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Long Week

This week has been so busy. So many meetings at work, and not a lot of work getting done.  I have a big project that is due the 18th and so next week I have to focus, or take it home over the weekend to do. 

This weekend is also full, I have lots to do including getting everything together for my taxes, various engagements. I hesitate to call them parties since they are more of a required type of thing.  A co-worker is having a Brunch, I normally do not like to socialize with work people, I like to keep my life separate. But I need to stop by for a bit.  A friends grandchilds birthday, another need to stop by with a gift, and a meet the candidate for our City Council election, which of all of them I am actually looking forward to. That event will be in my neighborhood, and I really do like the candidate that is running.  I want to make a donation and lend my support.

But tomorrow I start yoga.  I made the commitment, and tomorrow is my first class. This is a big step for me. I need to start to exercise, and taking Daisy for walks isn’t cutting it. 

I am tried today, I hope with a good nights sleep I will feel refreshed tomorrow and be able to tackle the weekend.  I also need to get some paint chips and order fixtures for my new bathroom if I get time.


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