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Happy Halloween

Jack one of my pet rats that now lives at the Rainbow Bridge.

He was a good sport when it came to Holiday photo ops!  I miss having pet rats, they really make great friends!

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Seven Things

Well Dennis the Viszla  dog tagged me for this meme a while ago.  I am sure he will be happy that I am finally getting around to responding!

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

  1. Run another marathon
  2. Save all the pit bulls
  3. See world peace
  4. Lose 10 pounds
  5. Make a difference to someone and something
  6. Make more friends
  7. Be happy

7 Things I Do Now

  1. Knit and purl 
  2. Blog
  3. Love to cook
  4. Feed the birds
  5. Love to read
  6. Watch the rain
  7. Talk to my dogs like they would answer me

7 Things I Can’t Do

  1. Stand on my head
  2. Type without making mistakes
  3. Kill anything, except a black widow
  4. Sleep all night long
  5. Read without glasses
  6. Resist my dogs when they ask for treats
  7. Walk into a pet store that sells dogs or cats

7 Things That Attract Me to The Opposite Sex

  1. Intelligence
  2. Good taste in food
  3. Good taste in wine
  4. Patience
  5. Honesty
  6. They have to be funny and make me laugh
  7.  Integrity

7 Things I Say Most Often

  1. Haaa lOOw! (a version of hello to the dogs)
  2. Blah Blah Blah 
  3. It’s all about the love
  4. Wot? (since I have been reading Dennis I now say this routinely to the dogs when they look at me curiously!)
  5. F**ck a Duck
  6. I am as good as some but not as good as others
  7. Whats for dinner?

7 Celebrities That I Admire

  1. Not sure that I admire Celebs that much unless they have made a significant contribution to the world.  I guess some have, but no one really stands out.

Who Gets To Do This Now If They Want To

  1. All of my blogging friends that are on my sidebar are invited to do this meme!

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I missed it, I missed my 7 year blogging anniversary! It was October 14.  In 2001 I started keeping an on-line journal.  I haven’t converted those first few years over yet.  Its on my to do list.

I think I have been sort of ignoring this journal.  I am unhappy right now at work, and with myself a bit.  Writing about it just makes it more real.

I cut my hair. That’s the big news.  I have had long hair forever.  The ex-husband liked it long and I just kept it that way.  I finally decided I am tired of it, so off it cam on Friday.  My hairdresser, who has been doing my hair for 10 years was surprised I wanted it as short as i did.  Its off my shoulders a little longer in front than the back.  I like it, kinda a wedgie bob.

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Saturday Morning

Well I for one am very glad this week is over.  Work has been high stress lately and I am really dragging there.  I took off Wednesday and finally finished my office! Remember back a few months ago when I painted it?  Well I never unpacked it and put everything away, and tossed old stuff and reorganized.  Well its done now and looks nice.  I threw away alot of papers and stuff that for some reason I have been saving. 

The next project is to paint the accent area in the living room.  Its about 2 feet along the top of the wall up next to ceiling. It currently is a bluish purple!  I don’t know what these people where thinking when they painted the rooms in this house.  I am going for a grey color, it goes well with the furniture which is black and white and red.  The rest of the room is white, I think the contrast will look nice and it is much more toned down.  The kitchen is still red, but that will be much more work.  I want to get the living room done for Thanksgiving.

Well I started my first knitting project. I undid all the feet of knits and purls in my last class, then she taught me how to cast on, like I will remember, and I started a scarf. Its much harder than I thought because you have to count stitches and switch from knits to purls, so if you don’t pay attention, well you are up a creek. Well at least I am since I can’t really tell yet  by just looking at the thing what to do to fix it.  I have about 8 inches done, and I noticed a mistake about 3 inches down.  I knitted 2 stitches where I should have purled or vice versa.  I am going to leave it too. It’s not that noticeable!  

The diet is not going so good, the scale is stuck and doesn’t seem to want to budge.  I need to try harder.

Oh and my friend Dennis who always makes me laugh has tagged me for a meme which I will do in my next post. Thank you Dennis!

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Whats Up?

Well I have knitted about 4 feet of knits and purls, and knits and knits and well practice.  So today I am going to go to the shop and see about starting a project.  I want something easy,  a scarf for sure, but not something with a complicated pattern.  When I looked at the 4 feet there are several mistakes.  Some that I cannot even figure out what i might have done!

