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Well last night I thought the Canyon Cottage was no more.   On Saturday a mandoatory evacuation of my home was in place. I and a few of my neighbors elected to stay, hoping that the fire would not get worse.  Yesterday afternoon it was looking good, however by 12:00 midnight it was clear we were in eminent danger and left. 

The picture is from Saturday night, looking at the hillside from my yard. I was too rushed last night to take any.  We are all safe and as of this morning the Canyon Cottage still stands. Thank God.  Dogs are at the spa for a couple days until they let us back in.


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Well yesterday I was told that one of the Assit. CM’s at work had been fired.  I get to find these things out ahead of most, sometimes even ahead of the person getting canned becuase I have to deal with all the technology that they touch. Make sure data does not get erased, passwords are changed etc.

In any case I was a bit bummed.  This person had been my boss for a while, and he was someone I could bounce things off of. Get opinions and advice from, and basically was an ally. So now there is no one I really trust left.


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Time Flies

Wow, it’s already Thursday.  I have been in a lot of training this week, and yesterday was a class off site all day.   I feel a little better this week, not having to deal with snarky bosses, being preoccupied with training and getting out of the office for a day, yesterday. 

Actually our class ended quite early yesterday so I got home at 2:30, took a nap for 2 hours. It felt so good.  I slept soundly and peacefully . Of course Roscoe and Daisy were snuggled up with me and Sprocket was on his heating pad next to the bed.  We all nap together.

When I woke up I took Daisy for a nice long walk, then sat outside for a while, watered the yard and just enjoyed the evening.  Made me kinda wish I worked less hours.  The walking was good for me.  I need to get into a regular exercise routine, which I have not had for about a year and a half.  I was doing great for a while, pilates and walking, but when Sprock bit my finger and I ended up with all those surgeries and IV’s, that ended and I never got back into a routine. That was 16 months ago.  No wonder I can’t lose any weight and keep putting on more! 

I’m going to a dodger game tomorrow night, should be fun, I hope.  I alwasy get anxious when i go with D & the brat, as the brat tends to be unpredictable when it comes to his attitude.  Even though he is now 16, its always a challenge.


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Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee

I just realized I had not written since Wednesday.  I suppose I have just been tired from last weeks stress.  Friday I did nothing, actually slept quite a bit, which made it hard to sleep that night.

Friday evening I went out with a girlfriend.  I can’t remember the last time I went out on a Friday night  with a girlfriend!  We went and had Indian food, which was new for me.  Even being such a foodie, I have stayed away from Indian food becuase it is notoriously spicy. I don’t tolerate spice.  But we ordered and everything was delicious.  Very different flavors, lots of mint and other different spices. I will go back and try new things. Afterward we walked around Old Town Pasadena. That is where the restaurant was. It was good for me to get out.  I bought a pink blouse at Banana Republic, on sale of course.

Saturday I did my errands and shopped for my mother.  She is not speaking to me now, so she calls up C to give her a list of groceries that C gives to me, then Mom wants me to leave them in the back porch. She is menatlly ill, wont go  to the doctor, hasn’t for probably over 20 years, and won’t listen to reason, to anyone. So I just make sure she has food in the house. What else can I do?

I also walked in the Relay for Life on Saturday evening, then D and I went and had Chinese food. We were both tired and cold.  It was an early night. I kept the TV on until about 10:30 then fell asleep with the help of a sleeping pill. I needed a good night of sleep. 

It’s noon now I made myself a spinach omelet for breakfast, I think I am going to take Daisy out for a walk.  I wanted to go on an adventure into LA to visit Langers Deli and get a pastrami sandwich. But they are closed on Sunday.  They had a special on the food network last night, the secert life of Pastrami, and talked about Langers.  Made me hungry for pastrami, although I stopped eating beef 3 months ago. LOL! 

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Wordy Wednesday

A very sleepy friend.

Ok, so I am violating the wordless Wednesday thing. But I need to just type (talk). So here it goes.  Work is getting so crappy that I need to focus on what makes me happy.

My dogs do that.  Now that I am living alone again, they greet me at the end of the day.  There is Sprocket, the old man, who is partially blind and deaf, who often leaves me a little present to clean up when I get home. The other two, spend the afternoon outside.  But I love Sprock, he was my first small dog. I rescued him. He was dumped up in a canyon (where people often dump dogs) and left to fend for himself. When he was found he almost had no hair from flea allergies, ticks and more.  He was my new baby!

Now years later, S-man as we call him affectionately,  likes to spend less than an hour a day outside. That’s ok, he has a nice bed with a heating pad to sleep in when he wants to, he has a raised bowl for food and water so he doesn’t have to strain, he has horrible arthritis in his back.  He is the Super dog. I love him even though he caused some problems, which resulted in 3 finger surgeries (for me).

Roscoe!  The barker.  He is my little guy.  Loves me, follows me wants treats and to snuggle alot. There have been problems with his vocalness with one snarky neighbor, but we have sorta resolved it.  Not happily.  Roscoe was running lose and was found by me as I saved him from being run over by an 18 wheeler.  He was a gift to us. Natalie and I rescued him 2 days before Christmas in 2002. A good deed. He came to us with no manners or knowledge of treats and love. Well now he knows.

And Daisy, she always wants to play ball when I get home. She is pretty obsessive about it. But she is here because Natalie asked for her to be.  So somehow she is a gift. I have done more to help her be a good dog citizen than I even thought I would.  She reminds me of Natalie all the time. She pushes me, the limit and always wants more. Just like Nat. 

So when I get home I play ball, water plants, cook for and feed dogs, and it gives me peace. Thank God.  

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When life gives you lemons

A very happy Sprocket!

Squeeze the crap out of them into your nice strong drink! Yea, so yesterday at work was not one of my better days.  I won’t bore you with the details , but suffice to say my boss is jerk and tried to discredit my opinion on a very large project infront of a room of staff from several departments. 

So I went home and made a drink, with my 89 cent lemon, yep lemons are 89 cents each around here.  How much are lemons in your neck of the woods? I have an orange tree and a dwarf lime tree, but no lemon. My neighbor down the street has lemons, I need to go stock up.  Put that on the list. 

Fortuanately I have my dogs to keep me smiling.



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Mom now Sprock wants to come out!

I stayed busy today, on my day off.  I made a list last night of all the errands I needed to do and did them all, plus had lunch with C and got a pedicure.  Tomorrow I need to do the around the house list. I am going to plant some more nastrusiums,  fertilize the lawn, get the pots on the patio ready for planting, and various other stuff.  Today it was close to 80 and tomorrow it will be even warmer. 

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