this person does not have alot of IT experience either, so he better not try and micro manage my operation.  

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