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Yea, its that week again. The week I get weepy, bitchy and hungry. If I could come up with 4 other words I could call it PMS and the seven moods. The weepy started a couple days ago when I started to miss being married. Yea I know I’m crazy. I don’t miss the ex, I miss the companionship, then the bitchy hit today at work with some people are just so lame they should be fired. The hungry has been going on also for a couple days. Usually by the time my period starts most of these symptoms wil lbe gone, but that won’t be until the middle of next week!

So next week I am only working one day, which will be nice. A bit of a vacation. Although I am not going anywhere. Hopefully I will feel like doing stuff, and not just laying around and veging.

This weekend not many plans, tonight sushi with the kids, tomorrow I am taking my car in for service, Saturday a Dodger game and nothing on Sunday. Cuz the bithchiness has arrived I am not looking forward to the game where I will have to deal with the “kid”. Although my kid is going to so I will sandwhich myself between him and D for safety.

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The Weekend

Well for once I have had a semi-productive weekend. Friday I took advantage of the sale at Osh, and avoided the weekend crowds. Came home with 5 medium large pots. And 5 bags of wood chips. The pots are for the patio, I want to container garden and put some flowering and pretty green plants on the patio. Right now I have 2 pretty large ficus trees, and thought some additional color would be nice. The wood chips are to spread under a trellis that I have in the back yard. There is a dirt area that I want to put tow more Adirondack chairs on and it gets quite dusty, so the chips should make it look nicer while keeping the dust down at bit.

Yesterday I went to the farmers market and took Daisy and Roscoe into the groomers for baths! Sprocket will go next weekend, he gets a cut too. Then I decided to finish unpacking the last room. It only took a couple hours to either put away or throw away the last of the “stuff”. I still have to put together on of my claw foot tables, need some screws, and hand a couple more pictures. Other than that its done. The only problem is that it is now a room with no use. So far my treadmill and a bookcase and a small chest are in there, but it has no function.

I want to turn it into a TV room, but that means getting the direct TV people out here to move the box, and to also get something to sit on in there. I am thinking the multi functional futon would be a good idea. So I have a place for any potential guests to sleep, and a couple of comfy chairs. That still leave my treadmill in the middle of it all, but oh well. THats the next step.

Today Jake is having a bunch of his friends over for a late birthday celebration. I got to get to the market to pick up snacks and sodas, I will be taking them all out for a Chinese feast later in the afternoon. We will go to a very traditional chinese rsturant in the heart of a nearby heavily Asian community. The place is a hole inthe wall but has great food, and thankfully prints there menu in english and chinese. My favorite is Soup DUmplings. yum.

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Melancholy Baby

Feeling a little bit so. Also sick, cough,cough, sneeze, sneeze, blow, blow, sigh. Natalie is on my mind tonight.

Daisy’s blog has some new entries too.

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Busy Weekend?

So it seems like it was, although I really did not accomplish the things that I set out to do. I even made a list of all the projects in order of cost, the low cost stuff, like finishing unpacking the last room, medium cost stuff like new bedding to match my yellow walls, and high cost stuff like getting a new roof.

I did however take Jake to the DMV so he could flunk the test to renew his permit, got my first estimate for the new roof, got my hair done, went to the farmers market, grocery shopped for my mother, and cooked fathers day birthday dinner last night for 8.

The menu consisted of Tri-Tip marinated in red wine, rosemary and garlic, which I promptly overcooked! Cheesy mashed potatoes, green beans, cucumber, curylypepper, onion and tomato salad. This is an incredibly delicious concoction that one of the vendors at the farmers market always has to taste when his veggies are ready. You just combine all the aforementioned veggies and kosher salt, pepper and lemon juice. One of my summertime favorites.

I also watched the movie “The Band Played On”, on Saturday night. I was solo.

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Almost the Weekend

I am ready for some R&R, and some projects. Although this weekend I won’t get to much done as I have alot of commitments to deal with. Sunday is Fathers Day and Jacobs birthday, so dinner at my place for the gang, tomorrow I have a roofer coming for an estimate, taking Jacob to the DMV and a hair appointment, then D is coming over at 5. Saturday is pretty open, I need to grocery shop and do the farmers market so I have some yummy stuff for Sunday. But I will make a list of all the projects I want to do. I am finally feeling a little motivated.

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Well, I always want to believe in Karma. What goes around comes around, good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people, and all that. But with everything that has happened to me sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve it? I think I finally am going to start believing in Karma.

I found out that ex-husband got fired from his very high paying job. Yep, about 2 weeks ago, which is about 2 weeks after the divorce was final. A couple of things to note, if this had happened a couple months ago, I could have been out about $50,000 in a spousal support settlement, not monthly payments I negotiated a lump sum for various reasons. Yep, that’s right. But the timing was very good, thank you Karmic Gods for doing the deed but sparing me while doing it. Now I can just know that karma does exist and its time for me to get some good juju.

How do you like my new chairs? I bought them for the back yard for under the trellis, but they look so nice on the front porch, well it is sort of a porch, and it so nice to sit under the tree in the early evening with the breeze, that I decided to leave them there, and I wen and got 2 more for the back. There was a big sale and they were greatly reduced.

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New Lamps for Old

One of my favorite stories when I was growing up was about Aladdin. It wasn’t the traditional story, it was sort of a side note. It was on an old LP and sometimes my mom would put in on the record player for us to listen to as we were falling asleep, sort of a self service bedtime story. I would force myself to stay awake until she came in and flipped it to the other side so that I could hear the whole story and the end, but usually I fell asleep. The narration was superb, and the way the narrator enunciated some of the words was just comical. I do remember one part of the story where the main character wanted to get rid of his “lamp”, in the market place was a vendor calling out “New lamps for old, New lamps for old”.

Yesterday I went and bought a new lamp for my bedroom. It reminded me of this story from my childhood.

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