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29 Gifts

I have decided to do this.  I think it will help me and help others.   You can read about it here, 29 Gift Giving Movement.

1. Start with gratitude. Write down what you’re most thankful for and make a point to share at least one item on your list.

2. Keep it simple.  Small gestures often make the biggest impact.  Smile at a stranger, offer a coworker a sincere compliment, or buy someone lunch for no reason.

3.  Give up expectations.  Let go of judgments about how your gift will be put to use.  Once you’ve given it, your gift will take care of itself.

4.  Receive graciously. Giving without receiving will deplete your energy.  Remember to be receptive to what others are eager to share.

5.  Wing it. Resist the urge to plan all 29 gifts in one sitting.  Stay open to the gift-giving opportunities that occur naturally throughout any given day.

6.  Challenge yourself. What are you hesitant to give?  Your time?  Unconditional love?  Ask yourself why and try to let those hang-ups go.

Thats it in a nutshell.  Lets see how I do and how I feel. I will keep you posted on the progress.

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Yes Pam, lunch sounds nice.  E-mail me and we can see  how to coordinate 🙂

In case all 3 of you who read me have not noticed, I converted all my old archives back for 2001. You will find links on the side bar.  It was something I had been wanting to do for quite a while.  Mission accomplished.

So this October I will have my 9 year blogiversay.  I have to say that I have looked back again on when things happened, read some old posts. Some made me feel quite sad.  Reviewing a failed marriage, death, and the stresses that were endured.

When I look at all those things, my life seems like a piece of cake now.  So why am I so sad,well maybe not sad, I am not unhappy, but I don’t think the word happy is appropriate either. What am I?

Yesterday I went to the Hot Springs spa with C and her roommate and a couple of her girlfriends. It was so nice, pools, mud bath, mineral baths, the weather was not to hot and I had a wonderful massage.  Got just enough sun, I no longer am the sun worshiper I was when I was younger.  I want to go back, its an hour away but you can spend the whole day there. Decadent.

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Self Care

Yesterday I was the grumpiest I remember in probably over a year. I talked to my yoga teacher about it. My yoga teacher is slowly becoming more than a yoga  teacher, she is a teacher of many things. The most important being how to achieve what I want, happiness, joy, satisfaction in my life.  One of those things is taking care of myself. Doing things for me.  So I am going to start keeping track of this stuff.

I suppose here is as good a place as any since it really is my journal.  The journal I have kept, off and on, for years.  I also want to have a hard copy of this.  Does anyone know if it is possible to download all your WordPress entries? 

So yesterday I went to yoga, even though I had to go to the city council meeting at 7:30. I just did the early class (leaving work early to do so) but I felt so much better. Today I had lunch with a friend.  That was nice.  The same friend talked me into setting a goal, which I am excited about.  Walking (I don’t think my knees could run again) a half marathon in November.  For me a reasonable goal.  Plus it is in Big Sur so it becomes a nice little get away too.  she does them all the time all over.  This weekend San francisco, last December Hawaii. 

Some clarifications.  I decided not to use names anymore in this journal. Those of you who have read me long enough know my kids names and such.  From now on J is the nephew (son) and C is the niece (daughter) Natalie will always be Natalie.  D is the boyfriend, and M is his son, formerly refered to as the brat (he is grown up and not so bratty).

I also am going to try and convert my oldest archives from 2001-2004 where I left off.  My 9th blogoversary is coming up in October.

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They Always Come Back

So J has been home now a little over 2 weeks.  Whoever said they always come back was right. We are finally getting into a routine. The first week I just let him get used to being back, and last week i took off and I drove him around so he could get things done, register for school, haircut etc.  He now has appointments with various departments and 2 Jr colleges, the Doctor (I wanted him to get a physical) eye doctor, therapist, DMV among other things. This is the kid who does not have a driver’s license. Guess why he is going to the DMV.  I am not a chauffeur, and I told him I would take him where he needed for the next couple of weeks, but he has to get his license by the time school starts in late August.  We will see.

That was 4th of July dinner. It was just me and D.  I had thrown a big BBQ the night before for 10, I did Tri-Tips, Chicken, corn, roasted potatoes, bean salad, tomato’s with basil, and thought there would be leftovers. Nope, so we grilled burgers.  They were yummy.

My container garden continues to thrive, I now also have eggplant and zuchinni seedlings to pot. There are tiny cucumbers and some small tomoates on the heirloom, but the beefstake has nothing.  Not sure if that one is a dud!

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