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To Do

I just realized that I have not put up pictures of the newly painted room. Oops!  It is probably because now that the weather is so warm I hardly go into that room since it does not have an air conditioning vent.  So my office newly painted with a new computer desk and file, has not been organized. its on the to-do list.

Speaking of to-do.  I have been putting off having a fourth surgery on my finger now for months.  If you remember back in September of 2006  when I accidentally was bit by the dog and got a bone infection. The story continues into October if you are so inclined. In any case I was left with a crooked finger because a piece of bone was removed because of the infection.  My doc wants to straighten the finger back out by cutting of a piece on the other side which will make my finger straight once again.  however it is about a 6 month recovery with pins sticking out of the end of my finger during that time. So as you might imagine, I have been in no rush to do this. 

Not only will I have to have surgery (outpatient) but the pain is quite bad for a while. So I will miss some work, maybe a week, and be one handed for 6 weeks. The idea was that I would do the surgery this summer for 2 reasons. My doc is about to retire and he is the only one I trust after the fiasco I went though (see Sept -Oct archives), and Jake will be home so that I have some help for my one handed self.  So my appointment is Wednesday, and I will be asking him to finally schedule the surgery.  I’m scared. 

The distal interphalangeal joint is what will be evened out. Right now that joint is frozen straight, and will be forever, but at least it won’t be crooked. So when I type and hit the letter A it actually hits S, etc for every key that is supposed to be hit with that finger.  Makes me very happy there is spell check.

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I hardly ever get tagged, which is probably a good thing. But K tagged me so I feel very special, K, get it!!! 

1. You just received too much change. What is the most that you would feel obligated to come clean about it..if at all?

I would return even one penny if I received too much, and if i find money on the street, I  taught my kids that it does not belong to us, so we donate it at church or to some organization.

2. What is the last present you regifted?

I try not to regift, but I did receive a gift card from Ikea as a  bonus for buys a certain amount there.  It was for $30.  i gave it to Candice as part of her Christmas gift.

3. You’re puking your guts up from the flu and are delirious, who do you call to take care of you?

Daisy 😦

4. It is 4am, you’re at Dennys (or any 24 hour diner like establishment) after a night of drinking. What did you just order?

Hmmm, I have not been in this situation for a very very long time!  I probably would order sausage and eggs over medium with hash browns, toast and orange juice.
5. You were just handed $2500 and must spend it going away for the weekend. Where are you going and are you going to ask anyone to come along?

Wow, I would probably go to a spa and ask Candice to join me.

6. Who shared your first ever romantic kiss and do you know where that person is now?

My first boyfriend in high school, it was at Disneyland on the Mark Twain Paddle boat. I have no idea where he is, I think he is a plumber and lives in Arcadia.

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One or Two?

Well I survived the 106 heat this weekend.  I basically did nothing. Ran the errands that I had to run then holed up inside and read.  I didn’t even cook Friday or Saturday and had sushi and Mexican those two nights. Last night I finally broke down and made a piece of fish, some steamed potatoes and spinach.  I was tired of eating out, plus I was alone and I don’t do restaurants by myself, just take in. It is supposed to be a bit cooler today,  I am not happy that summer arrived so early.

One of my errand on Saturday was to pick up some meds for Sprocket at the Vets office.  Of course they had more kittens, the vet techs often will rescue litters and mommas, or feral litters when they can.  Two years ago this is where I found my Memmo.  Anyway the first litter that I thought about all got adopted, I was glad, but now there are two more.  So I asked to see he kittens.  Well they had lost their mitten’s and I thinkI found them.  I was smitten.  One litter was all white the other all black.  I thought I will take one of each! 

So I spoke to the tech,  I think I will take Daisy in to meet them and see how she does. She is my main concern, being such a big girl and a bit jealous.  I think she will do fine, since my memmo was around a couple months with Daisy, but I want to make sure before I bring home a fluff ball or two.

That is my next question, one or two?

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What’s Going on?

So I will get some pictures up of my paint job this weekend. I still have not organized the office, but that is also on the agenda this weekend. 

Last weekend I went to see a small theatre production of Fahrenheit 451.  The production was ok, but the highlight of the event was that Ray Bradbury himself was there.  He is in a wheelchair, but spoke briefly  and signed books. I was really in awe that he would attend such a small production.

Well the weather finally got hot.  I have had the air on at home for that last couple days, there are supposed to be record breaking temperatures today through out the valley areas.  Yuck, I really hate summer.  What to do this weekend in the heat?

