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November 2005

November 29, 2005
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My boss is an idiot.  Rude, unprofessional idiot, who thinks he can treat people like shit and get away with it. I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying what I think around him!

Nat is back in the hospital.  I took her Sunday when she wasn’t feeling well. She of course has pneumonia and her blood sugars were out of whack.  I went to see her yesterday at the hospital and she had nothing nice to say to me.  She was short and snippy, and I finally told her that’s enough I am outta here.  Entitlement, is the word that best describes her.  She thinks she is entitled to it all, and you are just a pawn in her little game.  

I realized that I can’t take it any more.  She doesn’t take 

November 27, 2005
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I go back to work tomorrow after a whole week off.  I started having nightmares about the office Friday night, I had more last night. It was the first I thought about the place for days, although I had been checking and answering e-mail all week, and even took a few phone calls. 

Yesterday I took Nat and Jake to lunch and then we went to see the new Harry Potter.  I am a big fan, so is Jake, we have both read all the books and seen all the movies.  I think that I liked this movie the best of all of them.  I won’t write any spoilers, but you should go see it, even if you are not a fan it was fun and Nat enjoyed it, she is definitely not a fan. 

November 25, 2005
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The day after

Ok, so I have really been a bad girls here not posting a thing.  No excuses, go ahead and shame me.  I took the whole week off, mainly because I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year and wanted everything to be perfect.  So I shopped, cooked, cleaned, drank, baked, an now I post.

Dinner was really good, hubby and I decided to be adventurous this year and made a turducken.  What is a turducken you ask?  Well, it is a Turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken.  There are layers of stuffing between each meat, I made two varieties of stuffing, most recipes call for 3. Here is a good place to get the low down if you are interested.  

The menu consisted of:

Mushroom Spinach Stuffing
Sausage Apple Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Acorn Squash
Roasted Carrots, Brussels Sprouts and Asparagus
Heirloom Tomato Salad
Cranberry Orange sauce
Pinot Noir (our neighbor made)

Are you ready for the desserts?  I made all but the ones in italics 🙂

Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie Cake (yummy)
Hazelnut Torte
Apple Pie
Chocolate Cream Cheese mini Cupcakes

Ok I am hungry now.  I woke up at 1:00 last night and almost got up to eat mashed potatoes and gravy.  Since I didn’t I may have them for breakfast this morning.

I guess catching up on non-food related items.  Work has been really awful.  My boss and I are really not getting along very well.  I try to talk to him about stuff, he ignores me until I put it in and e-mail requesting an answer, then he reacts.   This week has been good to be away from him, so I suppose that is enough, I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it.

I go back to my trainer today after a several week hiatus.  He had a baby, and I got lazy, so this time I need to get my ass back on the treadmill.  

Hubby left this morning for a 10 trip to Asia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia.  His new boss lives in Hong Kong, he is an American, he is getting a tour of some of the factories and will meet some of the guys who actually work directly for him.  It is a drag that he had to leave the day after Thanksgiving, traveling on the weekend because of the time difference. 

Ok I think those mashed potatoes and gravy need to be eaten now:)

November 16, 2005
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I have joined Flickr which I think I mentioned before. I also joined lots of groups, many of which are devoted to animals. Any how, to make a long story short one of the Admin’s for the group FlickrDogs wife is battling cancer, she is young and beautiful and very brave. He would like to stay home and care for her and is trying to generate enough $$ via the site he is putting up to do so. So if you can put links up to these two sites on your Blog and help Cary stay home!


November 15, 2005
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Fool Moon

Is today Tuesday?  It should be so I hope my date is right.  Anyhow if you look at the night sky you will see a full moon, the same moon I see tonight. Here it is beautiful large glow in the sky, and what do you see? Is it cloudy there, and the moon is just a glow through the clouds, or is it bright and orange as it rises? Please share.  

I feel like a fool, so this is my moon. I will confess tomorrow. Hugs.

November 14, 2005
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Well I have to say that after finally starting my period over 3 weeks late I am in a much better mood.  I got so panicked last Thursday that I bought 3 pregnancy tests and took all 3!  I even endured a weekend of entertaining hubbys family.  His brothers were in town and we had the whole bunch of them over for dinner last night. I think there were 14 of us. 

Today is a holiday thanks to all the veterans.  So I am at home recuperating from the cook-a- thon, and having cramps. I must say the food was good.  Prime rib on the barbeque, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes and peppers, asparagus and carrots, heirloom tomato salad. I am getting hungry just typing this!  There is lots of prim rib leftovers for dinner tonight too.

I am having a feud with my boss. I have a feeing I will eventually lose, but I also may get my staff person I have been wanting.  He has no idea how my department operates and at what level, he just keeps telling me that I am providing to high of a level of service. I suppose I should get my resume together in case an opportunity comes up, I can be prepared. 

I have been following several women’s fight with breast cancer via their blogs.  One in particular, actually the first one I began following has an incredible story of adopting a baby in China while fighting her cancer.  She is not doing so well, and has decided to do the hospice, versus any more treatments. She does not have to many posts in the last year, but if you read her archives you will be inspired.  I am praying for you Dori!

November 8, 2005
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I am in a perpetual bad mood. Sunday I stayed in bed most of the day.  I called in sick Monday, I just could not face the crap at work.  So many politics, so many lies and so little focus.  Just garbage. This City is gonna fall down around its knees again soon. These housing prices which have skyrocketed will soon fall when the gangs start coming back, and the tagging increases. It will happen, maybe 5 years or so.

I took Mitzi in this morning to get spayed, and Jake to finally get his permit. That has been an ordeal. We had been to the DMV 3 times before we had all the right paper work. Well I am happy to say he did pass his test, he however got 7 wrong. One more and we would be making another trip.

Sprocket has had this nasty rash on his face. The vet has been treating it with antibiotics.  If it doesn’t clear up in another week a biopsy is in order.  There has been talk of skin cancer, but it really isn’t very typical looking. Some of the sores are getting better, but the one on the bridge of his nose is still kind of yucky. Poor little guy.

November 4, 2005
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Well I slept away most of my day.  I took Jake to school at 6:45 and then cam home and fell back asleep soundly, waking up once a t 10, then closing my eyes and waking up just before noon.  I had vivid dreams, as I did yesterday. It was weird.  I had a half sandwich and took a shower, now I feel ready for another nap. I cancelled my trainer appointment, I wonder what is wrong with me. I am thinking burn out on life. 

I joined flickr, and put up a bunch of photos.  Go check me out here.  I was excited because several of my favorite reads also have flickr accounts. So now you can see more about me. 

November 3, 2005
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Well, it is November already.  I love this time of year. I just wish I could get into a better place.  I am depressed, angry, frustrated and I really don’t understand completely why.  Part of it is my job, really not my job, but my new boss.  Part of it is Nat and her lack of responsibility, and part of it is that I just feel yucky.  I am tired all the time and have been sleeping alot.  When I am not sleeping I want to be.

I found this today and ordered the book! I was amazed at the relationship this man has with these birds. I checked out alot of the links on the site, he has some really cool photographs. 

The Vietnam moving wall has been in front of our city hall for the past week. It will be taken down tomorrow and moved to Las Vegas. It travels all around the country.  I took some photographs that I will post later.  It is quite moving, and sad to see all those names. 


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