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Last night I did an early yoga class, and durning the class the sky turn dark and the thunder and lighting began and the rain came down in torrents.  After class it felt like Florida.  Warm and muggy.

C came over for dinner and we decided to get take in from Corfu, a little Greek place in town.  kabob, humus, tabouli, greek salad, pita, roasted veggies and pilaf.  It was good and not heavy for a warm evening.  The kids ate a lot, I stuck with salad and some kabob with tabouli and humus. 

I slept better last night. It cooled off enough to open the windows and turn on the ceiling fan.  I hate sleeping with the air conditioner on.

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Today is offically the hottest day ever recorded in Downtown Los Angels, I live near Pasadena where I am sure records were also broken.  It was 113.  Thank God for air conditioning.

I am watching a little hummingbird sitting on the branches of a ficus tree on my patio, now dead, that I hung a hummingbird feeder on.  I think he thinks that the syrup is too hot, and is waiting for it to cool off. Its 5:30 in the evening and 106. Hopefully it will cool down before night fall little bird.

Owl's Roost bench, Fiscalini Preserve, Cambria

A beautiful wooden bench on the Fiscalini Preserve where we went hiking in Cambria this summer.

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This is my favorite time of year. The days get shorter and the weather cools off.  Well at least it is supposed to.  The first day of Fall was very Fall like, especially for Southern California.  But within a couple of days the temperatures were over 100.  Yesterday it was 105, and I went to a baby shower that was outside on the patio, covered but still really hot. Today is supposed to be worse with the heat peaking on Monday, then a slight cool down. All I can say is YUK.

The weather has mad me lazy. And I refuse to walk , even in the early morning its pretty warm.  Today I think I am going to go return a jacket I bought, I wore it 2 times and the seem in the arm came out. And then maybe settle into a book and run the air conditioner.

I just finished a book called A Very Small Farm.  I enjoyed it. I was almost  like a journal of the farm with recipes and weather reports and observations.  It made me want to journal again. Even if it’s just writing down the weather what I made for dinner and some basic thoughts or observations.  I want that to become part of my daily personal ritual. So I can remember.

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