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Catching up

It’s been awhile. Not sure why I have been away, maybe it is just laziness. Things have been OK. I had a new roof put on the house. It is the first of several big projects I am looking at. Financially I can only afford one more, so I will have to see what really needs to be done before I make my decision. The 3 things are painting inside, painting outside and a new wood fence around the property. I also need to completely redo one of the bathrooms, but that is at least a couple years away. I am leaning towards painting the inside. The fence will be OK, I put boards and cement block up in the places where Roscoe could get under. It has held since March, so that should be fine. And outside I am not sure it really “needs” it yet. Maybe next year. Inside I have some obnoxious colors, like my RED kitchen, that I would really like to see go away! I probably could do some of it myself if I knew what I was doing, but I don’t. And I think there is some oil based paint to deal with too.

I am leaving tomorrow for 5 days. D and I are going to Cambria. Renting a house, for R&R and some antiquing and wine tasting. I haven’t really been looking forward to it until today. I took the day off to pack, and get some last minute things done. Jake is staying home so I need to make sure he has a stocked kitchen, he will also be taking care of Daisy and Roscoe. Sprock is going to the vet to be boarded. I don’t trust the 3 of them without my supervision for that long.

I hope all of you are well. I wish somehow I could reach out through cyberspace and hug you.

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Party on the Bridge

The weather is making me lazy. It has finally got hot. Close to 100 these last couple days with todays forecast in the 90’s. Looks like it might cool down a bit next week.

Tonight I am going here. The Colorado Bridge Street Party. Hopefully it wont be too hot! I have been once years ago.

I goota go pick up my dry cleaning and get my glasses adjusted.

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Flying Solo

Yesterday I was home, day off, cleaning lady was coming and I didn’t want to be here while she worked. So I decided to do something I never do, I went out to breakfast by myself. I went to a little place in town and sat outside, it was early so the air was still cool, brought my LA times, and settled in. There were a few other solo breakfast waters at tables, mostly guys. I ordered 2 poached eggs and bacon, decaf coffee. It wasn’ so bad, I enjoyed the cool air the food was fine, and had 3 cups of java before I realized I still had several more hours to kill.

I decided to get my car washed, by then it was about 10:30 and the mall was open so that was my next stop. Daringly I went right to the Theatre-plex and decided a movie would be fun. I had wanted to see Ratatouille, and it was starting in 5 minutes perfect,well almost. Until SOLD OUT began flashing instead of the showtime, and several screaming children behind me were very disappointed. Ah, a sign, I need to see something rated R. No kids, quiet theatre. Knocked Up was starting so I got my ticket and hurried into the quiet theatre with no more that 10 adults. The movie was light, funny, and what I needed, no serious stuff. Afterwards I hit Nordstroms for a couple T’s and went home to a clean house.

I’t felt good to at last not be afraid to be alone and do things alone. I have never been to a movie or eaten alone, excpet when I have traveled on business. Even then I get room service 99% of the time.

If you have not read my Food Blog, you need to get your fannies over there and start. I am hoping to have a byline on this site soon. The approached me:

…I would like to suggest is that we collaborate on the reposting of your reviews about Pasadena restaurants. We are very tightly focused, geographically, and cannot carry articles on restaurants OUTSIDE Pasadena. But those that are in Pasadena we’d love to cover, running your byline and link to your blog. Does this interest you?

Hell ya!

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Heat Wave

Well the weather finally turnind to summer. I have been putting the air on every day, but so far have been able to turn it off at night. Soon that will be history too. Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Since I don’t consider myslef very patriotic I won’t post an entry about the US of A, but I will say that we really need to do something about all those young men who are losing thier lives over in the middle east. They need to come home and be with thier families now.

I have been really emotional I will chalk it up to PMS and the seven little dwarfs. I found out yesterday that my two darling children (yes that was said sacastically) are going to have dinner tonight with my ex and his “family”. WTF! Since when should they be socializing with the enemy! It upsets me to no end. Bite my tongue!

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