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Things I have done:

1. Completed my 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.

Things I have not done:

1. Christmas cards.

2. Christmas shopping.

3. Christmas Tree.

And it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.



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I met with my study buddy D today.  We always meet at Peet’s coffee now, we used to meet for lunch but since we are both trying to cut back we go for coffee.  Its nice we sit outside, today in the sun since it was chilly.  Sometimes we get a lot accomplished, sometime we just chat. Today we did both.

I am so thankful that the power finally came back on after 2 days.  It really makes a difference having heat, lights, and a stove to cook on.  Now I know why the pioneers went to bed so early!

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My power came back on last night at about 11 pm.  I was lucky, I only lost a fridge full of food and a small tree.  Many lost cars, homes, and beautiful large trees.  Much of my town Sierra Madre is still without power, for some reason the little canyon section I am in had its power restored.

Its amazing how much we count on technology. I had my laptop charged, my mifi and my phone and a big lantern and I was all set.  Web, Facebook, blogs, I was able to conduct business as usual. Oh and don’t forget the glass of wine and sleeping dog.

portrait of a power outage

Foothill blvd Arcadia from the drivers seat

Sierra Madre, street completely blocked


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A mighty wind!

Last night an epic windstorm hit my town.  Actually much of Pasadena and the surrounding areas.  I have no power tonight and trees have fallen down everywhere in town.  At least 20 structures were damaged in my little town and 42 were red tagged in Pasadena with 200 more to inspect.  So many beautiful trees were toppled over, and I lost my little crepe myrtle in the back yard that was finally coming into its own.  Tonight is supposed to be worse but so far the wind is quiet.  Radio news says it may hit the San Fernando Valley tonight.

I went to Costco at lunch and bought 2 great lanterns and about 30 batteries.  The lamps are great, my laptop is charged and so is my mifi so I actually have internet!  I  just hope the power comes on by tomorrow.  One night is fine but more than that will get old quick, not to mention losing a whole fridge full of food.

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