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Week 3

Well today I start week 3 of WW. So far so good.  I hope this is sustainable, as I am hungry alot.  I have to admit I truly believe that my weight gain is a direct result of the new foodie meets technology trend.  Some of my favorite blogs to read are food blogs, and I lurk all the time.  I even wrote one for a while.  That was the start of the problem,  10 pounds.  Not only do I have to stick to my diet, but I have to lay off the food blogs too.  I have a whole category on my favorites called food.  Eating out has become one of my favorite things to do, I think I need to find another favorite thing.

I have been really good about logging everything I am eating.  I think that is helping.

I am treating myself to a weekend away in the Desert. Gonna spend a couple nights here at a yoga retreat.  I am looking forward to the relaxation, and getting away, which I hardly ever do. J will hold the fort down and take care of the animals for me.

It’s a typical Monday.



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Yesterday was C’s birthday.  After not speaking for over 2 months, I emailed her, and she e-mailed me back.  We had a big fight in late July when she had to much to drink and I tried to take her keys away. I don’t feel like going into it now, but it was pretty ugly.  Actually really ugly.

My garden is done for the season, I picked my pumpkins and will clear the plot this weekend.  I think I will plant some easy stuff for winter. Winter squash and maybe beans.

Yoga is down to only 3 more months, however there is an option to continue starting again in Feb-Dec for a 500 certification. I think I am going to do that.

Started WW again last week, but this time I have been sticking to it.  Logged everything I have eaten and lost 3lbs the first week. Monday is weigh in day, so I am hopeful.

I found this picture of Daisy!  LOL its her puppy picture that was on the rescue web site that I saw when I fell in love. She almost looks like she has a great dane head here, and is skinny. She filled out, but is still really thin.

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Last Harvest

That’s the last of it.  I have to admit I am a bit tired of zucchini and I never really loved the eggplant.  I will clear my plot next weekend and then plant something for the winter. Probably some winter squash and maybe beans.  Easy stuff.  Next spring only heirloom tomatoes, they were the best of the 2 plants I had.

This weekend is yoga, only 4 more months and I will have completed.  I think that I may continue to get the 500 hour certification, but haven’t decided for sure.  Time will tell. The next couple months I will figure it out I hope.

I started WW once again this past monday so far so good.  Maybe this time I can stick to it.


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With all those veggies I have made a homemade gazpacho.  Wonderful!  A side of grilled shrimp.

Then I let some zucchini get to big and decided to stuff them.

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Planted a Garden

Since last years container gardening trial was a complete failure I took a plot at a local community garden, and wohoo! Look what I have been picking!

Garden explosion!

I have been picking zuchini, cucumbers, green pepper, and eggplants all summer the tomatoes just started to get good in the last couple weeks.

This mornings tomato harvest!

I also have been reading, knitting, taking my Yoga Teacher Training. Daisy has had some severe health issues including tail amputation and cancer, so its been stressful and expensive. I missed you all.  Hope to be here a lot more often, now that this 4 month long silence has been broken.  I will be celebrating 10 years of blogging this October.  maybe I should do something special.

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