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Pen and Paper

So Friday I actually started writing in a journal.  Not alot, but I decided that I needed to track everything I ate and drank, and it made most sense to do that in a journal I could carry around.  I bought a Journal in San Francisco’s MOMA, and have been using it at my Yoga classes for notes. It was perfect to add this food journaling.  I also documented a few observations.  I don’t want to give up on-line journaling, but it is so much easier to just write down what you are thinking when you are thinking it, not when you have time to write a post. 

I suppose I could transcribe my notes to here, but too much work. So for now I will do both.  Short thoughts and food on paper, posts on computer. 

The weather got warm again, what can I say other than yuk.  90’s over the weekend, today its high 80’s.  I just hope it will cool off enough tonight to be pleasant.

My 9 year Blogaversay is coming up on the 15th Friday.  Thats pretty amazing.  I am glad that I documented this part of my life, I wish I had started sooner.  When my sister died so I could remember better the chaos of it all.  I remember, but I am sure there are details, and feelings that if they wer documented would be so much easier to recall.

I just finished reading a great book by Gail Caldwell, Take the Long Way Home.  It was a tear jerker, but for some reason it has affected me in a very deep way.  A quote from the book,

 “Grief is what tells you who you are alone”. 

I think I have been trying to figure that out for a very long time. 

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Crazy Weather

We celebrated the kids birthdays this past Saturday 22 & 27, Natalie would have been 25 this year.  J was still in Chico for his birthday and C had been working weekends, so we had a nice dinner with a few friends. Ten people in all. BBQ’d tri-tips and made salad, potatoes and corn on the cob, a wonderful caprese salad with heirloom tomatos and I baked a home made cheesecake! Its been years since I baked a cheesecake, so long that I had to go and buy a springform pan.  

Friday I did yoga, it was a hard class. Sunday I went to a Yoga workshop about Yoga Habits and addiction.  It was interesting. Very diverse group there, some were addicts or recovering, booze, drugs, sex. There were a couple of ladies who considered themselves food addicts, and then there were the rest of us who grew up around addicts or had them in the family.  My sister had problems, prescription medications and alcohol.  Natalie decided to use after her transplant.  The premise of the class was the integration of Yoga into the healing.  Finding joy, identifying values, and understanding co dependancy. It looked at the wellness model instead of the disease model.

Today it is raining. After all that wierd weather, heat, thunderstorms, humidity. Now constant drizzle. I called in sick with a bad back today. Its acting up. J finally got his drivers license, he passed the test Friday, so he can drive himself to school.

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