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Busy Busy Busy!

Well its been a month since I posted anything, and during that time most of the interior of my house has been painted and my bathroom remodel is (almost) done.  Tuesday the painters come back to paint the bathroom and kitchen and laundry, then the contractor comes back and puts on the lighting fixtures and pluming fixtures, then it will be done.  It was alot more work than I expected, all this.  I had to move out for about 3 nights because the paint fumes were so bad.  There is alot of built-in wood shelving etc that was all painted in oil base, so they repainted it in oil. The smoke alarms were going off all night because of the fumes.

I have some pictures in a camera somewhere, my new camera died in the midst of this. I went to take photos and I couldn’t get the battery to keep a charge.  So once it is all done I will put up pictures.  The interior of the house is so much nicer.  The sunflower yellow in y bedroom has been replaced with Ice Palace, a soft light green, the dark blues and red are gone forever, replaced with a nice soft palate.

Work has been very busy too, I usually can find time to put up a post now and again , but even that has been hard.  I have continued my yoga classes, which has been good for me.  I usually make it 2-3 times a week.  Thanks for worrying about me Deeje!  I also want to send my deepest condolences to John on the loss of Dolly the MegaCat. 

I promise to post more often, and until I get the pictures of the bathroom together here is Roscoe in a basket.  He was looking for a quiet place amidst all the chaos of the painting.

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