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A Tomato

Last night I checked on all my veggies and I finally saw my first tiny little tomato with the dried up flower still attached.  I had been losing the flowers and not getting fruit for a couple of weeks and was almost ready to give up, and viola!  Also the cucumbers finally started to bloom.  So it looks like maybe I will actually get some good eats later this summer.

 I made spaghetti with meatballs from Claro’s on Monday for Jake and I and last night we had meatball subs with the leftovers, and I sauteed some yellow squash.  I need to stop eating all that cheese.

Yoga tonight. I am low energy, I somedays don’t want to go, but since I prepay and register I have to give 1 days notice or I lose my session. Which is good since it forces me to go on the days I don’t want to, like today.  I just want to go home and sleep.

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My horoscope today said:

You need to reconnect with some activity or topic that you once felt passionate about, but drifted away from. It might be time to rearrange matters to make room for it again. The fit is sure to be awkward at first, but you can find space for them to dovetail, and the payoff is a renewed sense of purpose and zest in your life.

I also noted that John has decided to come back to blog so he can use it as a reference to know what happened last week, month, and year. I often find myself looking back at the blog to figure out things. Like when I found Roscoe, I couldn’t remember and of course I blogged about it. So her I am.

Now I think I will use this place as somewhere to just record if I don’t feel like being creative. So to catch up I will just make a list of things that have happened. Not in any special order, but all with in the last time I blogged in April.

  • Went to 2 concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, eagles and James Taylor Carole King.
  • Finished the remodel and painting of the inside of the house.
  • Been going to yoga 2-3 times a week, and went to a full day yoga retreat.
  • Got a Brazilian blowout on my hair.
  • Went to Laguna Beach for 2 days, the first overnight trip from the house since I moved in (3/07), except for when I was evacuated from the fires, and when I stayed with Candice becuase of paint fumes both times I had the dogs with me though.
  • My neighbor Marion died very suddenly, it was like a punch in the gut when I found out.
  • Had dinner with the across the street neighbor, made peace with J.
  • Planted vegetables in pots, tomatoes beefstake and heirloom called Mortgage lifter, cucumbers, bell peppers and corn.
  • Found out I had termites, and had the ground treated, they drilled holes in the cement on the patio and through the floor in one room to treat. They also recommended that I have the house tented.
  • Roscoe almost died, went into an Addisonion Crisis and was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease.
  • Jake got kicked out of college because of grades, was sent home and he arrived Saturday (6/26). So now I have a roommate. He needs to get his grades up and reapply.

I am not thrilled about Jake being back, but I know he is having a hard time and really is depressed, being home now is the best for him and I am sure he will get his grades up. I am trying to look at the bright side. Now that he is home, I could maybe take a real vacation and he could look after the critters for me. I hate boarding them for any length of time.

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