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Catching up Again

It seems like things have been so busy over the last couple weeks. Maybe it is just me. I Have been exceptionally busy at the office, and in the evenings at home too. D has been over alot since the brat has been at camp. This coming week everyone leaves!

Monday Jake goes back to school. It happened alot sooner than I expected. Basically he wasn’t supposed to leave until about th 18th, but because he is moving into an apartment, the EX has to move him because he has the truck. Well as you all know the EX was fired from his job a bit ago, and now is going to be doing some consulting for an old employer, but in India. So he has to leave for India on the 17th, which means Jake has to move up to school early. His classes don’t even start until about the 27th.

Wednesday D and his son leave for a 2 week vacation, and Friday Candice leaves. She is going to Atlanta for a week with Teen Magazine. She is working for them now as an assistant stylist. So I will definitely be alone all at once.

Tonight Jake is having a couple friends over and we are all going to go out to eat. Not sure where yet. I am leaning towards Chinese, since it is fairly inexpensive for a crown of teenage boys. There will be 7 of us.

I bought new furniture for the house, now I need to get painting since nothing matches! I got a red sofa and 2 black and white flower print chairs, big puffy ones, for the living room. It looks so much better than my ultra modern stuff from the old house. This house is much more of a cottage, and the modern leather just did not look right. The couch was about to collapse anyway, it has these metal legs that were broken in the move.

I also bought stuff for the Den/TV room. A love seat and 2 chairs. I am having Direct TV come out to move the set up, no no more TV in the living room. That is a pet peeve of mine, and I really don’t like it. The color scheme in there is pinks and green with a little red. I will post pictures when ever thing gets set up properly.


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