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Cross your fingers

Well he is home.  Arrived with not a single piece of clean clothing!  That was amazing!  I didn’t ask if what he was wearing was clean that morning, I didn’t want to know!  We did lots of laundry and hung out, its back to the two of us for a couple months now. Nice.  I have goals and projects for him this summer, I hope he can accomplish some of them.  One is getting his drivers license, taking a class, getting a job.  Cross your fingers.

I have decided I like my job, I like my staff, I like many of the people here. I just hate and have no respect for my boss and some of the other executive staff (of which I am one).  There fore I am trying to be more positive, I guess.  So if I do my job, and quit trying to aspire to more, then I should be ok. 

Motivation.  I have a problem with it. Not sure how to get it going.  There are so many things I want to do, but for some reason I can’t get it going.  Things around the house, personal goals, like losing 20 pounds, routine things like getting my butt out of bed earlier on the weekends and going for a walk, Any suggestions? 

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Long Weekend

Well its the middle of a long weekend. It started with quite a severe rain, thunder, hail storm on Thursday afternoon. It was severe enough to cause the mud to slide on the hills where the fire swept though and to evacuate several homes. Fortunatley there was no structural damage but yards and pools and jacuszzis are now full of mud.  Roads were even closed for a while as they did clean up.  It rained Friday and has been partly cloudy since.  My home is safe.

Friday as I was driving back from Sprockets acupunture appointment in the pouring rain my “check engine” light came on!  I got a bit panicked as the last thing I need right now is a big expense to fix the car.  I was able to get it in on Saturday, and it was the catalytic converter.  Fortunately it was covered under warranty, which I didn’t understand since the car is 5 years old with 61,000 miles on it.  But I didn’t questions it at all, and paid the $110 for the minor service and hapily went home.

I finally got a hold of Jake yesterday, and guess what he is flying home today.  Good thing we spoke, since I need to pick him up from the airport, as I was thinking, since the car is in good shape, about taking a little Sunday drive somewhere for a bit of an adventure.  So now my Sunday Drive is the Burbank airport.  So the teenager is home for the summer. Hopefully this summer he will find a job. 

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Ok, so I am a closet AI fan.  Over the years occasionally I sucked into a season when I like the contestants. For some reason this year is one of those years, maybe because I liked the contestants or maybe becuase Candice was often over the nights the show is on, so we watched. In any case last night rocked (does that make me sound younger).  I was a big fan of David Cook, but last night I switched to Acheleta.  He is just so amazing for his young age.  Go little “D”!

By the way, I have never voted, not even once.

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Too soon for Summer

Little friends, see the one in the background?

Look at that pigeon!

This past weekend was very hot, 90’s-100’s!  When it gets that hot it becomes HAWT!  So I turned on the airconditioning and did my errands early, then spent the rest of the afternoons in the house.  I really wanted to be productive and do a project or two. Like start on my office, reorganize. It is still a huge mess from the move over a year ago, with 4 bookcases and 2 desks.  I want to  consolidate and organize, but there is no air vent in that room, so i nixed that one!  So suffice to say I watched 3 movies and about 5 episodes of Boston Legal, took naps, ate, I didn’t even blog. I was that lazy!

Today it is hot, not hawt, and by Friday the high is only supposed to be 70. What is up with this Southern California weather?  I am not ready for full blown summertime heat yet. in fact it can wait until 4ht of July please.

Photo note. I get these lttle guys at the bird feeders in the front yard.  The photos are not very good, I had to take it through the glass, but are such cuties! Do you see the one in the bushes?

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Ahhh. the middle of the week, which is closer to the end for me since I don’t have to work fridays!  I have been pretty moody lately.  I attribute it to 2 things, lack of sleep and Mothers Day. 

The lack of sleep started Thursday last week when my neighbors pool pump, which apparently goes on at about 9:30 pm started screetching, and continued to do so until 6 am the next morning.  Sounded like a bearing waas going or something. This went on every night until Monday when someone finally turned it off about 11 pm.  I am an incredibly light sleeper, and the noise was loud in my bedroom with all windows and doors closed and with a pillow on my head! Last night when it started again, I lost it I tried to call the house several times, no answer, not even a phone machine!  So I wrote a snarky note and put it in their mailbox.  They will find it today.  The pump did stop about a half hour later, but I don’t care I was up 4 nights in a row so I have a right to be snarky!  So why do I feel guilty? Oh and I forgot to add that these are the neighbors who chronically complain about Roscoe barking in the middle of the afternoon when they are trying to nap!!!

Mothers Day, suffice to say, next year I am doing what I want and not what everyone else wants to do.

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Sprocket is my old guy.  He has had fairly severe arthritis for a while now.  I have tried many different drugs and all but one, tramadol, seems to cause severe gastrointestinal side effects.  He is pretty deaf, and partially blind.  I didnt realize how bad he was until I took him out of his home. When we evacuated from the fire.

The first night I stayed with a friend. Had my own room and brought all the dogs beds, so Sprock had a familiar smell, a familiar place to lay down.  It was when he walked around, especially steps, he would just fall off them. Right onto his face.  Then the next day I took him to board at my old vets office.  When I picked him up the next day he had pooped in his kennel and rolled in it.  He is ok at home, makes mistakes in the house, but knows where the door is and if its open goes out.  He wanders around, pretty much follows me when I am home. I don’t leave him outside when I am gone. He is aging quickly, and it saddens me.

Anyhow, I started to wonder what to do for him. To help him feel better.  I decided to call a homeopathic vet that I had used years ago when my lab had cancer, her mother does acupuncture and chiropratic work. Her message said she was not taking any new patients, but I persisted, calling daily and sent and e-mail saying I wasn’t really a “new” patient, I had been ther before with a different dog.  Thanks God, they finally called back. We go next week fo the consultation and hopefully the start of some scupuncture therapy for Sprock! 

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that maybe this will help my little old man. I love him so.

Note on the photo. This picture was taken a few months ago after one of his severe boughts with gastrointestinal problems related to the drug Metacam. He was only on it 4 days. Anyhow his front legs are shved for blood tests and fluids.

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View from Town

I did not take this picture, in fact I do not know who did, so I can’t give credit.  It was sent to me. Since I was at my house, hunkered down I did not see this perspective until I evacuated.  This was late Sunday night.

I live way up in the canyon, so I was looking up at a wall of flames, not the whole skyline.


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Home Sweet Home

Well, I have never felt so happy to be in my own home once again. In fact, so much so that I hardly noticed that the garage across the street on the new house (which they just finished enclosing) now completely blocks my city lights view from the living room.  Oh well, at least I have a home.

It was pretty amazing the neighbors rallying together to help one another, the firefighters keeping us safe.  Alot of stress. I hit the wall yesterday.  Exhaustion.    

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