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Another Weekend

So its Friday. Candice got back last week and she came over with her bf for dinner on Wednesday. It was good to see her, she had a fun time and got to experience both southern hospitality and the racism that is still rampant in areas of the US.

Today the Direct TV person is moving my receiver to my new den. Yes folks no more TV in the living room, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. I feel the living room/dinning room (mine is a combo)is for social interaction, and family time. If someone puts on the TV that ends quickly. If you want to watch TV, go to the den so everyone does not have to watch with you.

This stems from a variety of things. I hate watching the shows the kids used to watch, I would prefer quiet, and at the old house this is the way I set things up, but the house was huge and the den had built in everything for the TV and other components.

Here I have a spare bedroom that works as a small den. One whole wall is built in shelves which will be great for a flat panel once I get around to buying one (months from now I am sure).

I fit a love seat and 2 chairs in it, perfect for TV viewing. So the last thing to do was to have the TV moved. Well since that part of the house is built on a slab it has become a big project to get the cables for the Direct TV run there. He was under the house, now on the roof. Its gonna happen its just taking hours. Once the TV is installed I will set up the rest of the room. Have a couple of hours of stuff to do, then hang some pictures on the wall. Tonight I will be watching TV in that room. Not to mention it is on the NW corner of the house and is the coolest room in the summer time.

I am taking Daisy to a trainer this afternoon. She has issues when going for walks and seeing other dogs. So i am going to see what I can do to work on it. I think the main problem is Roscoe. He goes crazy then Daisy follows suite. We have pretty much confirmed this as yesterday walking Daisy with out Roscoe and things were much better.

This last week at work was really hell. My boss is a complete asshole. It is amazing what a thoughtless, lazy, jerk he is.

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This is a picture of the trellis in the backyard. I almost lost it during a big wind when a tree limb broke off onto it. The limb cost me $400 to cut off and remove, the trellis leans a little now, but was saved.

This weekend I have been fairly lazy. After last weekends busyness I supposed I earned it, but I still feel sorta guilty. I did my running around, my errands, even went to the farmers market. But both yesterday and this afternoon I took naps, nice long naps. I think it the oppressive heat outside, its humid, and I have no energy.

I’m bored, lonely, bordering on depression probably, but everyone left at the same time. Candice will be back next week, hopefully she will make time to see me. The boys won’t be back until about the 30th, that’s is a ways off.

I made my favorite summer salad last night. Tomaotes, curly peppers, red onion, cucumber, lemon and salt and thats all. I like to make it with all the ingredients fresh from the Farmers market. It was delicious and I at the rest for lunch today with half a turkey sandwich.

The vendor I buy everything but the tomatoes and the lemon from is only there from May to October or so. He is so nice a big Hispanic guy who makes big bowls of the salad while you stand there and puts it out with toothpicks for everyone to try. He makes a great business selling his produce. I buy my tomatoes from someone else, I like either beefsteaks or heirlooms. It’s so nice to go there, to taste the freshness, peaches, nectarines, plums, it really is the highlight of my weekend. I also bought some late season sweet corn, lettuce, potatoes and some squash.
I had to go to Trader Joes to get the lemons since they are out of season.

The batteries in my camera died last week when I was trying to take a picture for this post. So no pictures of the new furniture in my little cottage until later. I like calling it a cottage Y! It totally fits, thanks!

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Catching up Again

It seems like things have been so busy over the last couple weeks. Maybe it is just me. I Have been exceptionally busy at the office, and in the evenings at home too. D has been over alot since the brat has been at camp. This coming week everyone leaves!

Monday Jake goes back to school. It happened alot sooner than I expected. Basically he wasn’t supposed to leave until about th 18th, but because he is moving into an apartment, the EX has to move him because he has the truck. Well as you all know the EX was fired from his job a bit ago, and now is going to be doing some consulting for an old employer, but in India. So he has to leave for India on the 17th, which means Jake has to move up to school early. His classes don’t even start until about the 27th.

Wednesday D and his son leave for a 2 week vacation, and Friday Candice leaves. She is going to Atlanta for a week with Teen Magazine. She is working for them now as an assistant stylist. So I will definitely be alone all at once.

Tonight Jake is having a couple friends over and we are all going to go out to eat. Not sure where yet. I am leaning towards Chinese, since it is fairly inexpensive for a crown of teenage boys. There will be 7 of us.

I bought new furniture for the house, now I need to get painting since nothing matches! I got a red sofa and 2 black and white flower print chairs, big puffy ones, for the living room. It looks so much better than my ultra modern stuff from the old house. This house is much more of a cottage, and the modern leather just did not look right. The couch was about to collapse anyway, it has these metal legs that were broken in the move.

I also bought stuff for the Den/TV room. A love seat and 2 chairs. I am having Direct TV come out to move the set up, no no more TV in the living room. That is a pet peeve of mine, and I really don’t like it. The color scheme in there is pinks and green with a little red. I will post pictures when ever thing gets set up properly.

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Whine and Wine

Had a fabulous time in the wine country, losts of good tasting, brought home lots of good wine, and ate lots of good food. Will put up a better port about the trip. GOt ack Monday night, and then Tuesday Jake had surgery on his toe. Ingrown toenail problems. Poor guy. Had a couple days back at the office. Reality bites. I am getting ready to go to the dentist! yuk!

WIll be back with a numb mouth, and some pictures of my trip.

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