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Holiday Recap

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was nice.  Christmas Eve the kids bring a few friends, and D and his son M  (aka in older posts as the brat, however he has grown up enough that isn’t the case anymore) come over. We had a total of  9 people. I made Fideo, enchiladas, chile verde and salad along with various appetizers.  Large amounts of Champagne were consumed and a tradition that was started when I moved to this new house, and started my new Chapter in my life, is that we put together a puzzle Christmas Eve.

Last year we didn’t finish it until a few days later, but this year that was not to be. We had some die hard puzzlers, and I think the ones who drank the least amount of Champagne got the most pieces together.

There were also some goodies.  I ate one, which was enough. Everything in moderation right?

Christmas morning D and his son come over for breakfast and to open presents. I had to get jake out of bed at 10, Candice always shows up late so we don’t hold breakfast for her. This year her “I promise I will be there at 11”  was 12 noon.  I made sausage and eggs and pancakes. I cooked 30 sausages (boys eat alot) and there were 4 left for Candice, and the boys decided that if she wasn’t there by 11:30 that everyone got to eat one. Well yes we all got the extra sausage.

Presents were opened and D and M left for his moms.  The kids and I hung out and about 3 i started Christmas Dinner.  My Uncle John came over and so did Candice’s roommate.  So there were 5 for dinner.  Prime rib, brussels spouts, roasted carrots and mashed potatoes and creamy horseradish sauce.

I got jammies, slippers, a gift card for Nordstroms, a french press, some little kick knacks and a calendar. The best present was a generous donation to “Best Friends” from D. 

I took the week off between Christmas and New Years.  Yesterday was a veg day, recovery form all the shopping and cooking for the holidays.  I also took a long nap.  I hurt my back lifting Daisy onto the bed Christmas Eve Night and it’s still bothering me.  I took a walk yesterday with Daisy, standing up its not to bad its when I try and bend over.

 Today I have to go buy cat food, and maybe hit the grocery store.  I pulled out my knitting and needlepoint yesterday. I have a scarf that needs finishing, but I made such a bad mistake on it I can’t figue out how to fix it. So I will have to go to the kitting shop and ask for help. 

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This Years Tree

I think it needs a few more lights along the  bottom area, but it will do for this year.

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Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my mother’s death.  The certificate says 12/19, but at her desk, where I found her, she was in the middle of writing something dated 12/16, so I know that was when she died. 

I was really cold last year this time, I remember it being freezing the night I went to the house. I got there about 5 and did not bring a coat, and was there until after 10 pm.  I ran the heat in my car and waited for the funeral home to come and get her. Finally the police said that they would stay and I should go home and they would call me when they picked her up. 

I went home and made a very big stiff drink, numbing further my already numb from cold and shock self.

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Greek Salad

No this is not a picture of a Greek Salad, its Daisy and T the dog walkers dog.  Daisy loves T, but often gets a bit excited when he is around.

I am sitting in my office at lunch eating a Greek Salad, with some chicken kebab.  I have been trying since August to lose 20 pounds.  I lost 10, but I gained a couple back over the Thanksgiving food orgy.  So now I have 12 to lose.  I wanted to do all this for my birthday in January, I don’t think its gonna happen. But maybe if I could at least get a bit closer to my goal I would be content.  I never struggled with my weight until the last 7 years or so. I know it’s partly age, but it’s also partly other things, I enjoy food more than I used to.

I bought myself a new camera as a Christmas present.  It is a Olympus Stylus 9000  point and shoot with a zoom.  I am planning on trying to blog more, and if words escape me maybe a picture or two will help that.  The camera is still in the box, I will get it out this weekend and wrap the empty box and put that under the tree.  I think buying myself presents is a good thing. My kids are too broke to do much, not that I really care, if I want something and can afford it I just get it. I really don’t want them to spend on me, they need the money for other things.

Yes, that is 2 posts in a row. Surprised?  Me too. Maybe I am starting a trend.

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It’s been awhile

It rained this past weekend. A dark, wet, stormy weekend. I loved it. I love the rain. It put me in the mood to do my Christmas shopping and write my Christmas cards.  Friday before the rain started I did almost all my shopping, and between Saturday and Sunday morning I did all my Christmas cards.   Last year I didn’t send very many cards because of my moms death. It’s going to be one year soon.  I can hardly believe it.

I am looking forward to the new Year.  I think I am going to make some resolutions and keep them for a change.  It is a pivotal year for me. I will turn 50. 

Thanksgiving was hard this year. Jacob decided to go to the ex-husbands.  I could go into a tirade about it, but I won’t.  I have managed after many tears, and discussions with friends and Candice to let it go.  Well almost let it go.  I have a hard time with that too. Letting go.

During the month of November I followed Mage’s blog, actually I follow it always but November was a story. After reading about her life and hardships and knowing who she is now really hit me, really made me think about alot of things.  Helped me not look back so much and try to look forward, whcich I have a hard time doing.  Thank you.

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