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September 2005

September 30, 2005
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It has been a rough month.  Nat was in the hospital all month, she came out Saturday. I got in a car wreck last week,  I had a tooth ache last weekend which ended up as a 5 hour 2 dentist root canal, I now have a temporary crown, like a princess (GAH!) And today I have to say good bye to my ‘lil bear. My Bee, Be-Bop, ‘lil Bee, purr friend.  I have to say good bye. 

Test results all came back inconclusive however I have 3 vets look at all the tests and rule out everything it could be other that FIP.  It is a classic case, and sometimes the test are inconclusive.  She has been hospitalized for 9 days now, sometimes eats, sometimes has to be syringe fed. There is no cure, and it is highly contagious. I know I have said this several times, but I need to say it again.  There is nothing I can do. NOTHING (FUCK).

I will spend some time before hand, and then the doc that has been taking care of her will do it. I hope October is a better month.

September 26, 2005
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The update. Lil Bear is still at the vets office.  The preliminary test finally came back last night as most likely FIP.  But the vet, not my regular vet, or my second favorite, but a good vet who I trust, said yes she is FIP positive, probably. She is not suffering, she is doing ok, She can only come home if I keep kittens separate and “bleach” in between. So I agreed to have her board until the test comes back.  Which should be sometime between this Wednesday and Friday.  So Today I go in to see her, and talk to the Doc.  The test did not get done so it will be another 7-10 days.  I will never be able to bring Lil Bear home without totally compromising my Mitzi. She needs to be helped to the bridge but it is hard to do when she sits in my lap (with her huge belly) and just purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssss.  I will board her until she starts to get uncomfortable, or the “other” test comes back positive. God help me. 

September 22, 2005
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I just sent Rosalie this, it basically tells all if you are interested.  
Basically right now the vet told me that the “confirming test takes 7-10 days. So I can either leave lil bear at the vets ($$$$$$$$), or bring her home and keep her completely separate from mitzi. Which I don’t really mind really. I would rather do that than put her to sleep and find out she was fip negative, (about a 1000:1 chance that I am willing to take). God I couldn’t live with myself then. So I think I talked jake (17 year old) to room mate with mitzi for a week, here at home. It would ready him for the dorms! Thank you so much for caring, we have been on line together for a long time, and it is the animals that brought us together. It means a lot. Hugs. annie

September 21, 2005
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Lil’ Bear has not been quite right.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, lethargic, not playing with Mitzi,  and her tummy seems to have grown!  Last night I decided I better take her to the vet. She had been eating, and drinking water so I was not to alarmed, but just knew something was wrong.

I dropped her off on the way into the office a few hours later I got a call that she most likely has FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis.  It is a death sentence, she has the “wet” variety which is almost always fatal, and to top it off it is highly contagious, which means Mitzi might also get it. There is no treatment that is known to work. 


September 19, 2005
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I cleaned up my links a bit, and added a few additional ones. My PC at work took a dump last week, so I am working off my laptop here.  One of my techs is reinstalling and readying my PC so it should be available later today.  

I am going to a conference in Orland0 late this month.  I am a little nervous with all the hurricane activity. I suppose I will just watch the news and see what is where prior to my departure. 

This weekend was pretty boring. Lots of errand, nothing really fun. I got a flat tire on the freeway yesterday on my way to see Nat, which meant I never got to the hospital. I will go today.  

September 18, 2005
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It has been a very trying week with Nat.  She finally settled down yesterday, and seems like she has accepted the fact she will be in the hospital a bit longer.  Actually we are not even sure how long, as she is being given  some drugs just ion case of rejection.  We will know more early this week.

I slept in this morning. I was really tired. Yesterday we got up early and went to the farmers market.  I really love going, this time of year there are still really good tomatoes and corn. The fruit has tapered off, but I found some wonderful beefstake tomatoes for 1.50 a pound. I also splurged on some heirloom tomatoes. I am going to make a light balsamic vinaigrette for them and serve them tonight for dinner.

Candice is coming over, and we are having steelhead. She love fish, and some broccoli slaw too.  I am getting hungry writing this!

