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Happy New Year

Its hard to believe another year has gone by.

I apologize for not keeping up this past week of the holidays. I was downright ill! I started to get sick Christmas day, and by the 26th I was in bad shape. The doc said it going around and gave me nose spray, cough syrup and throat spray. Rest and fluids. Well after a week of it I am finally feeling semi-human again. It was a nasty bug. My throat still hurts.

I have to go back to the office on the 2nd. So I am hoping I feel lots better by tomorrow.

Christmas was quiet, I overcooked the prime rib. Pissed me off. Oh well. I was sick , and had an excuse.

Tonight it will just me Jake and I D and the brat. I am making some simple chicken cassarole and we will play games and Wii. Drink some champange and probably fall asleep by 10. At least I will!

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