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So Much for That!

Well part of the justification for buying my new Macbook was to blog more.  That hasn’t happened as you can see.  I don’t have any excuses.  I have been overly stressed since “the meeting”.  I have not really been able to focus on anything other than work.  As of today I am trying to put that aside, and focus on what I need.

In February I made this decision to start a 10 month yoga teacher training class.  Its one weekend a month and I also meet for some private sessions a couple of times a month. Lots of reading.  So my focus now is on this course and how it will help to change th way I look at my life, and how I make decisions.  I have met now 2 weekends, I meet weekly with my study buddy, and I find myself looking forward to those 2 intense days with 10 other people who are there for various reasons, many, like myself made the decision to take the training not to become a teacher, but to evolve.

I have to say it is one of the most empowering and positive things I have done for myself in a very long time.  So maybe when I finish I might decide to use my yoga for volunteer work, or maybe I will continue my studies and at some point decide I could teach.

So today after 2 months, I am making a decision to start a consistent home practice, and to lose 30 lbs and get off my blood pressure medications (yes now I am on multiple pills thanks to “the meeting” with the pd).  I want to feel better, I want to be healthy, and I want to learn to leave my job at work when I go home.

Venting here will help me with all this I am sure of it.  A check in a few times a week perhaps.  Some accountability.

I also enrolled in a 5 week class with Daisy for leash reactivity.  It starts next Monday.  SHe is not always leach reactive, but I am sure that this can help her.  It will help me too.  At this point anything I do other than my job helps me.

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