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Lunch with the Ladies

On Friday I went out to lunch with 3 of my neighbors.  These are woman I have known since I moved to my little town, so about 12 years.   About 6 months ago we started to make a conscious effort to have lunch every so often, which has turned into about every 6 weeks.  Its fine, small talk and gossip.  But really not very fulfilling.  Our lives are so different, I am the youngest of the group, but thats really not why.  I suppose it becasue I just find some of the things they see as important as silly. Once we spent the whole lunch hour talking about ones new Jaguar, why she bought it, what her personalized plates mean, why she didn’t want a BMW like everyone else.  Gee, all I could think of was why would you waste all that money on a car!  I have a 6 year old Subaru and love it.  But I kept my mouth shut, I didn’t want to be ousted from the group.  I am not into material things,  I like my stufff, but it doesn’t need to bet better than yours. 

More recently I ran into another neighbor on my walk, this is someone I met as her son and Jake are close friends since 4th grade.  She is close to my age, and much more down to earth.  She and her son had Thanksgiving dinner with us (her husband was working), but I have never pushed the friendship as she is a very busy person.  I mentioned if she ever wanted to walk together to call me.  Well about a week ago she called and we have walked a few times together, I really enjoy her company.  She is alot like me.

I am trying hard to establish more friends, that sounds corny but I get lonely sometimes.  I force myself to be more social, and do things.  Yesterday I found out that Jake will be taking summer classes At Chico and doing work study at the school, so will be home for only a couple of weeks.  this saddend me since I really look forward to his companionship during the summer months.  I suppose he is growing up.

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Better Days

Things are finally calming down in my life.  (Fingers crossed).  The drama over my contract at work has finally stopped and I have a signed contract that I can live with,  not what I wanted but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. 

Moms house is cleared out except for some furniture that I need to have picked up, it is being cleaned and I have found a gardener to manage what there is of the yard 2 times a month. The next step is to get a Realtor over to see what she thinks about a price and the market.  I definitely want to sell it. My Uncle was supposed to be either doing or helping with all this, but it fell to me, like i knew it would.  But at least I am getting it done.

I am starting some home improvement projects.  I had new steps built in the back yard, they go from the patio up to the yard.  I am having 2 sets of french doors replaced that are rotted from water damage, in preparation for a paint job.  I am having the house painted!  Any suggestions on color?  I am leaning towards a green shade with white trim.

I am also doing a bit in the backyard.  Going to lay some pavers, had the arbor that was falling over taken out, thinking about planing some trees there instead now, or another arbor.  I better get some before pictures up so when the afters are ready you can all see the difference!

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