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Come and gone.  Jake came home and has already left. I took him to the airport on Monday.  We celebrated his 21st birthday on Saturday with a BBQand 21 guests and 21 cupcakes.  I scanned a bunch of photos for a slide show on the laptop, it was hit.

I think about when that little boy came to live with me he was 7 years old and his momma had just died.  He never knew his father and though he was dead too.  I raised him. He is a good kid, in college, kind, sweet, thoughtful and caring. Loves animals, his family and friends. Respects others, nature and me.  I just wish I had more patience raising those kids.  I think back on some of my impatience, it came from frustration, stress, grief and lack of understanding kids.  But I need to not regret this.  He is happy now, and that is what is important.  He thanks me for pushing him in high school, even though at he time I was not as popular.

We shared some good meals, and time together. Played Wii and bought a Wii fit (more about that in another post), adopted two kittens and named them Tweet and Harvey Milk. Got the house painted, had words and cried together. it was a short 4 weeks.  I miss him.

House painting is done. I will get some pictures up in the next few days.

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