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As Time Goes By

I wasn’t going to put up a post tonight. But I decided that I should, just because my mind has been whirring all day. With images and dialog about the last 20 years.

Today is the anniversary of my sisters death. The life changing event that brought me back to Southern California, and made me the mother of 3 children at the age of 35 overnight.

But as I thought more about it I realized that several life changing events have occurred over the years. The first being in 1986, my grandfather and father died and I made the decision to move to Lake Tahoe.

The second in 1996 when my sister died, and I had to come back and raise her three children, and the most recent in 2006 when Natalie died and my husband left me.

Here I am now. Its been a long trip.

I also started to convert my archives. Since I took down my other site My-Meadow, I have archives dating back to October of 2001. I want the whole history to be here. my life all in one place. Its neater that way. Don’t you think?

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