Well I finally had a talk with D about the brat.  I have been holding it in for so long, well over a year, that it needed to come out.  I totally do not agree with his “spoil me rotten” parenting methods, and have just decided to shut up, because any suggestions I have made have been ignored or tossed aside as to strict.  The brat is now 16 and a half, and this whole thing is putting a big riff between us.  We can’t go away for a weekend, because D won’t have the brat stay with any one (like his gramma) because he won’t have fun. Thus we have not gone away since summer of 2007 when he was at camp.  Not even for one night.  The sh*t hit the fan about a week ago when I mentioned a wedding that we will be invited too next May in June Lake.  Well my response to, put it on the calendar, was no guarantees I can find someone for the brat. Well I was not amused.  So the talk cleared the air, but I told him straight out that my concerns are that it will always be like this.  So its out there, and I just need to decide if this is what I want in a relationship. 

Well the 10 pound club is not going so good. No loss this past week. But I am PMS so I am bloated.  I am going to have to really crack down on my eating.  Really think about stuff before I put it in my big mouth.

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Get on the Bus

Ok a couple of people seemed interested in joining the 10 pound weight loss program that Kathy is coordinating.  Here is the information from the 10 pound blog:

A special thank you to the Baker’s Dozen who signed on for motivation. You don’t have to be a Baker’s Dozen to be a part of the 10 Pound Blog. I’m now looking for members of the Package of Hot Dogs group. 10 members. If you want to be a Package of Hot Dogs (Closed to the Baker’s Dozen!) go over to www.kitschinart.com and use the Contact button at the bottom of the site. The first 10 will be linked over at the side. Which means, give me your blog link, if you have one. If not, you can still be a Hot Dog! Just tell me the name you want me to put on the sidebar so your package knows what to call you!

I hope you guys join!  The more the merrier and the more support we all have for each other.

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Ten Pounds

Well Kathy over at Kitchen Login 2.0(don’t you just love that versioning thing!) has decided we all need to lose 10 pounds. Well she does, and invited whom ever wants to lose 10 along for the ride.  So I jumped on the bus, since I need to lose 20.  So you are all probably going to get tired of me telling you what I ate, and how the scale looks, and if I walked, but I need the support from the other bloggers, so join in if you like!

Work is back to politico bullshit.  That along with the apprehension over the presidential election, the economy, the bailout and life in general, I am stressed and so are alot of my staff.  It is like walking a tight rope around the office.   I have to go to a Chamber of Commerce event right after work (notice the I have to) so  I won’t see some or all of the debate, I am sort of glad since I am sure it would just fuel the fire.

Notice the I have to go to an event thing.  That’s bullshit too. This week is one of those celebratory weeks honoring the City I work fors heritage, so there are parades, celebrity softball, woman’s club dinners etc.  The City Manager told executive staff (that’s me and others), that he wants us to attend as many events as possible, oh, and on our own dime.  Tonight’s event cost me $35 bucks!  So I go show my face make sure the City Manager and City Council see me then split.  Lovely.  I wish I could bring Daisy along…..

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Back Home

I feel really bad not keeping up with this blog.  I know that when I am depressed its hard for me to write without just complaining, and I sorta feel guilty doing that. 

First off Sprocket is doing much better. I ended up taking him to a Neurologist who could diagnose the problem with MRI and spinal tap and other stuff like blood work and x-rays.  He told me the best case would be a small stroke and the possibilitieswere a tumor or cancer, a massive stroke, infection or meningitis or a small stroke.  Well the vet bills completely cleaned out my savings account, but the prognosis is good and Sprocket only has some slight residual affects.  He is a bit more unsteady than he was on his feet, but gets around ok.

The money thing was a little depressing, I would spend what ever I can on my dogs they mean the world to me.  It was just a little fund I was hoping to do some small projects around the house with. Mainly tile in one bathroom that needs it badly.  Since I have moved here about a year and a half ago the only project I could afford was a new roof, and that was important, because the roof leaked when I bought the place.  Anyhow, I will just start over saving and hope no other canine emergency happens.

In other news on Thursday they finally pulled the pins out of myy finger.  My hand is now free of bandages and pins and I can put it in water again.  Taking a shower with out a plastic bag on my hand feels great!!

Also I decided to take up knitting. I know it sounds off the wall and crazy, since I have never knitted before in lmy life, but I read the Book “The Knitting Circle”, by Ann Hood.  It made me realize I needed to knit.  You need to read the book to understand.  The sadness that I have been through these last couple years, was on the pages of that book, and it made me realize that there is a way to quite my mind.  Its a good read I recomemend it, but be warned you may want to tkae up knitting. 

So I googled knitting stores and there was one a bout 2 miles from my office!  Its a little hole in the wall in a strip mall,  but as long as they could help me I really didn’t care.  I went in at lunch one day and signed up for 5 classes and bought some yarn and needles.  Two days later during my lunch hour I wne in and sat down and started knitting.  The woman who owns the shop opened it after her husband suddenly died a year ago. She was bored and was not doing anything with her life, so she decided to pen the shop.  Well that story made realize that it was meant to be.

Come stop by more often. I promise to update at least a couple times a week.  Sorry for the absence.

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