September 14, 2005
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Little black footprints 
I got a ton of stuff done this morning here at the office, it was all for the Finance Dept and my new boss.  He really should have one of his accountants doing what I was doing, but they are not technically savy enough.  So I put on my accounting hat and went to work writing reports and file extracts. 

Hubby is back tonight.  I hate to say this but sometimes I like when he is gone. I don’t have to worry about him being a jerk, or yelling at me about the animals.

The kittens are such fun.  Mitzi is a goof, always running around, attacking Bear and getting into things. Bear is a bit more serious, she hangs out with me when I am home, sits in the kitchen, or next to me on the couch. She is not really needy, where as Mitzi wants to suckle on my fingers when she is with me. I have been letting them in the bedroom and bathroom when hubby is gone, he wants them to stay out, so he squirts them with a squirt gun.  We also do that when they get in the fireplace.  I always know when they have been in the fireplaces (we have 3) because there are little black footprints everywhere. 

Nat’s middle name is Catrine.  My sister wanted to name her that, but I guess the middle name was a compromise.  I haven’t written much about the devastation, and the sadness. I suppose it is because of the anger and disgust I feel about how this country reacted.  Not just the federal government but the little city I work in too.  Three employees out of about 400 signed up to do Red Cr0ss relief.  What was the City’s reaction!  Not how wonderful, can we send more, can we pay your wage, of course you can go…

They balked. OMG, who will do their jobs while they are gone? They are going to take vacation right?  We have a City to run etc etc.  I was disgusted, and ashamed to work for this local government who shows no compassion. There was a proposal to collect items and ship them, well we were told to do that on our “own” time, not to use city e-mail for this either.   A neighboring city of about the same size trained all their employees, and told them that they could go provide relief for 2 week periods,  the City would pay their wage and they would rotate so that all departments would be covered. That is what I call compassion.  Our mayor is a cold hearted bitch.

September 13, 2005
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Nats back up to her old antics.  I went to visit her at the hospital yesterday and she wanted to check herself out.  I told here that the doctor would put her back in the physc ward as 5150 again if she did that since she was a danger to herself. The doc told me if she leaves the hospital she will die.  She didn’t believe me.  I left, I was not going to have a screaming match with her after a long day, and weekend. 

I called her this morning and asked if she was still going to check herself out, she said she didn’t know. She told me that doc would not 5150 her.  I told her that is not what I heard.  That is all. I am not going to call her, she can call me.  I am sick of her abusive behavior and her sense of entitlement! 

My hero
One of the people who work for me, we will call her “B” signed up to go work in a shelter somewhere in the south.  She left last Thursday and is now in a small Alabama town working at a shelter in some church. I really miss her.  She is such a great person and friend.  Please keep her and all those poor souls she is helping in your prayers.  I await her safe return, and stories next week. 

Other stuff 
I have lots to do here at the office, but can’t get very
motivated.  Maybe after lunch. 

Send condolences to poor hiss at the loss of her beloved Patchouli. 

Check out Yvonne’s gorgeous photo site!!!

September 11, 2005
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Life has gotten away from me these last few weeks.  Things have been challenging at best.  I suppose I should break down the events so I just don’t ramble along.  Also “Welcome back Rosalie“!

Nat and the pneumonia
Nat was admitted with pneumonia 2 weeks ago.  After a couple days they put her into ICU, and then had to intubate her, put her on a ventilator to breathe because she could not breathe herself. So we had several days of wondering if she was going to get better.  Fortunately, she started to respond to the antibiotics and was taken off the ventilator after 4 days.  That was a week ago. She is now resting comfortably on the pediatric ward. She still has infection in one lung.  But is out of danger at this point.  The doctors decided it was not any type of rejection, but a community pneumonia, probably from being immune suppressed and living in the place she was at.  Just before she was put in the hospital I moved her to be closer to her outpatient rehab, and she is in a nice 2 bedroom apartment with 3 other girls.  Much better situation.

