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Tonight I made meatloaf. Its in the oven now.  It smells good. I used both turkey and beef, 4% fat. Hopefully it will not be too dry. I added the usual stuff, egg, breadcrumbs, sauteed onion, ketchup and A1. I’m hungry, so it better be good.

This morning I woke to a cloud of feathers. At some point my down comforter developed a rip, a small one maybe 4-5 inches long. But my tossing and turning all night forced alot of those feathers out of the duvet cover and into the air and the room.  Daisy had several on her head, she looked so funny.  I found a needle and thread and fixed the rip, but the damage was done.  I am ignoring the fact my room looks like an aviary, and once the duvet comes off for washing the real mess will surface. I am hoping it can wait until Thursday,  I know that’s mean, but Lupe will then deal with it.

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I am watching the Oscars, and I am noticing that boobs are back.  For years it seems as if flat was in now cleavage is.  I am pretty bored with the show, they are really drag it out so much.  But I do like seeing the gowns. 

I went to Brunch at a Mexican restaurant with Candice and her roommate’s,  the owner who knows on of the girls brought us so much free stuff that I could hardly touch my machaca.  So I brought it home, I was going to give it to the dogs but it has lots of onion in it. I am not sure how it will reheat since it has egg in it.

I have a fish, just one left now. I used to have a 50 gallon tank. When I moved I put the fish that were left into a small 10 gallon, there is now only 1 left. he is 4 years old. Yep I figured it out, cuz I couldn’t believe it myself.  He must be at least 100 in fish years.

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I realised I missed a day, but I am here today. Yesterday Candice and I went to my moms. I was the third trip over there to pack up the house. We have been going about every two weeks for a few hours.  I can only deal with it in small doses.  I think we are ready for the dumpster. We have packed up given away or thrown away everything except the furniture, and yesterdaywe gave one of the dressers to a neighbor.  We moved a bunch of stuff to the garage to throw away, and I have been through every scrap of paper that she managed to keep, or write on. Saving two boxes of importantthings and throwing out at least a dozen garbage bags full of stuff.  I leave there sad and disturbed every time.  I am glad we are almost done.  I also hired a gardener to come 2 times a month to keep the weeds in check.  I had asked my Uncle deal with this since I am doing everything else, and he called a friend to do it who called me because he didn’t have time who gave me the number of a gardener. I should have known better than to try and delegate, and should have just had my gardener go and deal with it, at least he speaks English and I can explain whats going on. 

If it wasn’t for Candice none of this would be getting done. She is good and efficient, and works on auto pilot.  While I pour through pile of papers looking for anything important she bags up clothes, boxes dishes and moves things into the garage.  Thank God.  So now once the dumpster is done I will get some cleaning people there to clean and wash walls, then the Realtor.  One step at a time, cross it off the list and go to the next thing.  Makes it happen I think.

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I left work early today, well at 3:15.  This morning several people told me I looked like shit.  I didn’t feel to well, and as the day went on I started running a fever.  But I got accomplished what I needed to.  Budget season is upon us, so the next few weeks will be very busy.  Plus I have some projects starting. 

I read some incredibly disturbing posts on the 140 dogs that were euthanized after being seized in North Carolina as part of a dog fighting ring.  I depressed me greatly, and I feel so sad.  I need to stay away from reading that type of content when I am not on, since it upsets me so. There is not alot I can do. I do what I can here at home, my local SPCA and favorite pittie rescue group. I have 3 dogs, the maximum in my city.  I know that because pits need homes so badly I will always make sure I have room for at least one.  Daisy had her issues, not really bad, but I hired a trainer and we worked through them She is so amazingly smart. Sometimes I am in awe of how quickly she can learn, when she wants to.   I wish others realised that pit bulls are not the monsters that people make them out to be, it  is the owners who are the monsters who try and create a dog in their image.

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Day 3

So here I am I have got through 3 days now.  A trip to starbucks this morning triggered a fond memory from Tahoe that I was going to write about, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I need to go walk Daisy, and then Candice is coming for dinner.  I made a marinade of fresh thyme, sage, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon for some chicken. I will bake it and roast some carrots.  Maybe a baked potato. 

My day was good, I did my errand in Glendale then cruised over to the mall and walked around and shopped a bit. I bought a few things, I really didn’t need to, since I have swore off buying clothes iuntli I lose 20 pounds. Oh well.

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Today I made my first list.  Its a list of things I need to do soon, like pay bills, deliver my moms death benefit paperwork to the PERS office, and clean the fish tank. You know that kind of stuff.  The next list is for things I need to do around the house, like get estimates for painting the outside, and follow up with the new gardener I just hired on the cost to do some minor landscaping in the back yard.  The next list will be things I want to do around the house that I can save for, like re-tile and paint the “other” bathroom, and replace the carpet I have in a section of the house.  I like lists, they help me do things instead of just thinking and worrying.

Tomorrow I randomly decided to take the day off. Even though we just had a nice long weekend thanks to the dead presidents, I am sick of the political climate here, and since its a City Council night I will probably be here until 11 pm tonight anyway.  I will drive out to Glendale and deliver the paperwork and maybe explore out there a bit, have lunch somewhere new.

I am happy that I posted again.  Tomorrow I will have a picture too 🙂

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A Month


It has been a month since I last posted. A lot has happened.  I have taken care of many things at my mothers house.  One more visit and I will be ready to have the cleaning people come and the furniture hauled away.   I have dealt with all the anniversary’s of sadness, and survived, and I also celebrated my 49th birthday.   I am not in the mood to recap it all., I am sure I will have stories later about some of the issues and experience, but today I chose not to rehash any of it.

Its raining, lots of rain. I love the rain. I am sitting here in my living room in front of the window watching it, and seeing a news crew every once in a while drive by. They are looking for mudslides, looking for a story.  So far this storm the slides and been small and insignificant. But the rain keeps coming. So there is always the possibility.

I have decided I need to post daily. Even if it is just a small quote, an observation, a emeory. But I need to come here alot.  I have said that before and never did. But this time I think I mean it. There are other things that I need to do daily and I htink this may help serve as a reminder.

I also need to make lists. Lists of things that need to get done.  I like crossing things off the list, it helps.  So right now since I have posted today, I know it wasnt a very insighful interesting post, but it was words, and words help, I am going to go make some lists.  So that I can evetyually cross things off.

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