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I didn’t forget

I just got busy at work. Work has been so hectic and politically crazy, there is an election today, and last week I was dealing with staff issues. Sometimes I feel like I am supervising a bunch of teenagers.  Today I am taking the time to write, even though I really should be doing other things.

It was a busy weekend, I did alot of errands and started to prepare for my overnight training.  I am going to go to a 2 day training with this organization. They basically rescue animals in a disaster and mobilize temporary shelter and will also go in after a disaster and get the animals out,  like with Katrina.  The training is being provided as part of my EOC (emergency operations center) training at work, and I plan on volunteering with the group afterwards. 

I do IT work, but since I work for a city in an executive position I get deployed as part of the EOC during any local disaster. We have meetings monthly and speicalized trianing on a regular basis.  I have only worked through one disaster, a fire about 7 years ago. They want staff trained in animal evacuation since have 2 horse ranches and a kennel in the City.

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