The Colonel
Last month I mentioned that I would be getting a new boss. Well he has arrived, and we dubbed him the Colonel.  He has white hair, and had a beard, but shaved it off. It is good to have a code name so that when we are talking about him, no one suspects! Anyhow he is a complete “nebesh”, good for nothing. He can’t make a decision to save his life.  He is not very knowledgeable of technology. So I inundated him with lots of technical details, he has pretty much backed off. Last week he didn’t even talk to me once!  Just one or two insignificant e-mails from him did it. He did however approve my conference in Orlando the first week of October. I am presenting and running for the Board so it would be hard for him to say no. 

‘lil Bear
Yesterday I was sure we lost my lil bear.  The contractors came early and I was asleep,  Hubby got home from his bike ride about 9:30 and came in and woke me up and told me I better put the kittens away.  I usually  lock them in the bedroom when the contractor is here because 1) those idiots always leave the front door open, even though I have asked them not to several times 2) the tore hole in the floor and wall in the back bathroom which allows access to under the house. 

Both the kittens are very afraid of strangers.  They know their family, but are frightened of anyone else. They are feral, so I am not surprised. 

So I got up and found Mitzvah, and fed her and called lil bear. Now lil bear always always comes to me.  She loves her mama, we have a very tight bond. Mitvah however does as she pleases. So after an hour of searching the house with no evidence of bear I started to go into a full blown panic. 

I made the contractor go under the house twice, as there was still a small hole in the bathroom under the tub.  I searched all around, at that point unsure if she ran out the front door or went into the hole in the bathroom to hide. One thing I did know is that  until the noise stopped from them working she would hide.  I even climbed up the hillside on the side of the house to see if she had jumped out the window, which for some reason was wide open with no screen.

I put up flyers all around the neighborhood, and was beside myself. I had rescued this little thing from certain death, and now I had put her at risk. 

HUbby and I went and ran errands, I went because staying home would do not good. We went to visit Nat and stopped at our favorite fish market on the way home. I said a zillion prayers to Saint Francis of Assisi, who is the protector of all animals. I was hoping when we got home, bear would be at the front door waiting. The contractors gone, and quiet resumed. I even left the dogs in the house so she wouldn’t’ worry about them. Nope no kitty.

I would go into the bathroom periodically and call her through the small hole. After dinner I went into the bathroom again and began to call, I heard a small meow, I reached my hand through the hole, it was very dark so I couldn’t see anything and felt fur. I did not let go, and pulled her by her head through the hole safe into my arms. I was so relieved. I didn’t let go because i was sure she would run if I did. I fed and watered her and dint put her down for the rest of the night. 

House update
As you know we finally got the work going on our house.  Our bathroom was completed about a week ago, except the shower door which should be in next week. We put up a curtain temporarily so we could move back in the bathroom. I can’t tell you how great that is!  We had th contractor (stupid contractor) start on the kids bathroom, as we knew there was problems.  It turned out to be terrible, they had to replace the whole floor, all the tile, and the floor under the tub. Thus all the holes to under the house.  Once this bathroom is done, the only thing left is the floors for the 3 bedrooms and hall. We have a carpe budget, but I am going to push for bamboo floors. They are kind of like wood, but it is a more renewable resource. Plus with all the animals, carpet is a bad idea.  I hope I can talk hubby into it.

One it is done, I will move the twin beds into Jakes room and make the girls old room into an office/gym.  It will still have a bed, but I can put my treadmill there and get a weight bench. I should be nice.  I want this all done by Thanksgiving, so I can entertain with no more construction.  It will be a year next month when all these problems started.  In case you don’t remember you can go here to read all about it. 

Whats left
Jake started school, his senior year! 

Hubby got a great job offer from M@ttel, you know they make that good awful doll with the big boobs! B@rbie! I am excited, this means we do not have to move out of the area.  It is also a great opportunity for him as he will be responsible for Engineering Globally, and in charge of 2 plants in Asia.  He wont start until November. 

I have been helping out this rat rescue, read about the MDR rats. IF you can help, Dan is a great guy, and I personally know that any thing you donate will go to helping those babies.   

Don’t forget to remember those who lost loved ones 4 years ago today.  We will never forget.





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