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October 2005

October 27, 2005
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Long week again.  Today is Thursday and the equivalent of my Friday. I am listening to JT and typing on my new laptop in my office willing it to be 5:30. I love my new laptop, it has a wide screen which is very cool.  You can see it here.

Lets see, what has been going on?  We went to see the E@gles concert last weekend, it was great fun.  They were very good, I am going to go see the BNL in December.  It should be fun. And oh, speaking of the BNL.  You need to go visit Chris and buy some popcorn from her son’s boy scout troop. So just mosey on over here, and enjoy!

I am looking forward to a lazy weekend. I know I am PMS, and it makes me tired and hungry.  I have been seeing my trainer, and yesterdays workout killed me.  I am sore and tired. I have another one tomorrow, hopefully I won’t pass out!

I had wanted to do a 4 year high light entry this month, because of my 4 years of Blogging (thanks for the anniversary card Y). I am still going to try and put this together. If there are any entries or pages that you particularly like, or a reason you kept reading, can you send that too me?  It will be noted in the list.  

October 19, 2005
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Long week.  This last weekend I worked trying to put the house back together now that the floors, bathrooms and repair work from the storm one year ago is finally done. Nat came home from the hospital on Saturday.  Hubby left for Tennessee yesterday.  

I am back on my diet beginning yesterday. I haven’t been back to the trainer for a couple weeks so I start back with him again on Friday.

October 13, 2005
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I feel grouchy today. Not sure why other than my boss is an idiot.  

I took the dogs to the dog park again last night, but didn’t stay to long as there were lots of big dogs and Roscoe was harassing one of them a bit barking.  One of the ladies there told me to go to the “small dog area”, and I told her I didn’t need to that Roscoe would be fine. Then I went to pet her dog, and she told me to be careful because she doesn’t like people. Hello!!!  She brings a dog to the dog park that doesn’t like people! And tells me to take my dog to the “small” dog area!  

The weather got really hot today, it is 97 outside!  I wish it was 50 and raining, and it would rain all weekend! 

Tomorrow will be the 4 year anniversary of this blog, or this iteration of this blog.  I Guess I should do a 4 years in review post tomorrow, or something like it. 

October 12, 2005
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Ok, so I am back home.  Nat is back in the hospital, as she puts it, “my lung is rejecting me”. She is having an acute rejection of the left lung, they have had her on salumedrol for the last 4 days.  We are finally seeing some improvement.  She is also having problems with her right lung, it seems to not be functioning properly, a web like growth has spread throughout because of lack of blood flow to it during the original surgery.  This was identified now because her left lung is rejecting and not compensating for the right as it has been all along!  She had a biopsy last Friday that confirmed all these things, and of course complications from the biopsy.  But things are finally starting to improve, so I am a bit less stressed today, 

Last night I took the dogs to the dog park when I got home from the hospital about 5 pm.  I was very depressed and needed something to make me smile. Lots of animals always does that!  I think I am going to go over there tonight and take my camera too. Maybe get some cute pictures. There were quite a few pups there, but it was early for me, I usually would not get there until after 6 pm if I leave the office on time. 

Mitzi is becoming quite attached to me now that lil bear is gone. She comes when I call her almost all the time, and she wants to sit with me when I am on  the couch. But I still miss my little be-bop.

October 8, 2005
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I can’t believe how much I miss my animals. My kitten, and doggies and even the fish!!!  I fly home tomorrow thank god.  Hubby brought Mitzi home from the vets today, so she would be home when I get there. He little tiny meow, Roscoe’s big bark and Sprocket talking to me!  

I have been dreaming about home and the animals.  It was a bad night for dreams.

October 6, 2005
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I am in Orlando at a software user group conference.  I is nice, except the weather which is very humid. I have never been to Florida, so it is a first.  It was good for me to get away. Life has been to stressful, and this little break will defiantly help.

October 3, 2005
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This weekend was tough. I said good-bye to my be-bop. I had to clean closets and move junk out of the bedrooms as we are getting new floors (finally) for the bedroom and halls. I kept having nightmares about my animals.  First I dreamt that Roscoe was lost, and I was on a train and saw him running next to it.  Fortunately I called him and he was able to jump onto it and on my lap, then I refused to let him go.  Then I dreamt that the kitten (Mitzi) had gotten outside and was eaten by a coyote and hubby found her in the driveway. Today I have a headache and my jaw hurts. I think I have been grinding my teeth all weekend. 

I leave for Orlando on Wednesday. I am going to a conference, and I will be boarding Mitzi because I am so concerned about her actually getting out with all the work being done on the house. It is at D-World, so I plan on staying over Saturday to have some fun. One of my co-workers is also attending so we can “hang out”

This month marks 4 years of on line journaling for me.  I am surprised at myself.  That I kept it up this long. I suppose it is more fun than just writing in a journal, since you can get unsolicited opinions 🙂  

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