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Three years ago I started making Corned Beef and Cabbage around St Pattys day.  I had just moved into this Canyon Cottage and Jake was home for his Spring break which always fall this week.  So I decided to have a gathering and made 2 large corned beefs and all the trimmings.  There was not a dot of food left that first time! We are not Irish by the way, it’s just good eats, and easy too.  This morning I tried a new recipe. You add 2 bottles of ale and a half cup of Irish whiskey.  It supposed to be braised in the oven, but I put it in the crock pot.  Side dishes are braised cabbage with apples, potatos and roasted carrots. I want to go down to town as today is the Wysteria Festival. If you google it you will know what it’s all about. We who live here call it the Hysteria Festival for various reasons. The town becomes jammed with buses who come from all over to see “the vine”. I just like walking to town and seeing all the craft vendors, its been a while since I have done that. Usually there are the better artisans and not your outhouse toilet paper roll types.

I started yoga, and have been going 3 times a week. I feel soo much better!  Its so much better for me than therapy, it makes me focus and relax, more body aware and I feel the movements and stretches in the soreness.  Work has been really busy and with the evening classes I usually don’t get home before 8 a couple nights, that is going to take some getting used to for me and the dogs.  But now with the time change it will be easier.

The bathroom demo started last Friday.  I took some photos and will keep a record of the progress to share.

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Long Week

This week has been so busy. So many meetings at work, and not a lot of work getting done.  I have a big project that is due the 18th and so next week I have to focus, or take it home over the weekend to do. 

This weekend is also full, I have lots to do including getting everything together for my taxes, various engagements. I hesitate to call them parties since they are more of a required type of thing.  A co-worker is having a Brunch, I normally do not like to socialize with work people, I like to keep my life separate. But I need to stop by for a bit.  A friends grandchilds birthday, another need to stop by with a gift, and a meet the candidate for our City Council election, which of all of them I am actually looking forward to. That event will be in my neighborhood, and I really do like the candidate that is running.  I want to make a donation and lend my support.

But tomorrow I start yoga.  I made the commitment, and tomorrow is my first class. This is a big step for me. I need to start to exercise, and taking Daisy for walks isn’t cutting it. 

I am tried today, I hope with a good nights sleep I will feel refreshed tomorrow and be able to tackle the weekend.  I also need to get some paint chips and order fixtures for my new bathroom if I get time.

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