This week has been hectic at the office. I feel like I am babysitting people sometimes, these are grown adults, but they act like snarky teenagers. Thank God today is my Friday. 


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Mission Accomplished

Well the painting is done, the bookcases moved and given away, the new computer desk almost put together, the stuff has all been moved back into a newly painted office. Now I just need to organize and throw away.  Maybe today.

Right now I am being lazy.  I did not go to the farmers market, which I thought I would do this morning.  Now its almost noon and I have not done anything but read blogs and eat grapefruit.  Meh.

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Project status and Boobs

Ok, so I thought I would give you a quick update on the project status after 1 and a half days.  Yesterday all furniture that was leaving the office left, this included 3 bookcases full of books and a desk.  Two of these bookcases are now in my laundry room completely in the way awaiting either a goodwill pick up or a friend who said she might want them.  I also cleaned the floors and base boards, went and bought all paint supplies and brought back 19 paint swatches which I promptly taped to the wall. 

Today I worked, then went to buy paint,  the color is (drumroll please) Celtic Linen. Yea well I wanted something soft and muted.  This house is so frigging bright with color, I really don’t like it.  A RED kitchen, bright yellow bedroom, blue bathroom. Should I go on, it gets worse!  So something soft and quiet that doesn’t scream at you when you walk into the room suits me fine. I also taped the room and patched the nail holes and draped the remainder of the furniture in the room. Do I need to do anything with the floor?  I guess not drip or spill would be good.   So tomorrow morning I paint, wish me luck.  I have never painted before, so I am a bit nervous.

So now for the boob thing. Well as I have been whining about for some time I have gained weight.  About 25 pounds in the last 8 years.  I have been in a bit of denial about the boob size and bought a couple bras a little bigger, but never got measured, because gawd I could not be any bigger than a little bigger.   So Saturday I am looking for something to wear to this event that I have to go to.  I shop and shop, nothing is fitting properly, and I am frustrated. So as I have been told by Candice, you need to get a bra that fits right, she tells me this alot, she says everything will look better, she says things will fit better, I wonder, maybe she is right.  So I went to my favorite Department store into the bra department, is that a department?  A said I need help.

So this wonderful, young, girl comes to my rescue. I have no idea how she knows so much about old lady boobs at her age, how to measure them, and fit them and find the perfect bra just by looking at you, but she did.  Although she brought me about 30 different bras to try after she determined my size.  By the way, I am appalled at my size and refuse to say it here in public.  The around size she said was smaller, 34 versus the 36 I wear. I told her, no way hun, I cant breathe if you put that on me!  She agreed but she won in the cup size, which feels like a hat size compared to what I was 25 pounds ago.  But I must admit it looks better, and as soon as I had my new perky large boobies I found something perfect for the event.  so now not only do I have a new out fit 3 new (expensive) bras, but large boobs to boot. How about that for a shopping trip!


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Old News

Just in case you hadn’t noticed I have converted over some of my old My-Meadow blog. So now I have archives back into 2004, with 3 more years to convert. I began blogging in October of 2001. I abandoned My-Meadow when I was going through my divorce, as I was sure my now ex-husband had been to the site. I didn’t want him to know anything about what I was doing or thinking. 

During the divorce I had a blog over at blackandwhiteandread, and once my divorce was final (May 2007) and I became settled, I decided I needed a permanent home, thus canyon cottage, becuase that is where I live. In a canyon cottage.

The only problem is I am not bringing over many of the photos that were linked in the old posts, so I thought I would just repost some of them in my current posts.  I am going to try and finish the conversion this weekend, it goes fairly quickly once I am on a roll, and i put up one month per post. 

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A Project

Ok, so I decided to take a week off (next week) and during that week to make my office, an office. It currently has 4 bookcases, a desk, old antique letter writing variety that is useless for anything that is not letter writing, but a family heirloom, and a table that I use for my computer.  2 printers that are not working, several boxes that also serve as file cabinets, and assorted junk.

last wekend I went out and bought a computer desk and a file cabinet. The goal is to get rid of 3 of the bookcases and the yucky table that are currently in the office, keeping the oak one.  Move the antique letter desk with to jakes room or the TV room,  put together desk and file and viola!  A functional non-crowded office. I may even have room for one of my rocking chairs to tuck into a corner.  If I really get motivated I might even paint the room after moving the stuff out.  Any color suggestions?  It is a very small room, with a single window.  I have a great antique oriental rug with reds and blues in it that I will keep on the hardwood floor.

When I brought home the desk it came in a flat box, Daisy thought it was a new place to sleep, then she indicated that she would help me put it together if I wanted her too.

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