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Happy Birthday

Barbara!  My little sis would have been 49 today.  She has been gone since 1/2/96.  I was wondering why I felt so down.  I suppose it’s because I still think of her so much.  I will be having dinner with the kids tonight, her kids, the kids I raised.  My family.

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Thanksgiving Recap

It’s been a while, too long since I have updated.  I have thought about it, but have not taken the time.  The holidays are here and I am not ready at all.  Thanksgiving came and went, we had 13 for dinner, and a broken pipe on the night before which delayed my pie baking. But thanks to one of J’s friends he was able to come over and fix it with out me calling an afterhour’s plumber, probably saved me several hundred dollars. 

As usual I cooked everything but some of the appetizers and a dessert. I think next year I am going to uninvited some people. Yes I know it sounds scrooge like.  But I have my reasons.  I am tired of cooking for someone elses family, and they all show up, 6 of them and bring nothing  even though I asked them to bring a vegetable.

We have adopted a family at the office; on their Christmas wish list are things like underwear, beans and a toaster.  You know people are in dire straights when they are asking for underwear and beans for Christmas.  We will be taking care of them.  We do this every year; it really makes you feel good to help others who have so little during the holidays. Consider this. 

I took in a little abandoned Chihuahua the week before Thanksgiving. So far he gets along with everyone, and Daisy has not shown any signs of aggression towards him.  So it looks like he is here to stay.  His name is Mouse.


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